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May 17, 2019
Hi, Friends in Jamiiforums,

I know there are a lot of you are talented! I was wondering if you are interested in writing and sharing your own story. It could be short stories, light novels, love stories, poems and so on. On the one hand, you could gain hardcore readers and grow your popularity, on the other hand, you might even earn an amount of money through your stories.

Who are we?

We are AnyBooks team, you can search ANYBOOKS on google play to download our reading app, it is the one of the most downloaded book reading app in India, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa and has more than 500000 daily active users.

What you can get?

A group of high qualified readers.
The app with millions of users at least will help you to grow your audience significantly. And your audiences will contribute to your revenue in the end.

-Customized book covers.
the first 20 selected titles will be provided covers from our amazing designers

- Monthly prizes. We will have monthly contests going on. You may win based on the number of reads. Of course, those featured works have higher potential to hit the top.

What's the deadline for submitting works?

First of all, there's no deadline for sharing your works on Anybooks

However this time, as the first time for the upcoming feature, editors need some time for selecting and arranging works into the app personally. So it is due on 15th Sep 2019 if you want your works to be handpicked and recommended.

How to do it?

First, please email your works to with an introduction of your story and yourself. Any typed formats(e.g. Word, Pdf, Epub) would be ok. But please be organized and don't be pictures of handwritten materials. If the work has been published on other platforms, please provide the link as well.

- Then, If your work has been selected, the editor will let you know and ask for further information.

- Moreover, if your work has not been selected this time, don't be upset. You still can publish it on Anybooks by yourself when the new feature launched(will be launched in 2 months). Editors will keep an eye on it. It still has the chance to be promoted when potentials show.

You own the copyright and will have a much higher potential to hit the top of the promising writer's list, which will be an upcoming but crucial feature. We can’t wait to read your brilliant stories!

P.S. you can always find this article through "ME-Help center-NEWS".

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