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Feb 11, 2007
adam lusekelo
Sunday News; Sunday,March 16, 2008 @00:04

THE Tanzania Railway (TRC) guys have just done it. They went on strike. Trains stopped and hundreds of people suffered. But it just makes sense. Successive governments in Bongo have been having this mentality. Governments have been pretending to pay people and the people have been pretending to work.

Now the Tanzania Railway guys have shown their two fingers to their bosses and told them to stuff it. The thing is we are grossly being underpaid. The only job which is worth its name is being a politician. Now the thing is we cannot all be politicians. Imagine 40 million Tanzanians – all politicians. All pretending to be Jack Mrisho. Smiling like Cheshire cats. It's impossible! Me, for example.

The last time I smiled and had a photograph of me taken was with my daughter. The picture came out and I looked like I was a serial killer. Mean like hell! I like to act. Do things. They speak louder than words. TRC has just done it. They have acted. The pay went up from 96,000 to 160,000. The guys got results. Period! Words have been said for ages that we need a mean and lean government.

But the government has done nothing. You find some guy in a tatty government office ‘working' and smiling. He spends most of his time trying to ‘eat' from that office. So the guys have resorted to age-old methods. They cut corners at will. They ‘eat' from their offices. You don't think so? Where do you think the EPA monies started disappearing then? They trail from Ikulu.

That's why the names are hard to get. I understand the hick-ups from AG Johnston Mwanyika and company. But we know them. They are in the internet. So who is next after TRC? What if the Tanesco guys decide that enough is enough? This could be next to hell. No electricity, because Tanesco workers have decided not to take shit from a bunch of vermin called IPTL, Songas, Richmond, Kiwira and others. I won't mind.

I have bought a supply of candles which even a decent Church will envy. I have also bought enough kerosene to light up the National Stadium for a night football match. So no worries. What if us hacks go on strike? No newspapers! I know what will happen. AG Johnson Mwanyika will take his wife for a sumptuous dinner. Braza Saidi Mwema, chief of the cops will throw a party for being let off the hook. After all, there won't be the eyes of the press there.

Braza Mwema said tough words at the recent press conference. He likened the bank robbers at the BoT to terrorists and added that the robbery irked even the entire robbery committee, made up of himself, AG Mwanyika and Ted Hosea of the anti-corruption team. We are waiting for the results. But we know the thugs. The names are in the internet. We just want them to be publicised and prosecuted. Fair is fair!

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