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Mchungaji akamatwa na mabomu Kenya!

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Ab-Titchaz, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Jul 17, 2010
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    Police arrest pastor, seize bomb material


    Posted Saturday, July 17 2010 at 18:40​

    Kenya police have arrested two men, one of them a pastor, and recovered bomb material after they intercepted a car they were travelling in.

    Nairobi Provincial Police Officer Anthony Kibuchi said the two were stopped by police, acting on a tip off, on Kiambu road, Nairobi Saturday afternoon.

    "Two people have been intercepted on Kiambu Road at the junction of getting into Runda. They were driving a Nissan Sunny car and in the car police officers found one kilogramme of ammonium nitrate, a safety fuse and a detonator … that’s a complete bomb," he said.

    "They have been arrested and are under interrogation."


    He said the police were puzzled by the incident since they could not explain why "a pastor had these explosives".

    The pastor belongs to a church in Githunguri.

    The incident comes just a week after police shot dead a man and retrieved 300 detonators from him in Ongata Rongai, Nairobi.

    The discovery comes barely two days after The Nation unearthed how easy it was to obtain commercial explosives in the Kenyan capital.

    For Sh1,000, reporters from the newspaper bought enough material to make a bomb powerful enough to blow up a large room. The sale of such substances is supposed to be tightly controlled in law.

    Bomb expert Charles Juma said commercial detonators were available for Sh5 in Tanzania, which has a large mining industry. The detonators are readily sold on the black market in Kenya and Uganda as well.

    In the controlled shops in Nairobi, they cost Sh150.

    Dead end

    Mr Juma demonstrated how, using ammonium nitrate, a fertiliser available in the market in unlimited quantities, a person with some training can make a powerful bomb using the detonators and fuses illegally being sold in the country.

    A month ago, a prayer meeting cum No rally in Nairobi's Uhuru Park turned tragic after two explosions tore through the crowd killing 130 people and injuring many others.

    Police have since said that investigations into the incident have reached a dead end.

    Last Sunday, a series of powerful explosions went off in Kampala last Sunday as patrons were watching the World Cup Final, killing 76 people and injuring an equal number.

    An unexploded suicide vest was also found, meaning that the bombers wanted to inflict even more damage. The Somali extremist group, Al Shabaab, has claimed responsibility.

    Daily Nation:*- News*|Police arrest pastor, seize bomb material

    Hii katiba mpya ya Kenya kweli ina maneno. Ni juzi tu mabomu yalilipuka uwanja wa Uhuru Park baada ya mkutano wa kidini uliobadilika na kua wakisiasa. Bado jeshi la polisi halijatoa taarifa kamili kuhusu uchunguzi. Kisha afu leo hii kuna hii!...:A S 39:
  2. Baba_Enock

    Baba_Enock JF-Expert Member

    Jul 17, 2010
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    Bado tunaongelea EAC Common Market!
  3. Bantugbro

    Bantugbro JF-Expert Member

    Jul 17, 2010
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    This is not MCHELE some Nairobi collegues were talking about here..This is a real MAKOYA!!!!
    ooh no!..almost forgot!!! kumbe terrorist sio lazima awe AL-SHAABAB hata wachugaji nao wanaweza hivi nani tumwamini...
  4. Nyaralego

    Nyaralego JF-Expert Member

    Jul 18, 2010
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    Fake pastor fake not be cheated...
  5. Lyangalo

    Lyangalo JF-Expert Member

    Jul 18, 2010
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    That is not a pastor, they have to look on his background, may be he join christianity for the purpose of showing that even christian can do the same.
  6. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Jul 19, 2010
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    Police question man found with explosives

    Posted Sunday, July 18 2010 at 16:15

    Anti-terror detectives were on Sunday interrogating a man who has been creating illegal explosive devices, including the bomb found with a pastor on Saturday.

    The 24-year-old man was arrested at his house at Kibichoi village in Gatundu, with explosives and other materials enough to assemble 10 bombs.

    Police stormed the house at around 7 pm on Saturday, five hours after arresting the pastor.

    Ten detonators, a sack with fertilizer weighing about 10 kilograms, and rolls of cables were found after the police ransacked the house.

    They were led to the home by a man identified as a quarry worker who was arrested together with the pastor when a vehicle they were travelling in was intercepted at the Runda tunoff on Kiambu Road.

    During interrogation, he told police that his clients are quarry workers who use his improvised devices for excavation.

