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kwa wale wenye tatizo la kuwahi na misuli kulegea ya uume

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by kasimba123, Aug 19, 2010.

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    kasimba123 JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    katika kuperuzi kwangu kwenye net nafikiri hii itakusaidia maana usije wekewa dogostyle ukigusa tu hola kama kuku

    Controlling ejaculation is a huge issue for many men, one that they are often too embarrassed to bring up. How do I control myself? How can I last longer, be firmer and do better? The answer is working out your pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles, by doing Kegel exercises for men.

    PC muscles control the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation. They are important, and if kept very strong, will see you into your golden years with a fantastical hard on. The great thing about Kegel exercises for men is that you can do them anywhere, anytime—and nobody will know the difference.

    You will be able to have better sex by being able to better control your orgasms and ejaculations, and last for longer, plus you may get the added kudos of being able to hold up a wet towel with your erection if you practice these Kegel exercises for men

    How do I know where my PC muscles are?

    The easiest way to find them is to stop your flow of urine next time you go to the bathroom. Another way to isolate them is to put your finger inside your anus; when you contract the right muscles, your anus will tighten. However you decide to find them, once they are found you need to practice feeling exactly where they are located—it is easy to overcompensate for weak muscles by using the abdominals, buttocks or thighs. These must all stay relaxed when doing Kegel exercises for men.

    When can I do Kegels?

    You can do Kegel exercises for men anytime, anywhere; there are very few places you can’t practice this. It is not recommended, however, to do these exercises when you are trying to concentrate on something else, as you may find yourself quite distracted. A great place to do them is on the couch in front of the TV or while stuck at traffic lights.

    How will I know when something is happening?

    You will know because you will be able to feel it, and so will your lover. A harder penis, better control and longer lasting sex are all benefits of having strong PC muscles. There is absolutely no excuse for not having these important sexual muscles in excellent working order. If you have trouble with premature ejaculation, try these exercises before you head to the pharmacy or your health professional.

    What not to do

    Don’t overdo it. It is often tempting to throw yourself into something head on, especially when it means better sex. However, as with any other muscle you are working out, you need to give it some time to heal between sessions. This means regular rests and not overdoing it. If you follow the exercise schedule as you see fit, you should soon be great—listen to your body. It knows what it’s talking about!

    Don’t use any other muscle during the exercises. It is sometimes difficult to isolate the PC muscles, especially if they are weak. Be aware of what you are doing, and if you feel like you are contracting any other muscles (mainly abdominals and thighs), then you need to relax and start again. Just remember that it might take a few weeks to build up some strength. Keep at it.

    Kegels for women

    Everyone can do these exercises, and they improve sex for everyone. If you and your partner do these exercises, you will both see and feel the difference within weeks. Women will have more intense orgasms and be able to “squeeze” your penis while it’s inside her.

    Testing it

    You can do a little sexual experiment with her by resting your erection inside of her vagina, but not thrusting. Both of you can flex your PC muscles—this stimulates her G-spot, and tickles you too. This is a fun way to test your progress.

    kegel kopulation

    Your sexual virility is dependent on many factors. Most of these you can control—eating nutritious food, exercising regularly and keeping your prostate healthy. Since your PC muscle is so important to the function of your sexuality, it pays to keep it in good working order. Now you have the means, there’s no room for excuses.

    Now, on to the daily Kegel exercises for men.

    Note: These exercises are done hands-free. You do not “squeeze” anything with your hands as they are all done with your PC muscles.

    kegel session 1

    Exercise A
    Sets: 3
    Quickly clench and release repeatedly for 10 seconds.

    Take a 10-second break between sets.

    Exercise B
    Sets: 10
    Clench and release repeatedly for 5 seconds.

    Take a 5-second break between sets.

    Exercise C
    Sets: 3
    Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 30 seconds.

    Take a 30 second break between sets.

    That’s it for today, but repeat these Kegel exercises for men daily for one week.

    kegel session 2

    Exercise A
    Sets: 10
    Clench and hold your PC muscle for 5 seconds.

    Release and repeat.

    Exercise B
    Sets: 3
    Quickly clench and release your PC muscle 10 times.

