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VIDEO: Revealing shocking stories about the Croatian orphanage in Africa:
"Children are living in a concentration camp without water and enough food``

One volunteer remembers horrible scene which she experienced at the orphanage and complained about it to the president of the orphanage. Ivana Parlov proudly replied `` to hell to their mothers`.... What the hell more do they need? I will chase them out of the orphanage``
The Association "Medal of love" was founded by Ivana Parlov Marasovic who, after staying for a year in Tanzania decided to build an orphanages for abandoned children from Songea and named it St. Antony Orphanage and for whom Croatian volunteers, take care. The children from Songea who had to be wondering about in the streets are happily accommodated in this orphanage which was built by Ivana Parlov Marasovic
But is this really so?
The editor of talked with one of the volunteers who was very much disappointed (Information known to the editors) with what was experienced in the orphanage and decided to come forward publicly and reveal some horrible information about the association. She said; there are many problems in the orphanage which people need to know, beginning with the relationship between volunteers and children. Volunteers believe that, children don`t deserve even basic things, because they are "African children"
The volunteer said, from the very beginning she could see that, there were some things which were going wrong. For example, the way Ivana gets the volunteer...she only meets with them in the coffee bar, and when they are taking coffee, she tells them where she wanted to sent them, and what they are expected to do, not taking into account that, they don't know anything about Tanzania and bad enough they are not allowed to do anything without asking for permission from her. Another question is the relationship between volunteers and children. Ivana could tell the volunteers that, they should not kiss or hug the African children, so they should not think of showing special care to them, because after all, everything that the volunteers do is forgotten as soon as they leave the orphanage.
Moreover, there is no transparency on how the association functions. It was reported that, apart from having Croatian Account, Ivana had also the Swiss Account wherein money came from different sources, but no one has access to those accounts apart from the president of the association whom the African Children call ``Mama Ivana``
Moreover, the volunteers reported that they were very much shocked when they arrived at Orphanage. One volunteer said "The next morning after my arrival from the tiring journey to the orphanage I realized that the children are living as in concentration camp without hot water, without enough food, and they did not even have shoes.
After staying for some days in the orphanage, Ivana arrived and I asked her, `‘where is the donated money and why the children are starving?`` She answered: ``The children don't deserve anything better, these are Africans and they are used such poor standard life.``
Ivana behaved to them as cattle...she punished them for every little thing for what they only would have been warned. She shouted to them and used abusive words which exactly contradict to the principles of her profession of teaching if not mentioning the moral implication of such behavior
The volunteers continued to talk to that, the children had terrible fear of "Mother Ivana, "Whenever her name was mentioned, while Ivana was presenting herself as Mother Teresa.
It was often reported that, that children communicate with Ivana regularly over Skype but volunteers attested that it is not true. Her relationship with the children is not like that of the mother to dear son or daughter, but she used to terrify children. "Ivana really likes to punish the children, she really enjoyed used to kneel for two hours, and sometimes they stayed without meal."
Children said that, mother Ivana was not good, she forced them to kneel, yelled at them, did not allow them to wear new clothes for Sunday Mass, she made them walk in broken slippers or sneakers without tread, children cried because the volunteers did not let them go home for holidays to their parents, although they had promised them in one or two past moths!
One volunteer remembers the horrible scene whereby she complained to Ivana that, children are not treated in the right manner but Ivana proudly responded to the pleas of the children: " What the hell moredo they need? to ....their mother (Tusi kubwa hapo) * I 'll chase them of the orphanage, let them go to their grandmothers*
Although we are dealing with Africans, exactly children from Tanzania, which is very far, where we have no idea about their standard of life, it must be clear that, some of the issues cannot be accepted.
Why some of the children have only one pair of underwear which they must wash it and wait for it to dry out before they wear it again and sometime in the morning they had to wear it even though it was still wet? Why they are not allowed to wear good clothes only because they are children and they can't take care of it? Why the children aren't allowed eating cakes and biscuits which are sent to them by the benefactors and it is reported that, the volunteers eat all that in their rooms where no one could see them? Why children aged four years eat the same food like the one of eighteen years? Why sometime all the children had to use only two towels and one comb even though some of the children had braided their hair?
We learned that the situation changed only after the children had to see the doctor who said that children were suffering from mapunye because of sharing towels, after which each child received one towel, but this does not justify the fact that they used the same towel.
Children have their benefactors in Croatia who send money and gifts, but children are allowed only to make photos with the gifts and write thanks giving letters and Ivana could tell them that everything goes to the store while children are not left with anything.
These are just some of the questions that the volunteers did not get an answer because they say, Ivana is a superb of many colors , and the area provided is surrounded by people who look to her like God and do not dare to complain about anything about her as she is even got the medal as ``Croatian Pride "
Even the way Kolajna Ljubav function can be questioned. For example, she always collected some money from Croatia and other places for buying anti malaria saying that, the cost of such medicine is only 5 kunas (which is about 750tshilings) which is very little amount of money and people happily gave the money believing that with such money they could save some one`s life.
The way the Kindergarten was built is also an issue; even though the orphanage was built in November 2012, the photos of the kindergarten were released in March 2013. . It is also interesting to hear that, the godparents give their children in Tanzania 120 Euros for scholarships per year, from which children get 110 Euros and the association takes 10 Euros for the use. The information from the database, shows that, there are 1248 children which means, Ivana collects 149.760 Euros per year (which is about 329.472,000,000/=) per year.

Volunteers (20 of them) have taken effective measures against the "Ring of love" this is an ongoing investigation which is led by the Attorney General.
They have said that they could no longer remain silent and close their eyes to what is not right and decided to post on a social networking site YouTube video which was recorded and according to the Information when Ivana heard about it, she changed some of the things
(Among other things, she bought new mattress and all adults and children provide one egg per week).
Volunteer say that it is important that these children do not lose their home and that this is not their intention, but people who work for the name of the church and present themselves as holy ones whereas in reality they are something else, must come to their end.
Watch the vide o that was recorded at the end of 2012. Year
(kolajna ljubavi - YouTube )
We contacted the president and founder of the "ring of love" which has rejected all allegations as untrue and emphasized that we are talking about people who want to discredit her association. She insisted that, there is a volunteer who, during his stay in Songea repeatedly was warned and simply "did not obtain from these conditions and their views." It is believed that this is all, in fact, private revenge that is not addressed "ring of love" for her and does not want to disclose the reasons "because she does not want to react that way." She admitted that there is still a big failure because volunteers associations concerned have not undergone preparations that were supposed to. "I'm not prone to conflicts of this type, I was brought up in the Catholic spirit, I'm sorry that, volunteers don`t do well." She explained some specific scenes that you can see in the video, and it is :


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