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Law School of Tanzania

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Sheria (The Law Forum)' started by Mdau, May 3, 2009.

  1. Mdau

    Mdau JF-Expert Member

    May 3, 2009
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    Wakuu, nimebahatika kuipata nakala ya barua ya malalamiko ya vijana wanaojiandaa kuingia School of Law,tuidodose....




    By Law School Students 2008/09








    The paper aims at expressing the law graduates discontent over the current practical legal training system under the purported discriminatory "Law School". A comprehensive analysis is thoroughly made to the new system with regard to the former system.

    It is a public awareness now that the so called "Law School of Tanzania" is 1 year old since its inauguration on 26th March 2008. The paper will therefore analyze the former system, the new system with it's defects, efforts made to curb the defects and lastly suggestions and recommendations to all Actors specifically the government.

    It worthy noting that the government through various statements committed itself that it will finance law graduates with tuition fees, accommodation, meal and stationary allowance. This stand is backed by various government statements concerning the issue of law school.
    For instance, responding to TAHLISO (Tanzania Higher Learning Institutions Students' Organizations). Refer documents of TAHLISO and ministry of higher education) specifically to point No. 7 of TAHLISO's petition, the government clearly stipulated that agreements have been reached between the Higher Learning Students' Loans Board and the Ministry of justice and Constitution so that the law school students could be afforded with loans to facilitate their trainings.

    Again, while compiling his 2008/2009 ministry's budget debate, the minister for Justice and Constitution affirmed that the government has enough fund given by the ministry of Finance and Economy to finance law scholars. Ridiculously now students are compulsorily forced to pay for tuition fees and other requirements such as meal, accommodation and stationeries. Reference is made to Hansard of 14th August 2008 specifically page 167-168.

    Formerly, upon completion of his LLB, a graduate was supposed to go for practical legal training to either the AG chamber or High Court Registry in any party of the country which is easily accessible and convenient to him. He was not forced by the system to assemble to Dar es salaam for getting such trainings.

    Under that system, all Law graduate were afforded with that right, there was no selection processes, no admission procedures and no any unjustifiably requirement for pursuing such trainings. The mandatory requirement was ONY the acquisition of LLB and not money.
    Good enough, as other professions, a Law graduate was financially supported by the government under the Higher Learning Students' Loans Board to cover for his living requirements.

    The current system has come into effect after the enactment of The Law School of Tanzania Act No. 5 of 2007 hereinafter being referred to as the Act. The new system established the Law School of Tanzania.

    Under this system, all law graduates are supposed to assemble to Dar es Salaam for their practical legal training.

    People from far regions like Mara, Kigoma and Kagera are therefore forced to match to Dar es Salaam unjustifiably.

    The system also establishes a mode of enrolment to the law school whereby money (tuition fee of Tsh. 1.6 Million) and not First Degree in Law (LLB) is the mandatory requirement.
    The new system is primarily ridiculously hosted, managed and monopolized by the Faculty of Law University of Dar Es Salaam without any cooperation (actual or potential) with other Law faculties in the country. Reference is made to S. 15 of the Act.

    Under the new system, pursuant to S. 2 of the Act, the basic qualification for a law graduate to work as a public servant or as an advocate of the High Court he MUST undergo law school of which he must have 1.6 million as tuition fee (leave aside monies for transport, meals, accommodation, stationeries and special faculty requirements)
    This simply means a rich graduate is potentially advantaged to pursue those trainings and poor graduates of which are majority of Tanzanians HAVE NOT, CAN NOT and WILL NOT access these critical trainings due to the mere fact that they are poor.

    Law graduate from Zanzibar are also forced to undergo such trainings in the mainland despite the fact that Tanzania mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar are distinct in legal practice as they only merge at the Court of Appeal level.

    By merely referring to the above part, one can discover a lot of defects that the current system has come up with. Herein under, are some of the critical defects that are supposed to be immediately curbed.

