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Re: Meditation No. 436
Lord Ashtar

It is I, Ashtar, with you once again. We have been watching your progress during this last meditation and happy to report that many of you have greatly lightened up your personal grids. Others of you are having a more difficult time; it has indeed been a challenge for some of you to open your heart and send Love to others that have perhaps caused you mental, emotional or physical anguish in your life. The question has arisen as to whether or not this personal grid extends to those who are no longer in embodiment. Absolutely! Just because a being has left the Earth plane does not mean you are no longer corded to them. So, therefore, we are asking you to continue for another week working on your personal grid. The Light Quotient on a planetary level grows exponentially as these personal grids or cords of what might be termed `lesser Light' are filled with a brilliant White Light of Love. It all begins with the Inner and spreads to the Outer. And so it is. I AM Ashtar.

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