Liberia: Justice in Chamber Issues Stay Order on Asset Recovery Team's Vehicle Seizure, Mandates Return of Seized Vehicles


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Jul 24, 2018
Monrovia –The Supreme Court of Liberia has ordered the Asset Recovery Taskforce to with immediate effect release all vehicles seized during its recent operation.

The court on Thursday, March 28, also instructed the task force not to carry out any further pending seizure, until a pending conference in a Writ of Prohibition filed by the Management of Gracious Ride Incorporated.

This means the Asset Recovery Taskforce will now have to wait until an outcome from a hearing scheduled on Monday, April 1, is made in line with the laws of Liberia.

The Management of Gracious Ride Transport, a service reportedly owned by an ally to former President George Weah, Finda Bundoo, haspleadeda with the Chambers Justice at the Supreme Court, to prohibit the Asset Recovery Team from seizingitss vehicles offering transport service in the country.

The AssetRecovery Taskforcedset upp by President Joseph N. Boakai to search, seiz,e and investigate government assets,includinge vehicles and other valuables, intentionally or unknowingly taken away.

The team has since begun its work of searching, seizing, investigating and if proven, recovering government properties and valuables.

However, Wednesday’s operation by the team was met with mixed reactions from the public, some hailing their work, while others, mostly in the opposition, criticizing the procedure in which the task force is performing.

Anger in opposition

What prompted anger among several members was the seizure of a vehicle of former Police Inspector, Patrick Sudue, claiming to have been legitimately bought for US$5,000 Five Thousand Dollars as well as the seizure of the vehicle being managed by Gracious Ride Incorporated.

The documents of both vehicles were being requested by members of the force who were on the scene on Wednesday, March 27, led by, Emmanuel Gonquoi, a member of the task force, in line with the task force’s mandate to investigate documents of vehicles and properties.

Already, Sudue had since threatened to take legal action against the task force, until when Gracious Ride Transport Service took a legal stance Thursday, March 28, seeking the Justice in Chamber decision to prohibit the Asset Recovery Taskforce from seizure its vehicles.

In its petition for a Writ of Prohibition filed by the transport service Manager, Francis T. Blamo, Gracious Ride Inc., against the taskforce, headed by Cllr. Martin, Associate Justice Presiding, His Honor, Yusif D. Java is requesting a conference with both parties on Monday, April 1, 2024, in connection with the plead for a Writ of Prohibition.

The task force had also been ordered by the court to release all vehicle seizures and seizures, pending the outcome of the conference.
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