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Feb 19, 2007
Biggest Cities in the World
Urban Area /

City Name Country Estimated population in millions)
1. Tokyo Japan 34.2
2. Mexico City Mexico 22.8
3. Seoul South Korea 22.3
4. New York USA 21.9
5. Sao Paulo Brazil 20.2
6. Bombay India 19.9
7. Delhi India 19.7
8. Shanghai China 18.2
9. Los Angeles USA 18.0
10. Osaka Japan 16.8
11. Jakarta Indonesia 16.5
12. Calcutta India 15.7
13. Cairo Egypt 15.6
14. Manila Philippines 15.0
15. Karachi Pakistan 14.3
16. Moscow Russia 13.8
17. Buenos Aires Argentina 13.5
18. Dhaka Bangladesh 13.3
19. Rio de Janeiro Brazil 12.2
20. Beijing China 12.1
21. London England 12.0
22. Tehran Iran 11.9
23. Istanbul Turkey 11.5
24. Lagos Nigeria 11.1
25. Shenzhen China 10.7
26. Paris France 10.0
27. Chicago USA 9.8

Highest Populated Countries in the world

1 China 1,306,000,000
2 India 1,080,000,000
3 United States 299,000,000
4 Indonesia 242,000,000
5 Brazil 186,000,000
7 Pakistan 162,000,000
8 Bangladesh 144,000,000
6 Russia 143,000,000
9 Nigeria 129,000,000
10 Japan 127,000,000
11 Mexico 106,000,000
13 Philippines 88,000,000
14 Vietnam 84,000,000
12 Germany 82,000,000
15 Egypt 78,000,000

Which do you think are the safest cities in the world in terms of low crime rates?

1. Singapore city (it's impossible to get away with a crime over there because every where you go you are constantly being watched by security surveillance cameras and police and also Singapore the country and Singapore city which are both the same thing statistically have the lowest crime rate in the world.)

2. Dublin (very safe city has low levels of crime and violence and has a good well staffed well resourced police force and it's also very safe to go out at night time there even on your own.)

3. Tokyo (despite being the most populated city in the world Tokyo is surprisingly very safe and has been ranked as being the city with the second lowest crime rate in the world.)

4. Zurich

5. Christchurch

6. Geneva

7. Stockholm

8. Vienna

9. Osaka

10. Kobe

The most dangerous city in the world

The most dangerous city in the world is the one where you wander around with expensive cameras hung out for all to see, and then wonder why someone ripped it off your neck / sack. Number of fatal car crashes, food poisonings, murders, muggings or any number of other criteria could be used to claim the "most dangerous"


I think that Johannesburg is at the top of my scary city list. When I went there, the "good" neighbourhoods were surrounded with high walls with barbed wire on the top and that was to keep people out not in. Plus I have two friends from Johannesburg and even they're scared when they go back to visit family.

I think that’s to do with the townships. Soweto has had a bad rep in the past and Johannesburg is notorious for gun crime is it not?

A city of astonishing contrasts, a huge metropolis where opulent wealth and desperate poverty live side by side: Johannesburg is the intriguing, dynamic heart of this turbulent country. If you want to see the real South Africa - and try to understand it - Jo'burg has to be on your itinerary.

Jo'burg, Jozi, eGoli or 'the city of gold' (never Johannesburg) is by far the largest city in South Africa. It's brash, fast growing and often ugly, but it's got wealth, energy and a beautiful climate. If you take reasonable precautions and listen to the locals, you can enjoy it in safety.

While the racial divide is still alive and well, you stand a better chance of meeting blacks on relatively equal terms in Jo'burg than almost anywhere else. Unlike many South African cities where there are so few black faces you could forget that you are in Africa, the centre of Jo'burg has been reclaimed and the sidewalks are jammed with black hawkers and stalls of every description. There's also a growing multi-racial music and theatre scene.

Many people don't have any problems walking around Johannesburg, but there are enough true-life horror stories to make caution essential. A combination of common sense and cowardice will always be your best defence. Don't advertise your wealth or tourist status - bum bags and dangling cameras are a dead giveaway. Be aware of what's going on around you.

Don't hesitate to cross the road to avoid an alleyway or a threatening individual or group. Avoid the city centre at night and on weekends when the shops close and the crowds drop. If you do get held up, don't try to be a hero: give your assailants any possessions they want and try not to make any threatening moves. Jo'burg is inundated with guns and knives and their owners don't hesitate to use them.

If you're driving, make sure your doors are locked, and when you're waiting at traffic lights leave enough room in front of you to drive away if necessary. Running a red light is not illegal if you're in reasonable fear of assault.

Area: 2,500 sq km
Population: 4.9 million
Country: South Africa
Time Zone: GMT/UTC +2
Telephone Area Code: 011

Despite its size, it's not difficult to find your way around Johannesburg. The two major communication towers on the ridges to the north of the city centre make good landmarks. Downtown is laid out in a straightforward grid, which also simplifies orientation. Redevelopment of the Newtown cultural precinct, at the western edge of the city, is at the core of an effort to clean up downtown, but the city centre is still not an attractive place to base yourself. After the shops close it becomes a virtual ghost town and, unless you're in a car, it's extremely unsafe.

Most travellers stay in the leafy, exclusively white northern suburbs that are cocooned within an arc formed by the N1 and N3 freeways. While safe, they're also isolated, manicured and Merc'ed. Homogeneous shopping malls form the centre of most social life, although there are a few pockets that offer greater cultural diversity. The inner-suburban restaurant enclaves of Melville and Norwood make a refreshing change.

The black townships that ring the city are a stark contrast to the northern suburbs. Conditions within them range from reasonable to appalling. Accessibility and convenience were never factors in the planning process, so they are a considerable distance from the city centre and the white suburbs. The main township is Soweto, which you can visit via a hop-on, hop-off tour bus that takes you around both rich and poor suburbs.
I was born in Johannesburg, studied there, worked there... had a few close encounters in Hillbrow, but then what was I doing there at night anyway?
As long as everyone agrees that a "dangerous" city also depends on what you are doing there, what you have with you (prominently displayed cameras, computers, watches, etc.) and how lost you look while walking the streets with these expensive items!
A lot of people in South Africa are stealing for survival - the next meal, warm jacket, etc... even though we hate the crime figures here, we can understand some of it.
I was mugged in London on a train - laptop, cell phone, handbag, etc. - and I still don't think London is a dangerous city! The difference is the way I was treated by Police there - they ran after the culprits, for miles... and got back EVERYTHING of mine! Then they looked after me as if I was a real "victim" - offered counselling, driven home, etc.
Tourists in South Africa are a lot safer than crime figures implicate! Be aware; speak to locals about the "crime spots" and stay away from those!
Better even - come to Cape Town! There's not much to see in Johannesburg anyway! The beauty of our country is elsewhere! North, South East, West from Johannesburg! Jo'burg is only a stopover and industrial workplace to locals.

Tijuana in Mexico is definitely ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the world and its one of the most dangerous cities in North America. It is ridden with crime violence poverty and police corruption. Tourism has also gone down a lot in Tijuana and a lot of people are choosing not to go there because of it being dangerous, it is also a lot more dangerous then any city in America and it has an average of 6 murders a day which is an average of over 1,200 murders a year, it also has an average of 2 kidnappings a day with an average of over 700 a year.
Last year a 6 year old American boy who was on vacation with his parents in a hotel in Tijuana was kidnapped and held for ransom and was latter murdered to.
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