    He did not have a licence allowing him to trade in explosives as required by the law.

    A fourth man is being sought after the bomb maker named him as the one who supplies him with materials from Nairobi.

    Police suspect the bomb was intended for criminal activities and were interrogating the pastor to establish where he intended to use it.

    The arrests were made by Special Crimes Prevention Unit detectives who then handed over the suspects to colleagues at the anti-terrorism unit.

    The latter has been spearheading investigations into Uhuru park explosions in which seven people died, but had made little progress.

    They had established three devices were used, a Russian made grenade and two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

    Faithful had gathered at the park for a prayer meeting called by the church but had turned into a campaign rally against the proposed Constitution.

    The quarry worker told police that the pastor approached him, saying he wanted some work done.

    He also told police that he helped the pastor acquire the explosives but did not know where they were headed to before being arrested.

    The two were travelling towards Nairobi when the vehicle was intercepted.

    In Mombasa, security was on top gear since Friday, ahead of Sunday’s “No” campaign rally at Tononoka grounds.A senior government official told the Nation intelligence reports at the Coastal town had warned of a plan to “disrupt the rally” but without details of how it would have been done.

    Concerning the arrests, police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said: “One Pastor John Kamau of Mission Church Githunguri and an accomplice Samuel Chege Gitau were arrested and substance believed to be prilled ammonium nitrate, a detonator and a safety fuse were also recovered from them.”

    “The two suspects are now under investigation to establish their motive and identify any other accomplishes,” he added.

    He also assured the public that police are taking measures to ensure law and order is observed during the referendum campaigns and on the voting day. Other intelligence reports had revealed of plans to disrupt the process.

    Roads minister Franklin Bett said: “Am disturbed if we as a country are reaching a state where people of collar are arrested with dangerous weapons. We need to do a lot of soul searching.”

    He wondered if the pastor could be linked to the Uhuru park blasts.

    The minister also asked the police to investigate the incident thoroughly, so that culprits are not freed for lack of evidence.

    “Is this person actually a pastor? We’ve to get to the bottom of this,” Mr Bett added.

    The arrests occurred barely 24 hours after an exposé by the Nation, showing how easy it is to assemble a powerful bomb.

    For Sh1,000, the Daily Nation bought enough material to make a bomb powerful enough to blow up a large room though the sale of such substances is supposed to be tightly controlled in law.

    Leading bomb expert Charles Juma had indicated a non-electric detonator, a length of safety fuse and half a kilo of top-grade fertilizer would be enough to make such a bomb.

  7. mujusi

    mujusi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 19, 2010
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    Commercial explosives zinapatikana kwa wingi tu na matumizi yake ni kama kulipua miamba wakati wa kutenegeneza barabara au kulipulia migodi katika kuchimba madini. Hizi explosive zinaweza kusababisha madhara makubwa kama zitatumika kinyume na matarajio yake. Mererani na sehemi kadhaa hizi zinauzwa na maduka yenye leseni na yalishawi kuua kwa kulipuka. Inawezekana Pastor akawa na biashara ya uchimbaji madini na akazipata kwa njia ya halali kabisa. mambo haya wakati mwingine yanaingia na mabo ya siasa hasa lukitilia manani wakati Wakenya wako kwenye campaign ya referendum ya mabadiliko ya katiba. kule kuna kivumbi kati ya YES na NO.
    Muhimu ni kwamba uchunguzi wa kweli ufanyike na kama akionekana ni gaidi apelekwe kwenye Mkondo wa sheria haraka.
  8. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    Haya jamani. mchungaji collar yake ya kazini....

    Bomb pastor faces seven years in jail


    Rev John Kamau Mbugua in Kibera court on Monday.

    Posted Monday, July 19 2010 at 21:00

    A pastor was on Monday warned by a Nairobi magistrate that he could be jailed for between seven and 15 years if found guilty of possessing explosives.

    The Kibera principal magistrate, Ms Grace Nzioka was ruling on a bail application by the Reverend John Kamau Mbugua, 50, who was on Monday charged with possessing bomb-making materials.

    The Rev Mbugua appeared together with a quarry worker, Mr Samuel Chege Gitau and a student at Nembu Oasis of Freedom Pentecost Computer College, Mr John Chege Kamau.

    Complete bomb

    The pastor, in his clerical collar, however, denied the charge. He was arrested on Kiambu Road, near Runda Estate on Saturday afternoon and police claim they found some ammonium nitrate, a detonator and a safety fuse in his car.

