Magufuli the bulldozer very smart on directing government revenue on important projects

Sep 4, 2019
Not long after assuming office, he took drastic measures to boost government coffers, which includes:

A. He put a stop to the public procurement of goods and services at inflated costs.

He declared that anyone found procuring public goods or services on inflated prices will face the music.

B. Immediate ban on foreign travels by public servants. He did this ON HIS THIRD DAY IN OFFICE!

He stated that all tasks that necessitated government officials to travel abroad will now be done by the country’s high commissioners and ambassadors abroad.

Fumadilu Kalimanzila

JF-Expert Member
Dec 10, 2016
You have put it well that government revenue which is public money ! but I wonder when some crippled minds say that Mr. President has dished out some money on this and that!

He should also respect the rule of law which requires or directing the appropriation of public money and not as he pleases !

We advice on rule of law with great sense of humility while taking into consideration the presence of great number of imbeciles and myopic people in this country who praises whatever President touches or does!

Alexander The Great

JF-Expert Member
Aug 28, 2018
Some people truly need "MENTAL CHECK UP". Your such a certified hypocrite at his best.

Firstly, your thread's heading speaks on government projects, but on your "POEM OF PRAISE" you did not touch or describe even one government project.

You need to understand the "DUTIES" of a public officer, in that case a president is also a public officer chosen by the citizens of URT, it is his "DUTY" to "PRESERVE/PROTECT/USE WISELY" the citizen's "MONEY (TAX)".

Its not something to praise you imbecile. It is his "DUTY".

NB: Nisije kupigwa ban, sijatumia tusi hapo MODERATOR.

Imbecil (noun): means thickhead/stupid.

Hyoocrite (noun): someone who says they have particular moral beliefs but behaves in way that shows these are not sincere.
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