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Mainland traders accused of evading tax in the Isles

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Geza Ulole, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Jan 10, 2012
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    10th January 12
    Mainland traders accused of evading tax in the Isles

    The Guardian Reporter
    Groundnuts and orange traders from Tanzania Mainland have been accused of denying the Zanzibar government revenue through non-payment of due taxes.
    The accusation was made by Zanzibar Revenue Board commissioner Mohammed Hashim Ismail at the inauguration of the board's new complex at Mazizini in Zanzibar recently.
    He said petty traders from the Mainland had been conducting business in Zanzibar without paying due taxes, thus denying the government its due revenue.
    “They don't pay relevant taxes," said the commissioner at the the event which was graced by Zanzibar President, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein.
    The commissioner said there was a wave of women entering Zanzibar through illegal ports, and while in the Isles engaged in alcohol selling, urging the government to step in and control illegal entry in the Isles.
    Petty traders coming from Kilimanjaro, Mtwara, Arusha, Lindi and Morogoro regions were flocking into Zanzibar to hawk groundnuts, oranges and other commodities, particularly in Zanzibar municipality, he further charged.
    He said it was not right for one country to have two authorities dealing with the collection of government revenue.
    He said the government had been losing up to 300m/- a month due to illegal diesel importation through unauthorised ports, adding that the problem would be eliminated if government leaders worked together with security organs to eliminate the trade.
    For his part, State Minister in the President's Office, Finance and Economy, Omar Yussuf Mzee, said the government managed to increase the salaries of its workers in the 2011/2012 budget, adding that it did so without raising taxes.
    He said the government had decided to abolish unnecessary tax exemptions for religious institutions and non-governmental organisations for the purpose of increasing government revenue so it could help boost economic growth in Zanzibar.
    The inaugurated complex cost a total of 8bn/- , which was provided by Zanzibar Social Security Fund.


    Imagine a person giving accusations is a Zanzibar Revenue Authority Commissioner, if i were Dr Shein i would have fired him for not exercising his authority effectively and victimizing the mainlanders as the reason for his office poor collection! Here i see politics more than diligent leadership!