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'Major win' for Japan opposition

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Njowepo, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Njowepo

    Njowepo JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    • Analysts say this is a damning verdict on the ruling party

    The opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) is set for a massive election victory, exit polls suggest.

    The DPJ has won 300 seats in the 480-seat lower house, ending 50 years of almost unbroken rule by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), NHK TV says.

    The DPJ says it will shift the focus of government from supporting corporations to helping consumers and workers.

    Prime Minister Taro Aso has said he will resign as head of the LDP, taking responsibility for the defeat.

    Japan is suffering record unemployment and its economy is struggling to emerge from a bruising recession.

    Analysts say voters blame the conservative LDP for the current economic malaise - and are angry enough to opt for change.

    Reform bureaucracy
    The exit polls suggest a stunning reversal of fortune for Japan's political parties, reducing the LDP to a rump in parliament, correspondents say.
    Mr Aso's party has governed Japan for all but 11 months since 1955.

    Official results are expected early on Monday, but a senior LDP official acknowledged that the party was heading for a "historic defeat".

    "The predictions by the media were shocking. We had doubts, but now I think they are becoming a reality," Yoshihide Suga, deputy chairman of the LDP's election strategy council, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

    The DPJ leader, Yukio Hatoyama, has promised to boost welfare, reform the bureaucracy, and seek a more balanced relationship with the United States.
    Mr Hatoyama is the wealthy grandson of the founder of Bridgestone tyres, whose other grandfather was a former LDP prime minister.

    'Overwhelming majority'
    Turnout in Sunday's election was reportedly just under 50%, slightly down from 2005 when elections saw the charismatic Junichiro Koizumi's LDP elected with a significant majority.

    Alastair Leithead, BBC News, Tokyo

    It's a massive swing. What the opposition can do now they are coming into power, and untested, is deal with the serious problem revolving around the economy and the recession.

    Unemployment is at the highest level it ever has been and by the end of next year Japan will no longer be the second biggest economy in the world - that will be China.

    Almost a third of the people here will be pensioners and therefore there will be fewer taxes coming in, more money going out.

    It's a very difficult position that Japan is in. People have voted out a party that was in power almost without break for 50 years.

    They are now looking to a new and inexperienced government to try and deal with some difficult challenges.

    Japanese broadcaster NHK announced its exit polls moments after voting ended at 2000 (1100 GMT), saying they showed a major power shift in Japan.

    "Our exit polls show the main opposition Democratic Party will seize more than 300 seats, way more than a majority in the lower house," said the newsreader.

    "That signals a defeat for the governing coalition."

    The LDP had 303 seats in the outgoing parliament, compared to the DPJ's 112. The projections were based on exit polls of roughly 400,000 voters.
    If the DPJ were to gain such a landslide majority, it could establish a new cabinet within the next few weeks.

    Voter anger
    As voting closed on Sunday night, officials said turnout had been high, despite a combination of typhoon-triggered rainfall around Tokyo and a government warning that a swine flu epidemic was under way.

    The DPJ already controls Japan's upper house with the support of smaller parties including the Social Democrats.

    It won control of the house in July 2007, amid voters' anger at a series of scandals and the loss of millions of pension payment records.

    Correspondents say voters' desire for change after so many years under the LDP was a crucial factor.

    Tokyo University political science professor Takashi Mikuriya told Japanese media the election was "more about emotions than policies".
  2. N

    Njimba Nsalilwe JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    This is good news for Japanese people and democracy at large. They have at last opted for a change!

    I envy them. I wish we could dare to borrow a leaf from Japan and oust the ruling CCM party in 2010 general election. Poor us we do not have any organised opposition party to lead us. I put my trust in CHADEMA, but the prevailing "Kabwe V Mbowe" saga, made me to think twice.

    Congratulations Japanese people !