    First, the new system, forces all law graduates to assemble to Dar es Salaam for their practical legal training. As illustrated above, graduates from far regions like Mara, Kigoma and Kagera are therefore forced to match to Dar es Salaam unjustifiably contrary to the former system where a graduate was able to pursue such trainings wherever he is provided that there is AG chamber or High Court Registry.

    Second, the new system also establishes a mode of enrollment to the law school whereby money (tuition fee of Tsh. 1.6 Million) and not First Degree in Law (LLB) is the mandatory requirement. Formerly, just as other professions, Law graduates were afforded with tuition fees by the government.

    Third, the mere act of leaving the law school under the hands of faculty of Law of UDSM which as it has been pointed earlier that it hosts, manages and monopolizes the purported law school is ridicule to other Law faculties in the country. How special is UDSM faculty of Law's Dean to be a statutory member of the Law School governing body? Are other universities' Faculty of Law Deans incompetent?

    Fourth, the new system, pursuant to S. 2 of the Act, clearly stipulates that the basic qualification for a law graduate to work as a public servant or as an advocate of the High Court he MUST undergo law school of which he must have 1.6 million as tuition fee (leave aside monies for transport, meals, accommodation, stationeries and special faculty requirements). If the government overlooked the implication of this system it shall come to its attention that this simply means a rich graduate is potentially advantaged to pursue practical training and poor graduates (of which are majority of Tanzanians) HAVE NOT, CAN NOT and WILL NOT access these critical trainings due to the mere fact that they are poor.

    Fifth, the new system creates classes in the society by discriminating poor graduates from pursuing such trainings. Discrimination of any kind be it colour, race or status is contrary to the constitutional principles of justice and human rights as clearly enshrined under Article 13(4)

    Sixth, amazingly, law graduate from Zanzibar are also forced to undergo such trainings in the mainland despite the fact that Tanzania mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar are distinct in legal practice as they only merge at the Court of Appeal level. Unless the legal system is integrated from the grassroots then the defects would not be of serious repercussions.
    Practically, the law school of Tanzania has not and will not deliver anything productive for the public interest. Its establishment is a mere night dream. The best practice world over shows that law schools are established and managed by each accredited university. The current Law school that we currently have can not be of any help whatsoever rather than creating classes in society, chaos and unnecessary hardships to law Graduates.

    With the above elaboration, it can shortly be said that, the purported law school of Tanzania lacks all qualifying characteristics of identifying it self as a law school due to fact that it has;
    - inadequate facilities as it shares with UDSM
    - inadequate human Resources as it uses UDSM human resources
    - No permanent Address
    - Poor preparation eg administrative cost ( law graduates are forced to pay tuition fee so that the school can be run)
    - Little supervision on the part of the government
    - Little attention and accountability on the party of the government
    - No prescribed procedures for instance in admission(what is the qualification: money or LLB?), awarding (up to now the incumbent scholars have not graduated)
    - No prescribed syllabuses
    - No involvement of other accredited universities such as Mzumbe, Tumaini, OUT etc (is UDSM absolutely perfect? Are other universities imperfect?)
    - No strong administration
    - No room for all law graduates (what are selection procedures? Why are others not admitted? Why if one does not have money is not enrolled?)
    - No feed placement for students. Students are supposed to find field placement by themselves contrary to the former system

    In dealing with this contradicting matter, our efforts have been harmoniously carried distancing ourselves from violent means. We started with the office of the law school principal who statutorily is Secretary to the governing board of the law school as per S. 15(2) of the Act.

    The acting principal Mr. Gabriel Ndika openly answered us that he has nothing to change as he is a junior officer who works under instructions, and that he had not received any directions on our favor.

    When we failed to get satisfactory answers, we went to the ministry of Justice and Constitution to meet the minister. At first instance we did not get enough cooperation so we decided to go to the Prime Minister so that our fate will be determined. After some communications between Prime Minister's office and the Ministry's office we were told to return to the ministry.

