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Mbunge God Bless Lema anapanda miti na wabunge wa EALA East African Legistrative Assembly

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Mtumishi Wetu, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Mtumishi Wetu

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    Jun 3, 2011
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    EALA has committed to planting 50,000
    trees in the Partner States over the next

    one year. At the same time, local
    communities have been encouraged to

    grow and conserve trees and integrate the
    same in their farming systems.
    EALA Speaker, Rt. Hon Abdirahin H. Abdi,
    said that in so doing, EALA was committing
    to enabling the region realise sustainable
    environment in accordance with goal no. 7
    of the Millennium Development Goals
    (MDGs), that all Partner States have
    appended their signatures to.
    EALA made the pledge during the tree
    planting ceremony held at Nadosoito
    Primary School, in Terrat ward, 17 km
    south- east of Arusha on 23 May 2011. The
    tree planting ceremony was marked as part
    of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of
    EALA. A total of 200 trees of different
    species were planted in the ceremony that
    brought together the community, school
    children, teachers and their parents. The
    species which are drought resistant and fast
    growing included: Senna Spectsblis
    (Mhojoro), Olea Capensis (Loliondo),
    Acacia, Mango and Guava.
    In a speech read on his behalf by EALA MP,
    Hon. Kate Kamba, the Rt. Hon Speaker
    pledged that the Assembly would go every
    mile towards legislating relevant pieces of
    law that protect and conserve the
    environment. The region has a Protocol on
    Environment and Natural Resources which
    is not yet ratified by all Partner States. “I
    urge all Partner States to ratify this
    important Protocol”, the statement of the
    Hon. Speaker said. So far, only the United
    Republic of Tanzania is yet to ratify the
    According to the Speaker, an average of
    1100 trees grown per year per Member of
    EALA, shall see the Assembly hit the 50,000
    target. “This translates to about 90 trees a
    month or simply put, 3 trees a day, a target
    that is possible”, the statement added.
    In attendance were the Member of
    Parliament for Arusha, Hon Godbless
    Lemma and officials of the Arusha Municipal

    Council led by the acting Municipal Director,
    Mr. Redneck M. Mbatian.
    The Arusha MP urged the locals to support
    the idea of growing more trees as a mode
    of checking the environmental
    degradation. He noted that
    the water situation in the area
    and region generally, was
    grave and needed to be
    urgently addressed.
    The Head teacher of
    Nadosoito Primary School, Mr.
    Simon Siara hailed the
    initiative by EALA noting that
    the residents in the area were
    motivated by the worthy
    “One of our major challenges
    in this area is in harvesting
    rain. We shall do all we can’,
    he said.
    Mr. Siarra appealed for
    donations in terms of books
    which he said hampered the
    progress of the students.
    “At the moment, the ratio of
    books per pupil is one to four
    and at this rate, even the
    teachers are unable to
    effectively deliver”, he said.
    The Rt. Hon. Speaker said
    EALA would continue in its
    quest to look for opportunities
    to engage with publics across
    all cadres of society.
    ”As we appraise our own
    effectiveness as an Assembly,
    we continue to reflect on what
    tomorrow holds. Let me
    hasten to say that “tomorrow
    belongs to the young ones
    you see here”. But tomorrow
    also belongs to a strong and
    unified East African
    Community region where all
    citizens shall enjoy the full
    benefits of integration, social
    inclusiveness and
    The tree planting ceremony
    was timely and took place
    against the backdrop of the
    International Biodiversity Day
    which was commemorated
    globally 21 May 2011. The
    theme of this year’s International
    Biodiversity Day was Forests and
    Biodiversity and coincides with the UN
    Proclamation of 2011 as the International
    Year of Forests.
    Juhudi za utunzaji wa mazingila ni muhimu saana hasa kwa viongozi wetu kuhamasisha watu, sio kukata miti bali ni kupanda miti kama zoezi endelevu. Viongozi wajitolee kuwa mifano kila wanapo pata nafasi ya kufanya hivyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jun 3, 2011
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    this time hajaenda serenget kutetea waliovamia kituoa bha polisi?!