Manage Add/Remove Programs in Windows the Quick Way



Windows Add/Remove Programs takes a lot of time to load all the installed programs on my PC as I have lots of stuff running. So I have been searching for a utility which would be similar to Windows Add/Remove Programs applet because I’m used to it and it should load faster so that I may be able to work manage my programs faster.
Safarp is a small open source utility which is almost similar to the Windows Add/Remove Programs and lots a lot faster than the Windows one.

When I installed it, it took just 0.141 seconds to load a whooping list of 220 installed software. Moreover, you can easily remove or change a program by selecting the program and using the buttons below, repair and remove whichever is available. Search function is also available for finding your desired program faster.
An obsolete entry can also be removed from the list. To remove an entry, just select the entry and press Ctrl – E. Be careful as it will only delete the entry from the Add/Remove Programs applet. If the program exists, it will still be there.
Download Safarp
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