Magufuli hasn't given up yet on young leaders


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Jul 4, 2007
The current Cabinet reshuffle which ousted the vibrant and brilliant young Minister January Makamba, has it's effects on the role of young leaders on whether to be entrusted nor given opportunity into Magufuli's Cabinet.

A passionate debate on this agenda is at large on different perspectives, some political commentators are against young leader for being unethical whilst in their responsible positions in the Government (elected or appointed).

The facts remains that; President Magufuli still entrusted and surely he's investing on young generation for the future of this country. The newly appointed deputy minister of Agricultural and Livestock Hussein Bashe proves his faith to the young generation.

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Dec 14, 2014
Magufuli has no fear on his leadership, He believe in HAPA KAZI TU ( Only Work), So there is no room for him to think of Age, Political issues and friendship. He wants people who can deliver to make changes for progressive development.

I trust in him.

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