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Jul 6, 2012
Virginity is the best wedding Gift, Any man would receive from his newly wedded wife.

But lately there is no is nothing like that any longer because it will have already been given out as
Birthday Gift, Token of appreciation, Job assurance, Church collection, Examination making schemes , Taxi Fare.......
Never look forward for something yu yourself don't have. If I come to yu and borrow 10 shillings it is because I know that jus recently I had itbut have used it and get another soon.
Virginity is not for women alone, even we men need to keep it for my first woman to be my wife. Sometimes men fail in the game cause, they have been told by big women that they have a very small thing or very thin thing. So when they marry, and find that the girl have long ago become a woman, they start to think that the first or last man could have a big machine and thus he will be seen as a stick in her.
Grow up men, never look for a virgin while yu have lost your virginity.

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