    Exercise C
    Sets: 3
    Clench and release your PC muscle alternatively in long and short bursts for counts of 10.

    Exercise D
    Sets: 1
    Tighten your PC muscle and hold for as long as you can. Aim for 2 minutes.

    You can do the session 2 Kegel exercises for men for a week; however, feel free to progress if you feel you are strong enough. Remember that these are strengthening exercises, so start off slowly and build up, just like you would with any other muscle.

    hehehe kazi kwenu kakana wadogo zangu nakumbuka hii nilifundishwaga enzi zile kwenye jando jinsi ya kuchelewa kufika kileleni kumbe kwenye net pia ipo nimeikuta hii sehemu nikaona sio mbaya nikaiweka hapa

    Sahau maelezo yote hapo juu kifupi ni kwamba
    1. wakati utakapoende kukujoa jaribu kuuzuia mkojo hicho kitendo huwa kinabana misuli inayoitwa PC muscles

    2. Bana misuli hii na kuachia(kama vile unazuia mkojo na kuuachia) kwa mara kumi katika mara ya kumi(ukibana na kuachia hesabu moja ukibana tena na kuachia hesabu mbili,3,4.......,9,10) mara yakumi bana bila kuachia kwa sekunde 10 halafu achia na upumzike kwa sekunde 5 hii itakuwa seti ya kwanza

    3. rudia tena kwa seti ya pili kama ulivyo fanya kwa seti ya kwanza halafu ukifika kumi bana bila kuachia kwa secunde 20 kukamilisha seti ya 2.

    rudia tena kwa seti ya tatu kama ulivyo fanya kwa seti ya kwanza halafu ukifika kumi bana bila kuachia kwa secunde 25 kukamilisha seti ya 3

    kwa siku moja fanya mara 3 na kila mara moja fanya seti zote tatu kama ilivyoonyeshwa hatua 1-4 hapo juu waweza kuongeza muda wa kubana kila ukifika 10 kwamfano sekunde 10,15,20,25,30.... Jinsi unavyobana kwa muda mrefu ndio vizuri zaidi

    Hapa ni home work na1 na namba 2

    Your Homework 1
    (making your penis harder)

    1. Train you PC muscle. Do 3 sets of 10 reps and hold for at least 10 seconds on the 10th rep. Do this 1 to 3 times everyday, but at least once a day. It is now part of your daily routine. Tip: Have fun with it, nobody knows when you are training your PC muscle.

    For treating premature ejaculation

    2. Build up your arousal slowly. Practice a few times this week to last at least 20 minutes while masturbating. Take the time to focus on you and your sensations. Pay attention to your arousal level and be aware of the different stages (from 1 to 100). Try to slow down using your breathing and your PC muscle.

    Your Homework2
    (for treating premature ejaculation cont..)

    1. Practice the stopping technique. Alone or with your partner, stop the stimulation to decrease your arousal. You have two goals, stop closer and closer to your orgasm and stop for a shorter and shorter amount of time.

    2. Practice to breath deeply. Take a few deep breaths that comes from the belly and concentrate on your breathing to decrease your arousal level and last longer. It really works.
    3. Try to incorporate PC muscle contractions. Practice ”hitting the breaks” by squeezing your PC muscle. This is all about timing. At first, too soon is better than too late.

  2. k

    kasimba123 JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    vile vile wakati ukienda kukojoa katikati ya kukojoa pale unapotoka kwa wingi jitahidi kuukata usiendelee kutoka fanya hivi walau mara mbili kwa siku
  3. funzadume

    funzadume JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    elimu dunia
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    Dick JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    Vizuri kwa post hii, lakini lugha ni kikwazo kwa wengi. Tafsiri kwa kiwahili ili wengi wetu wafaidi ndoa zao.:playball:
  5. k

    kasimba123 JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2010
    Joined: Apr 18, 2010
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    nimekupata ndugu nitajitahidi kuifasiri hiyo homework nafikiri maelezo yote huko juu nimeyafupisha kwa kiswahili hapo ili kurahisisha labda hiyo homework1 na 2
  6. The Finest

    The Finest JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    Hii imetulia
  7. Mnyalu Junior

    Mnyalu Junior JF-Expert Member

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