Mariah Carey's got her husband well-trained as he helps her on stage with her ridicul



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Mariah Carey's got her husband well-trained as he helps her on stage with her ridiculously long dress

Last updated at 2:09 PM on 07th January 2010
As a seasoned veteran on the red carpet, Mariah Carey regularly opts for a figure-hugging, flowing gown.
But attending the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles last night, the singer found she was overwhelmed by her ridiculously long dress.
Walking up on stage to collect a gong for Favourite R&B Artist, Mariah was assisted by her helpful husband Nick Cannon.

Helping hand: Mariah Carey is helped up on stage to accept her trophy at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles last night by her husband Nick Cannon

As she started her obviously unprepared acceptance speech, Mariah admitted her glamorous white halterneck dress was proving a bit of a 'drama'.
From the moment Mariah was announced as a winner over Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Usher, TV presenter Nick was ready to perform his duties as usher and dress attendant.
During her long-winded speech at the Nokia Theater last night, she said: 'Thank you so much for this award. It really, really means so much to me 'cos it's from my fans and my real fans know that they are my extended family and I love them so much.
'I want to acknowledge my talented fellow nominees and friends as well. We know they are all incredible. So anyway... '

Rambling: Mariah thanked her fans, husband, family and record company during her unprepared speech
She then left viewers baffled when she broke off and said to camera: 'You look good too my friend.
'Thank you God for all the incredible blessings in my life and I especially want to thank my husband Nick.


'Especially for helping me with this dress because it's a drama... and for being by best friend and many other things that I probably shouldn't mention. Thank you to my mom and my family.'
Mariah's rambling thank you speech last night was more coherent than her award win at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday night, when she sparked speculation she had been drinking.

Easy does it: Nick keeps a watchful eye over Mariah's hemline so she doesn't trip in front of the audience

The singer giggled and danced during her seven minute acceptance speech after receiving the Breakthrough Actress Award from Precious director Lee Daniels.
When asked about her bizarre behaviour at Palm Springs backstage at the People's Choice Awards last night, Mariah blamed a combination of factors.
She said: 'There’s a time for celebration and a time for not, but really, technically, it’s kind of like a party atmosphere… we had splashes of champagne, and I love Lee but he’s a bad influence.'
In the company of acting luminaries such as Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren at Palm Springs, Mariah started her speech by hesitating for a few seconds, looked to the ceiling, sighed and said, 'Please forgive me, because I'm a little bit, um ...'.
An audience member finished the sentence for her with an obscenity, to which Carey replied, 'Yeah!' adding a long, hearty laugh.

My lovely husband: Mariah cosies up to Nick and her award backstage


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