    Back to the ministry we were threatened by a certain officer, she tried even to call police to force us out of the ministry's premises. We stood firm and "educated" her that we were there not for violence but for peace. After a stiff struggle with her we were then allowed to meet the Ministry's Permanent Secretary who after a long discussion with us he said that the government had no money to finance us so we had to pay.

    We sensed that there was no good will to help us, so we started some communications with the prime minister's office whereby at the end we were told that it has been directed that we should be admitted to studies upon paying Tsh. 500,000 as down payment. Still this is unjustifiably. Many poor have failed to pay; chances to those trainings have been secured by rich law graduates.

    First, the government should intervene as soon as practicable so that all law graduates can access those trainings without any discrimination basing on financial status
    Secondly, if unable to run the existing fictitious law school, the government shall immediately close and /or set proper Law schools in each accredited university which has Law faculties.
    Third, the government through the Ministry of justice and constitution affairs, in collaboration with the office of Attorney General shall provide Maximum standards which each University Law school shall adhere. This will provide adequate supervision, imparting of knowledge concretely etc
    Fourth, the government MUST make sure that other law faculties get equal footage as UDSM
    Fifth, law school students MUST have representation in the law school governing board.

    Law faculties in Mzumbe, Tumaini, OUT, RUCO, as few to mention shall;
    First, refrain from the sense of irresponsibility. It seems apparently that other universities' law faculties had failed to appreciate their existence. It is inconceivable to be silent while their (fruits) students are unjustifiably tortured psychologically, financially and academically.
    Second, take note that the tabloid Law school of Tanzania excludes them in running day to day activities and determine the fate of their students. Why aren't you in the teaching staff? Can not you ask yourselves? Think and act
    Third, to oppose under-estimation of your universities as the faculty of law in making sure that university of Dar es salaam does not have legal mandate and moral authority to monopolize and control Law school of Tanzania

    First, we strongly condemn this faculty for dumping its graduates (2008) while it guaranteed them for Law school (Reference is made to 2004 Prospectus.
    Second, we strongly condemn the faculty's monopoly of Law school of Tanzania. Where do you get that mandate? Are you too perfect to be granted that mandate?
    Third, we strongly dispute this faculty's post of permanent member of the governing member (Reference is made to S. 15 (1) (d). UDSM shall not wait to be challenged but it should morally challenge itself concerning this matter.
    Fourth, we strongly condemn this faculty for engineering the establishment of law school. It is this trick which mislead the government and made it to act on that poor, unreasonable and unrealistic advice
    Fifth, we strongly condemn this faculty for reducing enrolment of students as from 300 to 100(2008 /2009 ) unjustifiably. Technically so that you can get ample time to deal with law school
    Sixth, we strongly condemn the faculty's unrealistic advice to the government as it has tarnished the image of this esteemed faculty.
    Seventh, we strongly recommend for maintenance of the Faculty's reputation by praying for public sorry for the injustice, inconveniences and unnecessary troubles the faculty brought to firstly, its 2008 graduates and secondly all other University law graduates.
    Eighth, we strongly advice the faculty to look for public interest as it previously did before its image was badly tarnished by the so called "Law school of Tanzania"
    Nineth, we strongly recommended to the faculty to learn from other institutions of its age and establish Law school of its own-For this matter good example can be Kenyatta, Nairobi universities etc.

    It is a shame that Tanganyika Law society is silent over this matter although it is fully informed. We hoped and expected TLS would have taken proper actions in condemning;

    (i) Unconstitutional provisions of the Law school of Tanzania Act, 2007
    (ii) Improper establishment and running of the so called Law school of Tanzania
    (iii) Improper monopolization of the so called law school of Tanzania by the University of Dar es salaam.
    (iv) Mishandling of law career by responsible organs, that is the Ministry of justice and constitution and the government itself.

