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Madini ya URANIUM kwa wingi: Mkuju, Namtumbo

Discussion in 'Major Projects in Tanzania' started by Gama, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Gama

    Gama JF-Expert Member

    Oct 28, 2010
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    Study shows improved uranium recovery at Mkuju Rivernew

    By Correspondent 28th October 2010

    A definitive feasibility study for a uranium project earmarked to be built at Mkuju River in Namtumbo District, Ruvuma Region, has shown a substantial potential for improved recovery of the mineral.
    The company undertaking the project, Mantra Resources Limited said in a statement issued in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the latest study has shown that the planned processing plant will be able to recover 82 per cent of the available uranium compared to the previous projection of 79 per cent.
    The statement issued in Perth, Australia by the CEO of the parent firm, Peter Breese and availed to this paper said the improved recovery was good news for both the investor and the country as these improvements are expected to result in a reduction in operation costs.
    “We are pleased to publish the final definitive feasibility study process flowsheet which demonstrates that the project is on the right track and the leach characteristics are exceptionally good,” he said.
    He said that compared to the pre-feasibility study, the final outcome is highly simplified and has led into maximum recovery of uranium and production during the first phase.
    “Not only that. The final study has also reduced acid consumption from 12 to between six and ten kilogrammes per tonne of plant feed,” he said.
    He said that total target production would rise to 4 million pounds of uranium per year, up from 3.7 million which was earlier projected.
    “The outcome of the final study follows both extensive, integrated pilot project which incorporated the previous research work,” he said.
    In Dar es Salaam, the company’s Managing Director, Tony Devlin, said that the final outcome will be a big boost on the Tanzanian economy.
    “We expect uranium to be a significant contributor to the Tanzanian economy and position the country as the third largest producer of the mineral in Africa and the eighth largest in the world. At this level of production, Tanzania will produce 3 times more uranium oxide than South Africa”.
    He mentioned some of the benefits to the country as foreign direct investment (FDI) of USD298m (about 452bn/-), over 1,200 jobs to be created during the construction of the mine and a further 600 permanent jobs.
    “The project is shaping up as a truly world-class investment and has the potential, in its first phase of development, to position the United Republic of Tanzania as a major uranium producer on the world map,” he said.
    Other benefits include a generation of approximately USD220m in foreign exchange per year.:israel::israel::israel::israel::israel::israel::israel::israel:

  2. rmashauri

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    Oct 28, 2010
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    Natumai Dr. Slaa akikamata usukani tutanufaika na haya madini. Hii nchi MUNGU kaibariki kwa utajiri usioneneka ila CCM ya mafisadi imeididimiza kwa kuwanufaicha wachache.
    Mchague Dr. Slaa na uwahamasishe na ndugu zako. Mimi nimefanya hivyo na ndugu zangu nimewakuta tayari wameshaamka toka usingizini na wanamchagua Dr. Slaa.
  3. Mwanamayu

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    Oct 28, 2010
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    Ndio maana USA imekuwa na mapenzi makubwa na Tanzania! JK akishinda itakuwa kubadilishana vyandarua kwa madini kama ile ya Chief Mangungo wa Tanga wakati ule wa Carl Peters!
  4. m

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    Oct 29, 2010
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    Chagua mabadiliko kwa maendeleo ya TZ.
  5. tzjamani

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    Oct 29, 2010
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    Nakupa 5