Marekani yasambaratisha ngome ya Alshabaab kwa kutumia drone


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May 11, 2013
Hili ndio shambulio la kwanza tangu Trump aingie madarakani.


A Somali government soldier views the dead bodies of suspected al-Shabaab militant fighters killed in a suicide bomb attack outside Nasahablood hotel in Somalia's capital Mogadishu./FILE

  • The attack came on Sunday, destroying a base and killing eight, Pentagon said
  • The base was a training post and supply and command hub, Somali leader said
  • Somalia's president said the strike would disrupt Al-Shabaab's supply lines
  • Trump repealed an Obama-era restriction on drone-striking Somalia in March
  • Somali special forces also joined the assault on the base, 185mi from Mogadishu
  • Al-Shabaab want to overthrow Somalia's internationally supported government
  • The group killed 59 people in an attack on a military base on Thursday

The US has carried out its first airstrike against Al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al-Shabaab in Somalia, under new authorities granted by Donald Trump.

In March Trump ended Obama-era restrictions on drone strikes in Somalia, after the army said doing so would help protect US bases and interests in the reason.

On Sunday a US drone attacked an Al-Shabaab supply center in conjunction with Somali special forces, destroying the base and killing eight militants, the Pentagon said.

Read more: US launches first air strike against Al-Shabaab in Somalia | Daily Mail Online

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