    In respect to this we,
    (a) Urgently call for your concern on the matter.
    (b) Condemn you for not taking any action against this gross violation of Human Rights
    (c) Condemn you for your failure to advice the government positively on the matter.

    i. We urgently call for your assistance in opposing segregation that is continuously done by law school
    ii. We urgently call for your intervention in addressing this intolerable issue
    iii. We call for your moral, material support etc in fighting against this tabloid issue

    i. We call for Protection of the Constitution of Tanzania you took an oath allegiance to protect it in all circumstances.
    ii. We call for your immediate protection of Human rights that are violated under the auspicious of law school.
    iii. We call for an in-deep scrutiny of the way the law school is running its affairs and the unlawful benefits the Faculty of law University of Dar es salaam is earning leaving aside its staff benefits
    iv. We call for your overall concern over the governance and administration of the law school

    Copy to;
    1. Prime Minister
    2. Speaker, Parliament of Tanzania
    3. Chief Justice
    4. Minister, Justice and Constitution
    5. Attorney General
    6. Principal, Law School of Tanzania
    7. All Law Faculties in Tanzania
    8. Tanganyika Law Society
    9. European Union Embassy
    10. Tanzania Law Reform Commission
    11. The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance
    12. Human Rights and Activist NGO's
    13. Media Houses [/FONT]

    Law school students under the leadership of
    1. Nyembea Stanslaus

    2. Stephen Axwesso

    3. Mwakisu Bittony Henry

    4. Machere Suguta
  2. Kapinga

    Kapinga JF-Expert Member

    May 3, 2009
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    Kwa kweli hii institution bado haieleweki na nawaonea huruma ambao wanasoma saizi!! kuna ndugu na marafikiri walikuwa kwenye batch ya kwanza hadi sasa hakielweki kama ni advocates au la!
  3. Masanja

    Masanja JF-Expert Member

    May 3, 2009
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    Kama hii barua imeandikwa na graduates wa Chuo Kikuu waliosoma degree ya sheria basi watanzania matatizo yetu ni makubwa kuliko tunavyofikiria. Ukisoma hii barua unaona kabisa hawa vijana either hawajui tatizo liko wapi au kama wanalijua tatizo basi hawajui namna ya kufikisha ujumbe.

    1. Jamani unawezaje kuandika barua ya muhimu kama hii harafu unaiandika kama unataka kuituma kwa katibu tarafa? BARUA INAENDEKEZA MFUMO TEGEMEZI..KUFIKIRIA KWAMBA SERIKALI INATAKIWA KUKUFANYIA KILA KITU. Duh! Barua inalaumu tuuuu...Yaani nimesikitika. HAWA VIJANA WANAWEZA KUWA NA TATIZO LEGIT lakini..hata ningekuwa mimi niko ofisini..ningeiweka kwenye trash.

    2. BARUA imejaa hisia na emotions, ni rahisi kwa wahusika kuignore au hata kutoisoma. Ni ndefu sana bila mantiki.

    3. Kifupi the letter is terribly drafted. It has no substance in it. It unjustifiably vilifies UDSM as if wao ndo walijipa madaraka ya ku-host hiyo law school. Surely, wasomi wetu could do better. Sitaki kuamini kwamba hii barua ina reflect kada ya wasomi wanaograduate siku hizi. If thats the case, we are headed in a wrong, very wrong direction as the country. Hapa wala swala sio mpangilio mzima. Hawakuisoma tena kabla ya kuituma? Lawama nyingine zilikuwa hazifai hata kama zilikuwa kweli..lakini zilivyotolewa..utaona kabisa hawa one of the most unserious bunch of our fellow citizens.

    4. Walishindwa hata kufanya simple research wakajua Law school ni kitu gani? Mfano..Mzanzibar halazimishwi kwenda law school..ila yeye mwenyewe atalazimika kwenda kama ana aspirations za kufanya kazi TANZANIA bara au kwenye mashirika ya serikali (which might be in ZANZIBAR)..JAMANI yaani mnashindwa kuelewa vitu simple kama hivi? Leo Mtu wa New York..hawezi kuwa attorney Chicago bila kufanya bar exam ya Chicago..ingawa nchi ni ile ile.