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2009
  3. H

    Hofstede JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    This is possible only if you have tume huru ya uchaguzi kwa bongo. Bongo mbona watu waliisha opt change siku nyingi tokea 1995, ila wakawa denied na tume za uchaguzi za CCM.
  4. Kasheshe

    Kasheshe JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    Tume huru inaongeza kura za upinzani... acheni kusingizia vitu visivyokuwa na maana.
  5. T

    The Truth JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    The odds are whatever political party that replaces CCM will end up behaving and governing like CCM after a while. In the long run very little will change.
  6. N

    Njimba Nsalilwe JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2009
    Joined: Mar 23, 2008
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    Mkuu “The Truth” heshima mbele!
    However, I do not believe that we have been born to suffer in this planet. Let us play our part. It is shame that there is no any reliable opposition party.
    May be our last resort should be to change “JF” to a political party. What do you think?
  7. T

    The Truth JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2009
    Joined: Oct 21, 2007
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    JF political party won't be that different either. In the long run the outcome will be the same.
  8. Mwiba

    Mwiba JF-Expert Member

    Aug 31, 2009
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    Ruling Party Peacefully Concedes Defeat After Half Century Of Rule

    TOKYO – Japan's opposition swept to a historic victory in elections Sunday, crushing the ruling conservative party that has run the country for most of the postwar era and assuming the daunting task of pulling the economy out of its worst slump since World War II.

    A grim-looking Prime Minister Taro Aso conceded defeat just a couple hours after polls had closed, suggesting he would quit as president of the Liberal Democratic Party, which has ruled Japan for all but 11 months since 1955.

    "The results are very severe," Aso said. "There has been a deep dissatisfaction with our party."

    Unemployment and deflation — and an aging, shrinking population — have left families fearful of what the future holds.

    Sasa CCM jiandaeni kuachia ngazi muda wenu umetosha na umekwisha mlichobaki nacho hivi sasa si uongozi bali ni ufisadi na kuizidisha na kuitumbukiza Nchi hii ya Tanzania katika dimbwi la umasikini.
  9. M

    Mkereme JF-Expert Member

    Aug 31, 2009
    Joined: Mar 9, 2009
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    Nakushauri usiote mchana swala la uchaguzi linawezekana hata kwa hiyo tume mbovu ya Kikwete. Chademe waliposhinda kule Tarime si ni tume hiyo hiyo? Kule Moshi mjini Chadema wanahodhi lile jimbo kwa sababu watu wa Moshi mjini walikwishaamua kuachana na CCM!

    Kwa maoni yangu hatuna haja ya kwenda Japan kujifunza si tupeleke wanaharakati kutoka mikoa ya watu wajinga kama Morogoro,Dar es salaam , Mwanza, Mbeya, Arusha, Tanga, Shinyanga na huko kusini wakajifunze Tarime tuiondoe CCM.
    Ushindi wa kishindo wa chama cha upinzani sio mzuri sana kwani kwa matokeo rasmi wamepata viti 308 wakati chama tawala kimepata viti 119 na vyama vingine vitano vimepata viti 53 Uwiano huo sio mzuri kwa sisi wataalam na wachambuzi wa siasa bado Japan itaendelea na ule mtindo wake wa kubadilisha serikali kabla ya mhula kwisha kwani kuna kuwepo na ubabe kwenye kishindo!

    Wacha twende Tarime watufundishe siri ya mafanikio ifikapo Octoba 2010 tunaweza kuwabomoa CCM TUSIKATE tamaa! Ila safari ni ndefu haswa kama watu wengi wana njaa. Njaa huwafanya watu waja as you know mja hana hiari!
  10. N

    Njimba Nsalilwe JF-Expert Member

    Aug 31, 2009
    Joined: Mar 23, 2008
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    Come on The Truth,
    What should be done then?
  11. Nono

    Nono JF-Expert Member

    Aug 31, 2009
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    Hatuwezi kubisha kuwa tume huru na uwanja sawa ni vitu muhimu sana kufanikisha usindi wa wapiga kura.
    Vyombo huru Tanzania havipo, kwani hata Kingunge aliwakusema kuwa tusitegemee eti serikali ya ccm kuweka mazingira ambayo yataufanya upinzani upate ushindi. Kwa kufikiri unadhani mazingira hayo ni kuwakwekea wananchi umeme ili waweze kuona TV zao, au ni uwezo wa kununua magazeti?

    Kwa fikra nyepesi, jibu lipo wazi!
  12. T

    The Truth JF-Expert Member

    Sep 1, 2009
    Joined: Oct 21, 2007
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    I think the idea of privatization of the government may work in Tanzania. Let some private entity (preferably foreign) take control of every aspect of governing. For their investment they will be guaranteed a share of the government revenues e.g. 5%, 6%, 7% etc.
  13. K

    Koba JF-Expert Member

    Sep 2, 2009
    Joined: Jul 3, 2007
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    ...nenda kawashauri baniani wenzako kule Punjab kipunga wee!