Let dr. Slaa swallow his vain pride and concede defeat.

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Jan 10, 2009
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Dr Willibrod Slaa of the Chadema must swallow his vain pride and accept the verdict of the Tanzanians in the recently concluded General Elections.

Despite a few minor glitches that characterised the polls,like in any other third world state(s),the fact is that Slaa,a first timer in the Tanzanian presidential elections,entered the presidential race with an exaggerated ego and his being trounced has left him politically bruised thus resorting to crying foul against the status quo.

Writing on his Facebook page on Sunday(07/11/2010),Slaa said that his party stayed away from the two functions(of naming the 2010 General Election winner and swearing in ceremonies) because it didn't want to be seen supporting what he termed as a "flawed electoral process".

Now is Slaa imputing that his other co-aspirants in the presidential race like Prof Lipumba(CUF),Peter Kuga Mziray(APPT-Maendeleo)Hashim Rungwe(NCCR-Mageuzi),Muttamwega Bhatt Mgayhwa(TLP) and Fahmi Nassoro Dovutwa(UPDP) were supporting a "flawed electoral process"(sic)????!!!!!

Even the allegations that the TISS was involved in the rigging of elections are just mere hearsay as the Slaa and his camp have failed to buttress them with concrete evidence.

Me think that after having sensed defeat at the polls,like their counterparts in the East African region(read the FDC of Uganda and the ODM of Kenya),the Chadema got sucked into machinations that involved chaos mongering which were later scuttled by the agile TISS thus embroiling the institution into election fraud!!!!!

Slaa must stop playing the ostrich and even observe the fact that in the contemporary African politics,parties which have stood the taste of time(almost or over 50 years) while holding the mantle of power needed more than rhetoric to be defeated at the national polls.

This has indeed been the case for example in South Africa(ANC) and Botswana(BDP).Now its replicated in Tanzania under the CCM.

Now that Kikwete has been declared the elected president of Tanzania,the only recourse that's open to the Slaa and his side-kicks is to go to the court and challenge the results,short of that,he should wait for 2015.

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