    Harafu hawa ndo kesho unaambiwa wanakwenda kunegotiate mikataba na akina Barrick na Richmond huko London.. aise..ya Karamagi ina nafuu! Kwa mwendo huu tutauzwa kama taifa.

    I am dissapointed na hawa wasomi wetu. Kumbe tatizo la nchi yetu ni kubwa. No body is safe!
  4. WomanOfSubstance

    WomanOfSubstance JF-Expert Member

    May 3, 2009
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    The poor fellows have made their point.They feel that the new system is not friendly and that probably most of the would be "students" may fail to meet this important requirement.
    My worry is, their pleas and recommendations may not be given due attention.
  5. N-handsome

    N-handsome JF-Expert Member

    May 3, 2009
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    That is why always I keep on comment this, Tanzanian Law enforcers are dead and buried. Wamebaki wachache wa kuhesabu maana si unaona hata aliyekua AG AC na Mama M.Kejo maduduzi waliyoyafanya. Wako wapi new Mzee Shivji and Lakha?
  6. K

    Kudi Shauri Senior Member

    May 3, 2009
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    If the above letter was written by somebody with a first degree in law - then the quality of English language skills of our graduates is pathetic!
  7. Nyani Ngabu

    Nyani Ngabu Platinum Member

    May 3, 2009
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    What is the quality of your "English language skills"?
  8. P

    Petu Hapa JF-Expert Member

    May 3, 2009
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    Give the letter a break! Just look at the content for a change - financial support, admission procedures, the quality of training and accessibility, and field work- and of course the possibility of expansion.
  9. Yona F. Maro

    Yona F. Maro R I P

    May 3, 2009
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    Nimeongea na baadhi ya contacts za hapo chini wanasema hiyo barua ni ya siku nyingi kidogo na baadhi ya matakwa yao yameanza kutekelezwa
  10. Yona F. Maro

    Yona F. Maro R I P

    May 3, 2009
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    Samahani niliwapigia simu hao vijana hapo chini na kuwauliza zaidi kuhusu suala hilo ndio nikajibiwa hivyo hata nyie mkipiga simu mtaambiwa hivyo hivyo haswa hili suala la financial support
  11. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    May 3, 2009
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    Mkuu, mimi nilifikiri tunajadiri 'contents' kumbe jamaa unaangalia na 'form'. Moreover , give them a benefit of doubt. English Language is their 3rd language.
  12. Nyani Ngabu

    Nyani Ngabu Platinum Member

    May 3, 2009
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    Labda tumwuulize yeye angeiandikaje?
  13. J

    Jobo JF-Expert Member

    May 7, 2009
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    Nakubaliana na mwanaJF ambaye amekosoa barua hiyo! Ukisoma hiyo barua inaonyesha kuwa imeandaliwa na wanafunzi wa Law School wa mwaka huu! I do not want to believe so. Lawyers are trained and are supposed to work in the English language, give or take. It really disturbs when a letter supposed to be putting forward their grievances falls short of the minimum standards. The conclusions I get is, they have no genuine claims. Law school is geared at preparing a graduate to go to the market. It is a Post graduate course, so to speak. I do not see why candidates should cry foul if they are not sponsored by the government. This is a one time venture, sponsorship can come from anywhere, parents, friends, potential employers, banks etc. Mbona Watanzania tumezoea sana kulia dhidi ya serikali. Hivi kweli wote walioko law school hawana uwezo wa kulipa milioni moja na nusu kwa mwaka? Hivi si kweli kuwa some of them wametoka kwenye private universities ambapo wadhamini wao walikuwa wanawalipia fees hadi pale serikali kwa kiherehere ilipoamua kutoa mikopo kwa kila mtu, regardless of the school? Hivi si kweli kuwa baadhi ya hawa wanaolalamika leo ni wale ambao katika fomu za kuomba kujiunga na chuo walisema kuwa watajilipia? Kuna tatizo gani kwa mjumbe wa Bodi ya Wadhamini akatoka University of Dar es Salaam! Kwani pale anawakilisha mawazo ya UDSM au ya law faculties zote? kwa kweli nimeshindwa kupata mantiki ya barua hii.....
  14. Msanii

