Look how the sons of the late president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe spends cash

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Oct 22, 2016
The 2 son's of the late president of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabesee how they're still spending money each and every day with thier friends In south africa.

The 2 sons of Mugabe are Bellarmine chatunga and Robert junior, as robert was named after his father ,the 24 year old chatunga is the youngest of Robert and Grace's three children, his also the one who's spending more money than anyone in the family of Mugabe .Before the coup, he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in South Africa, regularly boasting about nights out and expensive purchases on.

Chatunga did showed us a watch that costed $60,000 on wrist and said "yeah!!know when your daddy runs the whole country that apparently a year of 2019 right before the father's death,but then Lately last year when the reporter failed that Mugabe family has gone broke chatunga Continuously denied going broke by posting his cars parking in his estate house in Johannesburg.

Robert Jr. and Chatunga are known for their love of fancy cars, and so is their stepbrother, Russell. In September 2017, Russell imported two Rolls Royce limousines and 3 rang rovers much to the dismay of the citizens and residents of Zimbabwe. Robert Jr. and Chatunga also love cars.

Robert junior have now been busy with his studies and focusing on his life but he did meet one of the most south African beautiful women arly known as Hillzy was one of the award winners in 2016 taking home with her seven awards at the Miss Teen Heritage World in 2016 they have actually saw it's better for them to come out with t their relationship public last weekend last year on social media

The lovebirds went on to celebrate Robert’s 27th birthday as for now Robert is currently studying architecture in South Africa. He is the late president’s second child after Bona and the third child is Chatunga.


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Oct 26, 2014
Na wazimbabwe walivyo arrogant.. huwa tuna wananga Wahaya ila kwa Wazimbambwe Mhaya asubiri....

Hata kama ni security guard....ukikutana naye ni kama unaongea na mlinzi waRais.

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

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