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Lets Be Part Of Changes and Our Future!!!

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by MartinDavid, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. MartinDavid

    MartinDavid JF-Expert Member

    Aug 22, 2010
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    This is the first time i feel like Tanzanians have come to their sense that we need changes and i mean right changes, it is time we make those changes and 1 day our sons will ask us what we did to change the way of life in our lovely Tanzania... What will we say? My fellow Tanzanians we should not worry of our peace, this is from God and no one can change that. ... Neither Slaa nor Kikwete!!!

    Let make changes CCM have been in power for 49 yrs and no change for what we say better life,, even late Mwalimu Nyerere admit that they have fail in some areas, and that is an example of a good leader, all those who followed him have done their share but do we think they have done enough???

    Look at our economy they said i have increase by 5% how,, do you feel that???
    They have tackle Corruption, how while those how are accused are steel enjoying and elected by large vote!!!

    They have improve education... Have you go to those said Kata secondaries, no laboratories nor libraries how can we get to workers, politicians and so good citizens from that.. while the rich get their kids to so called International schools and get the best education and the best jobs.

    Do you really enjoy see our country sold to so called investors, who come with their contract and we just signed them without any proper consultation.. and we end-up crying... << i found a certain talk... which say if you want to hide some thing to a Tanzanian just put it on paper he will not read it... and that is true

    Now we have Sons of Makamba, Kikwete, Kawawa, Pinda, Mwingi, Karumes all in politics is this inheritance stuff to do to civilized Tanzanians..

    I just every Tanzanian to look at yourself and ask some few questions
    1. Is that what you want to do to Tanzania
    2. Does Tanzania deserve better? if so who can you be part of that change??
    3. Do you choose a leader base on the words he/she said or do?
    4. What is the future of this country?? Are you happy with the way things are??
    5. What is the future of Ur kids and family?? Do you think this current leadership will ever give your family the best and bright future?

    if you have any other question just ask you self and pray to God that he will give you a best answer and hope he will make you part of change in this country...

    please many hands are better than one hand let say no to the current leadership and make change,,,, lets be part of that change... let be accountable for our own future.. let sit one day and say thanks God i made a change to our lovely Mother land Tanzania.


    Dr. Slaa you have may Vote!!