    Msanii JF-Expert Member

    May 7, 2009
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    wakuu sikilizeni
    naomba kudeclare interest kwanza. nina ndugu anasoma pale now.
    Mnajua kwa nini hawa vijana wameleta malalamiko haya? ni kwa kuwa hivi sasa kuna mgomo unaendelea pale DUCE na umetokana na wale waliokosa kulipiwa na bodi ya mikopo. nimefanya reseach yangu nimegundua kwamba wote waliokosa walijikomiti ktk fomu kwamba watajilipia au kulipiwa na wafadhili wao.
    vile vile wanawatishia wale ambao wanasoma ambao either wamejilipia au kulipiwa na wafadhili pamoja na wachache wanaolipiwa na bodi ya mikopo. Ni kwamba kosa la mikopo ndilo limeleta yote haya. Hii habari ilipaswa kuja mapema mno ili kufanyiwa ukina wa uchangiaji kwa kuboresha. Najiuliza je authority inasemaje kuhusu huu mgomo unaoendelea? na pia kwa nini wawazuie waliolipa ada wasisome?
  15. M

    Mbalamwezi JF-Expert Member

    May 7, 2009
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    Haya ya DUCE ni mapya zaidi, na hii barua ni ya siku nyingi. Serikali au watendaji fulani wamevuruga utaratibu, baada ya kugundulika kwamba kuna hata ambao waliji comitt kujilipia wenyewe/wazazi lakini wamekubaliwa kupewa mkopo, na wengine wameachwa, sasa imeamsha hisia kuwa kuna upendeleo tu hapo, maana hakuna vigezo muhumu vinavyofuatwa.

    Walihamasishwa kujaza fomu za kuomba mkopo three weks ago, hata baada ya wengine kuwa wamelipa ada, na wakapelekewa advocate pale DUCE akawapigia mihuri kwa sh 3,000 kila mtu...habu fikiria, kwa maslahi ya nani huyo advocate alifanya kazi hiyo? sh 3000 mara wanafunzi 300, advocate kapata sh ngapi, na huyo aliyemleta kapata mgao gani?

    Kwa sababu hii, wanafunzi wanaona basi wote waliiomba na wasioomba basi wapewe mkopo, maana ni mkopo na si msaada.

    Hata wale waliojilipia, kuna wenye hali ngumu na wanadhani kupataikana kwa habari za mikopo, ni ahueni kwao.

    Mgomo ili uwe effective ni lazima wote mgome, wakigoma baadhi tu huku wengine wakiingia class, kwa siku 3 mfululizo wanahesabiwa wamejifukuza shule. Ndiyo maana inahitaji support ya wote ili wafanikiwe.

    Na taarifa za baadhi ya maofisa zinasema pesa za hawa jamaa zipo, ila wanavizia tu muda wa kwenda field ufike ili watawanyike, maana hakutakuwa tena na wataokuja kuzidai wakati wako field mbali huko.

    Hii ni kwa mujibu wa watu niliozungumza nao.

    kwa hiyo masawali ni:

    1. Kwa nini waliwahamasisha wanafunzi hata wale ambao walikuwa wameshajilipia ada waombe mikopo?

    2. Kwa nini waliwashawawishi kwa kuwapelekea fomu za mikopo na advocate waliomchagua wao, na wakalipishwa sh 3,000 eti kwa mihuri tu kwa kila fomu?

