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Majigambo ya kenya zidi ya nchi nyingine za afrika mashariki

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by POSHO MAVYEO, Jul 3, 2011.


    POSHO MAVYEO JF-Expert Member

    Jul 3, 2011
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    Why being Kenyan makes you smarter, more literate

    There are all sorts of dull reports out there, but occasionally a true gem like Uwezo's, "Are Our Children Learning? Numeracy and Literacy Across East Africa" comes along and makes your day.

    The report by the East African education think tank Uwezo tells a great unintended story, beyond just examining the levels of numeracy and literacy in Kenya, Tanzania, and Kenya.

    The study found that students in Kenya's primary schools score higher in English, numeracy, and Kiswahili than their counterparts in Tanzania and Uganda. The results of the Kiswahili tests were surprising, because Tanzanians are the kings and queens of Kiswahili. As the old joke goes, "
    . One way of reading this is that if you are poor in Kenya, the likelihood that you will be worse off a few years down the road is much higher than in Tanzania and Uganda. In other words, the poor have more hope in the latter two countries than in Kenya.

    The performance among children from middle-class and wealthy homes for Kenya, however, is remarkably stable and superior to that from the other two countries. And this suggests that in Kenya a child born into a rich family, can expect that a few years down the road her parents are more likely to still be as rich, or richer.


    Why? As a colleague told me, in Kenya everyone, including schoolchildren, is running away from something. A primary school child in eastern Kenya will eat boiled maize for lunch, and it might be the only decent meal he has, for all the time he is in primary school.

    Passing well and going to a secondary school will get him two meals - of boiled maize mixed with beans. This dual incentive to get on in life, and to have a full stomach, doesn't exist in Tanzania and Uganda. In Uganda, the lazy, the enterprising, the not-so-poor, and the rich all tend to go to bed well fed on something. It is the closest to an equal-dinner-eating-opportunity country in the region.

    In Nairobi, because it's the global headquarters for a UN agency, and the centre of humanitarian operations for Somalia and South Sudan, and regional hub for several multinationals, the number of expatriates and diplomats have been estimated to be more than in all the other EAC countries combined - even twice over.

    That means there are very many international children to educate. The competition by schools to attract them with some level of world-class education, has created a tide that has lifted a large number of Kenyan schools. And it's also one reason why education is scandalously expensive in Kenya, compared with the same level in Uganda.

    So it's a long history of a relatively competitive free market economy, geography, history, and a bit of politics, not innate higher intelligence than other East Africans, that has given Kenyan primary school education the edge.

    Charles Onyango-Obbo is Nation Media Group's executive editor for Africa & Digital Media. E-mail:

    MY TAKE:
    Hawa jamaa wako serious na shirikisho la Afrika mashariki kweli au ni maslahi binafsi ili kujikomboa
    sio kwamba wanataka kutumia mwanya huo kunufaika naona kama wana hali mbaya wanatafuta pa kuokokea
  2. M

    Mdondoaji JF-Expert Member

    Jul 3, 2011
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    Yet they end up failing in large number in Universities. These arrogant kenyans achana nao mkuu watakuumiza kichwa bure dawa yao ni kuwagomea EAC wakaanzishe kivyao. If they were intelligent and literate how did they fail to stop selling their lands to foreigners and leave local kenyans without a land to own???Our president was wise enough to refuse such temptation and now we see a lot of Kenyans live in slums because there is no land to own.
  3. Smatta

    Smatta JF-Expert Member

    Jul 4, 2011
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    I think if you were intelligent as you think you are, you would have realised that the EAC kicked off some years ago, and we will armtwist you to accept the whole federation, thats the difference between Kenya and Tanzania. you talk alot but dont do sh*t, but Kenyans talk and act.