London Tube Party- Nyote Mwaalikwa!


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Oct 4, 2007
Kwa wale mliozoea kupiga tungi kwenye underground leo ndio siku ya mwisho kabla sheria mpya inayokataza huo ustaarabu haijaanza kuapply, I think its gonna be funny.

Details about the party

Starting 9pm, Saturday May 31, 2008 - We will hold the party on the Circle Line, starting at Liverpool Street station. The Circle Line is currently planned to be operational (no planned engineering work). However, due to the possibility of any last minute problems on the Circle Line, we will revert to the Central Line within Zone 1 - also starting at Liverpool St. Join our Facebook Group for any last minute changes or scheduling meet ups!

Fancy Dress - Come dressed as your favourite Tube Station! - there are so many choices. Perhaps you'd like to dress as Shepherd's Bush? Or perhaps St. Paul is more your type. Not to worry, with only a drink or two, you can come up with some pretty creative Tube station fancy dress options. Angel? Old Street? Victoria? Feel free to add your comments below with your juiciest costume ideas!

Board the Last Carriage of each train In order to maximize our interaction with other like-minded folk, try to board the last carriage of each train. Also, that will minimize the impact we might have on those who aren't in a fun mood (booo!).

Someone please invite Boris - I know the man must be fun, so let's invite him along. No hard feelings!
Tube booze party 'irresponsible'

London Underground workers have attacked plans for a public drinks party on Circle Line trains on the eve of an alcohol ban.

The Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union said it was irresponsible of those behind the event, when alcohol played a part in trouble on the system.

Saturday's "Last Round on the Underground" party has been advertised on the internet.

The alcohol ban also applies to buses, the Docklands Light Railway and trams.

From 1 June, open containers of alcohol will be banned with the aim of making travelling on London's public transport network a safer and more pleasant experience for passengers.

The new policy was announced earlier this month by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

People have been invited to bring their own cocktails to the party, but to behave themselves and be civil to other passengers.

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, said: "It is pretty irresponsible to organise a booze party on the Tube when alcohol already plays a part in so many incidents.

"We are concerned that London Underground does not intend to put on any extra staff on Saturday night, as it will be our members who will be in the front line and at risk from aggressive drunken behaviour.

Police help

"RMT will support any measure that will make our members' working lives safer and more pleasant, but the ban has been poorly thought through, is being implemented in haste and could put our members in greater danger."

A spokeswoman for Transport for London said it would be monitoring the party, but was confident it would pass off without incident.

Addressing the RMT's concerns, she said: "We will not be asking staff to put themselves in a position where they feel they are in danger.

"If they feel they are in danger they can call for extra help from the approximately 2,500 police and community support officers dedicated to the transport network."

British Transport Police said it would have an increased number of officers deployed on the Underground for a number of events in London on 31 May.
Duh! niliipost hii kwenye matangazo madogo madogo lakini si mnajua?

Ole au Brutus waliamua kuidelete

yaani leo Central line nasikia haipandiki kwenda mjini huko
sin hakika ,unajua kama party yenyewe inaanza saa tatu usiku? this should be fun ile kinoma lakini unajua siku hizi nime kuwa abit toff sasa huwa na avoid sana mambo haya but what the heck...kama mwakajuzi nimeenda Glastonbury sioni sababu ya kutojimwaga on central like..afterall baadae nafikiria kwenda Camden town
Shame nimetingwa na majukumu mengine huku mkoa lakini I think kama una company nzuri au ni mtu wa kujimix, this will be a big fun. Kwa waliozoea kula monde kwenye train safari zitakuwa ndefu kichizi kuanzia kesho.
This weekend nina ban ya kutoka, misus kaulock mlango kabisa na kuficha funguo, kwa hiyo leo ni mambo ya zero grazing tu otherwise ningesneak out nikakamate vya kunyonga!

ahh kumbe wewe uko domesticated!

pole mwenzetu

by the way umeona weather inavyooanza kuwa safi?
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