    3. Ni vigezo gani vimetumika kukubali maombi ya wanafunzi ambao nao wamelipa ada in full na kuwanyima wengine?

    Inategemewa basi waliopewa mikopo wawe wale ambao hawajalipa, lakini sasa inaonekana ni majina fulani tu ndiyo yaliteuliwa kupewa mikopo...
  16. Msanii

    Msanii JF-Expert Member

    May 7, 2009
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    Baba Mbalamwezi!
    ni kwamba kwenye fomu za mikopo walijaza wote ila kuna kipengele muhimu hawakukitilia maanani wala kuuliza ndipo wakajifunga. Nadhani kama mwanasheria makini (LLB) ni budi kujiridhisha vipengele vyote vya mkataba kwa usahihi kabla hujaendelea kushughulika nao. kwenye kipengele cha kulipiwa wao walijaza majina na anauani za wale wanaowafadhili hivyo kujiondolea credibility. Na hii ndo ile alisema Mwakyembe kuwa uvivu wa kusoma ni balaa nchini. Hii nilifuatilia baada ya kugundua ndugu yangu kakosa mkopo na kujua kuna umyanda alifanya mahala.

    Humu kuna maadvocate ambapo wanajua gharama za mhuri wa wakili huwa si chini ya buku tano na hutegemea aina ya nyaraka maana hufika hata milioni (mhuri tu). hivyo buku tatu bado ni gharama za chini. uchukulie kwamba hawa wasomi wetu watakuja kuwa mawakili sidhani kama watakuwa na huduma za bure kwa watakaotaka service zao.
    ila undani wa suala hili wanajua zaidi wahusika kwani ndio wenye majibu muafaka. mie nilifanya uchunguzi wangut u kujua ukweli wa yanayohusu tashwishwi yangu.

    Ninachopinga ni kwamba kama kuna wanaogoma ni vyema wafanye hivyo kwa hiari yao na si kuwalazimisha wengine ambao wanaotaka kuendelea kusoma. hii ni dalili ya ubinafsi na ufisadi hapo baadae kuwa kila unachotaka wewe ndiyo huwa. na wakumbuke kuwa kama wanataka solidariti basi waheshimu haki za binadamu kwanza, kuna walemavu pale LST na hata wajawajizo ambao wanahitaji uangalizi wa kijamii na si vurugu. pia wajue wanapoharibu matirio za elimu wajue wanawazuia wajao nyuma wasipate fursa.
    Kama vipi wahairishe masomo ili waweze kutatua kadhia yao na kuwaacha wengine wasome. Aibu kubwa kwa medani ya sheria.

    Kwa taarifa nilizopata jikoni ni kwamba cohort iliyopita waliofaulu ni wawili tu. aibu tupu kwa wanachuo na uongozi mzima
  17. M

    Magobe T JF-Expert Member

    May 7, 2009
    Joined: Mar 19, 2008
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    The point is not the quality of language but what the letter says. I woudn't mind about grammar but the issues the law students are raising.
  18. T

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    leo hii mtu wa newyork hawezi kuwa attorney chikago bila kufanya bar exam ya chikago...kaka unaelewa lakini maana ya bar exam na law school au umekurupuka tu kukosoa barua,nani alikwambia bongo mtu anaweza kuwa advocate bila kufanya bar exam? law sch imereplace bar exam ila kinacho gomba utaratibu mzima wa uanzishaji wa law sch ndio m'bovu,hata hivyo the law sch Act inavipengele ambavyo ni very suala la wewe kukosoa english iliyotumika inaonesha ni kiasi gani ulivyokuwa conservative, badilika kaka

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    its true we expect lawyers to have good grammer but in the present context thats immaterial!!
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    If you knew anything about the law and the fact that even words that are correctly utilized can be a cause for great controversy and ambiguity. It is paramount that one have a good command of language to be able to practice and do it WELL. I'm a lawyer and trust me its all about words. It may not be their fault but the fact remains.