Mapungufu ya Mahakama yanadhalilisha utu wa Mwafrika


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Jun 26, 2020

Most of Courts in African Countries are bias, they work improper in their duties implementation. Magistrate, Judges and Lawyers they are after Nepotism and Corruption. No rights at all and no righteous man in the whole system of Judicial. IAM a Human Rights Defendant and Security Affair Advisor, my name is DON NALIMISON from O'CLOCK MUSIC PRESS. Today we are going to discuss some judicial weakness on what happening in Courts activities enforcement.

1. Most Clerk at courts they don't work as what they addressed by Judicial Standing Order, they do according to their needs.

2.Cases delay without any clear reasons only reason to put detention the Remands for nothing.

3.Defective charges because of careless and not consider the reality of the cases.

4.Accused are sentenced with weak evidence only they favour Prosecution sides for nothing and for their own interest..

5.If you do not pay bribe even a little bit you will be convicted to jail for many year.

6.Bail are provided for corruption otherwise you can't get it.

7.Defence witness are less considered even so you may give fact evidence.

8.Erred in Law and Fact due to careless and not updating the law frequently.

9.Appeals for Convicts are delayed while the Courts allowed the Appellant to appeal on their cases.

10.Copy of judgement and Proceeding record book delays and sometimes you can not get it due to detention and immoral of their ethics.

11.Appeal out of time is not for Prisoner concern but the Court don't care it.

12.Magistrate and Judges are dislike to be challenged and once you challenge them to get your right you will be sentenced by force as what they did to me.

13.They don't like to apply Constitution at the court only they need law application while both are allowed to be applied at courts.

14.Favourtism is a Slogan at court.

15.Ambiguous language for documents is applied at court and no one allowed to ask.

16.Police officers and Prison Officers are collaborating with court to oppress the Remands and Convicts.

17.Courts sometimes addressed by the Politicians to sentence the righteous accused for nothing.

18.People are oppressed against what the Law needs, this is dehumanizing.

19.Nullification of Rulling, Sentence and Judgement and Conviction but the Court never care.

20.Poor services at whole system of Judicial. Judicial means all issues concerning Laws and Fact and courts activities.

Let me end hear for today but moreover keep on waiting to buy a book "CONVICTION SHAPED MY KNOWLEDGE" which is on preparation by Don Nalimison himself.

10 July 2020.


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Apr 3, 2017
Tuandalie hicho kitabu kwa soft copy mkuu Don, halafu ukitupie hapa...


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Dec 26, 2017
Why you ignore to attend at Milembe hospital for mind checkup .

You know the reason which lead to be imprisonment caused by ur mind


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Dec 7, 2017
Umeandika kiuchochezi mpaka ukakosea mwishoni.

Let me end hear for today but moreover keep on waiting to buy a book "CONVICTION SHAPED MY KNOWLEDGE" which is on preparation by Don Nalimison himself.


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Feb 11, 2011
Kichwa cha habari kuswahili,habari ni ya kiingereza kibovu kuliko mtoto wa darasa la nne

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