Matunda ya kazi yako


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Oct 2, 2007
Ever wondered how hard we work to fill our life with luxuries that we hardly have time to enjoy.

LOOK AT IT THIS WAY... The luxury Cars, Toyotas, Land Cruisers, Rav 4's;Mercedeses that are parked 8 hours driven 30 min to the office and 30 minutes back home 5 days out 7 ( i.e. 5 out of 168 hours in a week).... And whilst we sit on a not-so-comfortable chair in a small room called an office your Mansion lies idle with only the House Girl enjoying herself to the 'bacon and egg breakfast' relaxing on that very expensive leather sofa that we only sit on when we get home... and being so tired we just doze off to sleep anyway. When tired of work she takes a break turns on the Plasma TV and spoils herself with the fully subscribed DSTV, of course if she feels bored she can always turn on that brand name Hifi and swing a bit..... And whilst all that is happening where are are eating a cheap take away lunch (chipsi zege, chips dume) everyday and oh by the way there is no breakfast really, because it's just a cup of tea, a few slices of bread probably with some left- overs from yesterday's supper (for the fortunate few). Every moment you pray that it could just get to 4pm so that you can drive home and join... the House Girl!! (Poor you!). So this is your miserable lot for the rest of your working life... by the time you retire you'll have no pleasure in them anymore. By now your children would have joined in the Rat Race of finding a good job working very hard and never enjoying the fruits of their labours... its all vanity isn't it?


And now!!! they want a raise coz they heard on my TV and radio that the minimum wage is 60,000/=. Does she know that is 50% of my salary ( kwa sie waajiriwa wa serikali?) Salary I earn after some solid years of school.Minimum wage my foot! Before I raise your salary, please update your resume, and attach;

* Secondary school certificate, a degree will be an added advantage.
* Certificate in housekeeping from recognized institution.
* A paper narrating your previous experience, minimum 5 years.
* Should be fluent in English and Swahili.
* Three reputable referees.
* And since most of my household equipments are digital, like microwave, mobile phone, radio system, Cable TV and Video. You need to have basic knowledge of computer.

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