    “That’s a complete bomb. What we cannot understand is why a pastor had these explosives,” said Nairobi police boss Antony Kibuchi at the time.

    Ammonium nitrate is a fertiliser in use all over Kenya for top dressing.

    Commercial detonators and fuses are used in quarries and mines, but their use is strictly controlled by the government.

    But home owners and quarry owners are increasingly buying cheap illegal detonators, which cost as little as Sh5 a piece, for blasting stones and blowing out septic tanks and wells.

    These illegal commercial explosives, according to bomb experts, are widely on sale in Ongata Rongai, Kitengela and Dandora.

    Used in quarries

    In Ongata Rongai and Kitengela, they are used to dig septic tanks and wells by farmers as well as in quarries while in Dandora, they are mainly used in quarries.

    The Nation bought the ammonium nitrate, the safety fuse and the detonator for only Sh1,000.

    The availability of these explosives is a security nightmare because in the hands of a trained terrorist, they can be used to make powerful bombs.
    In 1995, Timothy McVeigh, using about 1,000 kilogrammes of fertiliser, killed 168 people, injured another 680 and damaged 324 buildings.

    In court on Monday, the Rev Mbugua, who is also a Party of National Unity nominated councillor, was charged jointly with Mr Gitau.

    Mr Kamau was charged separately with possessing explosive materials.

    All the suspects denied the charge.

    Mr Gitau said he used the materials in a quarry.

    They were freed on a Sh500,000 bond and surety in the same amount each. The case will be heard on August 24.

    Daily Nation:*- News*|Bomb pastor faces seven years in jail

    RRONDO JF-Expert Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    ....sio kila anaevaa kanzu ni shehe....ha ha ha ha :pound::pound::pound:
  10. Lady N

    Lady N JF-Expert Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    sio kila waitao Bwana Bwana wataingia Mbinguni jamani, zote hizi ni dalili za mwisho.
  11. Nyaralego

    Nyaralego JF-Expert Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    In a nutshell this particular pastor is taking the the name of the Lord in vain. He is fake as in wolf in sheeps clothing. His 'calling'/profession and handling explosive materials do not go together. Si you know these days if you want quick money you 'start' a church. Churches are mushrooming all over the place with unscrupulous people at the pulpit...Ohhh You know it is never what it seems!!! The question here is what is the big picture...
  12. a

    adoado Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    Joined: Jul 3, 2010
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    There is a need to critically extend the scope of what terorism is.kwa matukio kama haya ya mapastor kukamatwa na explosives na kushindwa kutoa unequevocal defence kwamba anazitumiaje,inaleta challenge kwa jinsi tunavyou-perceive ugaidi espicialy the American perception.
  13. Z

    Zawadi Ngoda JF-Expert Member

    Jul 25, 2010
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    Anawasaidia Al-Shaabab au sio. Hapendwi mtu ni pesa tu.
  14. Zak Malang

    Zak Malang JF-Expert Member

    Jul 25, 2010
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    I'm thinking, what could be fake and real! Maybe Al-Qaeda and Al Shabab are also all fake. By the way -- that other world terrorist who invaded Iraq and in so doing triggered the deaths of thousands of innocent people -- was he real or fake?
  15. Masika

    Masika JF-Expert Member

    Jul 25, 2010
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    I hate eac concept with this violent people,let us stay peacefully
  16. Nyaralego

    Nyaralego JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    My Dear Marksman,
    What i meant by fake is that the pastor is as wolf in sheep's clothing. He is misleading his flock. Al Qaeda na al Shabaab as we know them are real and have manifested themselves, they have shown their bloody hands. The objective of my comment was to show that the so called pastor with explosives is not trully annointed to lead a congregation, it is a convenient way to make quick money. It's all about money, money, money. Church business is the most paying business today. The business of salvation and miracles is where the money is.
  17. bongo-live

    bongo-live JF-Expert Member

    Jun 29, 2016
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  18. collinss

    collinss Senior Member

    Jun 29, 2016
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    huu ujinga woooote... unatosheaje kwa akili yako?
  19. bongo-live

    bongo-live JF-Expert Member

    Jun 29, 2016
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    huna hoja!! pita kimya kimya kama wenzako shosti
  20. Konsciouz

    Konsciouz JF-Expert Member

    Jun 29, 2016
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    Hizo explosive labda alikua anazitumia kwenye maombi,the devil can be stubborn sometimes.Grenade or C4 can come in hand during rebuking secessions.