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Oct 29, 2010
Hii kitu ni kweli nitafuteni
What is Potion 21?

Potion 21 is a Malaysian Nutrihuang's product marketed online worldwide. Potion 21 for treating 21 types of skin-based problems like diabetic wound ulcer. Watch the video below to see just how magical Potion 21 really is.

Generally speaking there are about 21 types of skin-based problems. They are acne, bedsores, blocked nose, burns, cold sores, diabetic sores, genital rashes, infected wound, mouth ulcer, sinusitis, skin rashes and sore throat to mention but a few. And Potion 21 call effectively treat all of them. We guarantee this fact.
Click here for detailed descriptions of the above skin based problems.

To treat all the above skin-based problems effectively a good tincture must have the following holistic properties:
  1. Analgesic: it relieves the pain
  2. Anti-inflammatory: reduce swelling of the wound
  3. Anti-histaminic: control the release of histamines within the skin
  4. Anti-exudates: prevent the production of skin fluid to allow the wound to dry faster
  5. Antipruritic properties: controls / stop itch
  6. Antibiotic: cleanse the skin of harmful bacteria and virus
  7. Anti-toxin: it neutralizes poison produced by the decaying tissue , bacteria or virus
  8. A skin surface cleanser
  9. Promotes micro blood circulation to bring efficient cell and tissue regeneration to quickly dry up the wound
And this product, Potion 21, has all those properties plus MORE!
Potion 21

Click here to find out what Potion 21 can cure and how to use it.
Please find out from here the incredible testimonies of users who benefited from this products that doctors say is a product that science cannot explain how it works.
This product is very useful to have in the family. Every home must have one. You do not have to buy one product for one problem anymore.Every family must have one. Every mother must carry one. Some call it "Liquid from Heaven"
How to get Potion 21

To get Potion 21, all you have to do is register with us, make a payment of US$150 only and we will send one to you. Click here or on the button below to register to the website. And once you have registered with us, find out how you can earn money through our commissions scheme.
How to earn commissions

Poverty is the worst disease in the world. Having just enough is the second.

Earn a very good stream of second income through email blitz. Tell your friends you have a product that every household needs. Every family must have one. Every mother must carry one. Do not take "no" for an answer. Be determined. Be aggressive. Create an email avalanche and all your friends do the same. Create an Internet wildfire and see your income flowing in.

1) No night meeting
2) No direct selling
3) No huge capital investment
4) No monthly quota
5) No unethical game plan like front loading or binary system
6) No office politics
7) No need to leave your home to achieve your dream

The beauty of this program is:
  1. You are introducing a product that every family must have one and every mother must carry one
  2. Everyone is a cash cow because
  3. Everyone has contacts, don't waste your contacts
  4. Everyone needs to make more money in this difficult times
  5. Everyone has this small amount of money to invest
  6. Everyone has a few friends who trust their testimonies
  7. The best of all is that there is no risk involved
  8. Everything to gain and nothing to lose
How to earn $15,000 to $20,000 per month? All you need is to think of 5 friends or their families who need this product. Not that difficult, isn't? The best part is it cost only $150 and the next best thing is you can get back your investment within the same day!!! Lets see how.
By introducing just 5 people into the network, you receive 7% commission ($10.5 dollars) from each one – and already you will have earned 52.5 dollars. As your friends introduces their 25 downlines, by this stage, you will earn 262.5 dollars. Your network will have started its exponential growth and this can happen in 24 hours!
This is how your network will look like
Number of People
Sales commissions
1 $10.5 x 5= $52.5
2 $10.5 x 25=$262.5
3 $10.5 x 125=$1,312.5
4 $10.5 x 625=$6,562.5
5 $10.5 x 3,125=$32,812.5
6 $10.5 x 15,625=$164,062.5
7 $10.5 x 78,125=$820,312.5

8 $10.5 x 390,625=$4,101,562.5
Cumulative Total $5,126,940.0
This table shows that one can have up to over 400,000 people each paying you US$ 10.5 totaling an amazing US$ 5.12 MILLION DOLLARS! Ready to register? Call +255719672328 your refferor Lyamunda


JF-Expert Member
Nov 4, 2010
whats the difference btn this and others like forever, gnld, swissgarde, tianshi etc. I mean what makes this better than those


Oct 29, 2010
Asante sana wakuu Kwanza napenda kuwahakikishia kuwa hii haina utalatibu kama wa networking nilizoziona na mlizo zitaja,
Hakuna suala la kufunga mwezi ukisha jiunga wewe ni kushawishi mtu mmoja au watu zaidi wanunue hiyo product. Mitandao mingine huwa inalazimisha ulete watu wawiliwawili ili umweze kupata commission hii si hivyo, wala siyo deci kwani wanachofanya wanauza product zao na kutoa commision Deci walikuwa wanaweka hela ili upate hela hiki ni kiwanda kinachozalisha bidhaa. mambo yako wazi kwenye mtandao kuliko ya deci Njoo Royal milage hotel Uliza Regina mwambie nimetumwa na Lyamunda ili unielekeze habari ya Potion 21 au pinga simu 0719672328

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