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Mama Salma Kikwete ashitakiwe?

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by MWEEN, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. MWEEN

    MWEEN JF-Expert Member

    Sep 14, 2010
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    Nimesoma vichwa vya habari na kuona mahali Dr. Slaa anashauri wanasheria wa Chadema wamfungulie mashtaka mke wa Rais. Huko Zambia yafuatayo yametokea - nimenukuu kutoka gazeti la Zambia Times wiki iliyopita. Soma mwenyewe....

    2 women sue first lady
    By Times Reporter
    FIRST Lady Thandiwe Banda has been sued by two women in Northern Province who want to know the financial source of her personal trips and donations being distributed to various women’s clubs and other groups. Evelyn Kangwa and Marjorie Nakaponda of Kalalantekwe Village in Chinsali District and Chiwanda Village in Isoka District respectively had also applied for an injuction to restrain Mrs Banda from using alleged Government resources.
    The duo also jointly sued the Attorney general as the second defendant. Lusaka High Court judge Philip Musonda rejected the application for an ex-parte injuction and ruled that the matter be heard inter parte on September 24 this year. “ This is an application for ex parte injunction, I have read the affidavit in support, I think this is a matter for inter partes and the matter will come up on 24th this Month, parties may file skeleton heads or arguments and authorities,” he said in his ruling.
    In a statement of claim the duo alleged that the recurrent expenditure relating to the use by the first lady of Government facilities such as motor vehicles and helicopters was not budgeted for or supported by any financial regulations governing the treasury of the country and constituted unauthorised expenditure by both

    They stated that since her moving into State House or during the time when Mr Banda was vice-president, she had not registered nor did she register a non-governmental Organisation (NGO) known to the people for whatever purpose. That in her capacity as spouse of the president, she had no budgetary allocation appropriated by the Parliament of Zambia in its annual budget. They allege that since recurrent expenditure fell within the realm of public expenditure the Government had an obligation to disclose to the public the amount of moneys spent by Mrs Banda on her trips.
    The plaintiffs said as spouse of the president she had no official status in the Government or legal functions to perform on behalf of Government, ministries of Government or departments. They allege that the use of Government facilities by Ms Banda through unauthorised expenditure was tantamount to abuse of Government resources, which should be brought to an end in public interest.
    That from 2009 to date she had undertaken personal trips without the company of the president to various districts in the country visiting traditional rulers and purported clubs of women. They alleged that she had been giving out amounts of money and various items and goods as gifts in the absence of any express disclosure of the source of funds.
    The duo said Mrs Banda had used Government motor vehicles and sometimes helicopters from the Zambia Air Force. They stated that in the month of August this year alone Ms Banda had visited Mpulungu districts, Mbala, Mpika, Nakonde, Chiengi, Isoka and Chinsali using two Zambia Air Force helicopters in some districts. “ During her first visit in Chiengi she expressed gratitude to the people for voting for his Excellency the President in the 2008 presidential by-election and urged them to vote for him again in the 2011 presidential election.
    “ That in Isoka and Mpulungu she was involved in the distribution of MMD chitengi materials which she transported using Government transport or motor vehicles and that apart from the president and his Veep no Government officer or private person including his wife was entitled to the use of Government vehicles or aircraft for political campaign or canvassing for political support,” they said.
    The women wanted the court to declare that the monies being disbursed and spent on the goods being distributed by Mrs Banda to women’s clubs and other groups of persons around the country in the absence of disclosure of the source constituted unauthorised and or unbudgeted for expenditure by Government. They were also seeking an order that the office of the president’s spouse as first lady was not provided for by law and was, therefore, superfluous to the president or ministry or Government department."
  2. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn JF-Expert Member

    Sep 14, 2010
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    Its a high time we do the same here against our first lady!!

    Some inside sources from CCM HQ were quoted saying hawajampa pesa yoyote mama Salma kwa ajiri ya kumkapenia mumewe, na inachosha zaidi kusikia kwamba anatumia magari, walinzi na wasaidizi wengine ambao wanalipwa na pesa za walipakodi wa nchi hii kumfanyia kampeni mumewe, madiwani na wabunge wa CCM!!

    Kuna kipindi mwaka jana niliona kwenye taarifa ya habari mkuu wa wilaya moja hapa nchini alikuwa akimsomea risala ya maendeleo ya wilaya huyu mama!!

    Wapi Tindu Lissu na wanasheria wapiganaji wengine?? Au hata huyu mama katiba hairuhusu kumfungulia mashtaka kama ilivyo kwa Rais?????