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Kwa mitazamo hii... ni dhahili kilio cha watz chasikika duniani kote

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Ribyata 2010, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Ribyata 2010 Member

    Dec 30, 2010
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    katika pita pita yangu,,,,,,. nimekutana na artical hii ya kimtazamo, imenigusa , nikaona niilete humu jamvini, kwani tunaweza kupata mawazo zaidi, kwani tunakoelekea ni kugumu zaidi....

    “Stakeholders in energy sector in Tanzania becoming unpredictable, set agenda for 2015 election will affect Tanzanian, and the poverty level might rise twice if there are no immediate experts Approach on the crisis”.
    Lets me start by saying that I DON’T think the Tanzanian energy sector in the year did very well. The consecutive years by then were not particularly good ones for the energy industry, the prices of internal commodities at the market level increased due to lack of power supply (oil and gas). We have great problems in the quantities of electricity required in Tanzania, and we have been told about the country to be in darkness so far…., from there we experienced a lot of unfaithfully projects approved by the Government to uplift the electricity crisis (RICHMOND, IPTL DOWANS scandals)

    As the matter of fact these years were a very difficult ones for the energy industry, this means that it’s pertinent to find lasting solutions to some problems militating against the progress of the energy sector, particularly the corruption scandals faced Tanzania but smooth operations could have a place in the Energy industry which is the key to Economic growth in Tanzania

    As part of government drive to achieve GAS reserve at Songosongo. Mnazi bei and Mkulanga and production capacity of Million M3 of Gas per day increased according to statistical data, but Consequently in resents years, there are number of Gas blocks reserve have been discovering with maximum potential to terminate the energy crisis which continue to face Tanzania in any time, but the question behind is how we benefits from our energy resources? While we have a great potential of Hydrocarbon deposition and meanwhile production of gas continue in some area
    The 2010 General election, which held in end of October, actually positively affected the participation and awareness of people on Government activities before and after election, the globalization on the wiki-leaks cable faced on US and GoT relation apathy and apprehension drawback the level of participation in corruption scandals taken place in resents years, the credibility of the exercise in terms of transparency and due process not came to the fore after the change of government mandates. People now, are aware about what was going on in Tanzania. Nothing to hide.

    With the NO change of Energy sector System. The government appointed the same ministers for the re-christened Ministry of Minerals and Energy Resources. The status of the gas sub-sector and electricity cost announced to be raised starting this January 2011, I expect will affect the lives of many. From my view, I expect also the Oil import revenue will be increased, and that we will face the catastrophic events on the economy of Tanzania despite the sounded figure on Economy expected to be announced on the coming 2011/12 Budget. Tanzanian must be ready to accept the result of this crisis if there is no immediately response with the new experts’ approaches and keep aside the political ambitions from our Politian’s.

    As a result of these shortcomings, experts believed that 2010, and recent years posed greatest challenges to the nation’s Energy industry as enumerated above. Despite Tanzania’s ratings as the highest on production and exploration of Gas among East African states, the sector is yet to have a phenomenal impact on the developmental growth of the country, which often made stakeholders hinge their review of the sector on its impact on the local economy. So what’s going on in ministry concerned?

    As for the expectations for the New Year 2011 and the bottlenecks that need urgent attention following the currently unending comments from major stakeholders in the Energy industry in Tanzania, it will be seen that the year may be viewed as a bleak year for the industry because of the continued crises in Tanzanians electricity with slowly improvement and the inability of expert approach on alternative source of energy to meet the challenge we have .
    The year 2011 for the Tanzanian Energy sector will be a mixed-blessing in the sense that this is the year that oil price at the international market rallied to $ 85 per barrel as well as increase in Gas price globally, So I won’t say that we took the advantage of the rise in the international market because of the political problem among the global producer members, but we are going to get to a level where we going to witness mass kidnapping of our own hydrocarbon potentials by few Tanzanians based on Corrupt agreements and leave people suffer due to hunger and lack of sufficient medicine in our local hospitals , for so long.

    The new year is going to be a challenge year for the government because it would want to set its agenda straight to the people due to some inconsistency in terms of policy decision taken by the previous year’s which culminated into a setback for the energy industry.
    The task before the Government will be on how to harness gas because we have been hearing it that we are blessed with a lot of gas so we would want to know the way forward this time around whether the government would find the balancing equation on the effective distribution of gas. I know that there are some ongoing projects in the country that would require gas to power the plants. Just as the need also arises that the government would want to start the exportation of the associated gas to the nearby countries. This year 2011 would truly determine whether we have abundance of gas in place for selling.
    The government owes it to Tanzanians properly to make product availability as part of the maximization of the economic benefits of the industry which government set out to do.
    Another major challenge will be is on how to restore peace and trust back among citizens and the Governments, following the calling for new constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania after election. By having new constitutions it will make us move forward as a great nation especially review the energy sector. There must be a forum whereby the Government must accommodate everybody and put resources together for the restoration of peace in this coming hard time. Vividly speaking, I would say that this is only area that government can made some immense benefits in terms of using the local people in the constitutions forum to ensure that domesticated locally participated are transparently as the matter of fact putting the political ambitions aside but building the Nation and Unite People.

    The matter of fact is, a lot still needs to be done to actually develop the sectors to Tanzanians standards and that can only be achieved if it’s handed over solely to the private sector, but, except the government hands-off running of the sector and perform just unfaithfully monitoring function, the sector will still remain the same even by December 2011. I don’t see anything on ground to suggest that by December 2011 there will be uninterrupted electricity; I don’t see anything on ground to show that by December 31, 2011 gas distributions to local industries and domestic uses would be uninterrupted to replace electrical energy. I see a lot of statement of intentions from the ministry, “Political game will continue”
    I think, the target is just set as a challenge, it does not matter that we reach the exact figure as the minister announced few week ago, but all we need is to ensure that we progress drastically in the initiative. We among other indigenous players have benefited from the agenda ahead on “energy crisis in Tanzania”, although it does not meet our expectations but I believe it is a gradual process. So we have to stop it, for those who are irresponsible in their areas, better to step down for safe seek of our Nation.

    In my conclusion: Since year 1990, a number of blocks have been awarded to prospective license to explored oil and gas in offshore-inshore Tanzania .Apart from similar exercise in 2005 and 2008 to date , a mini bid round was also conducted which was specifically designed to encourage more into the upstream sector but more importantly to also develop the downstream infrastructures. These infrastructures include refineries, railways, pipelines, and power stations among other facilities. This attempt made an in root for the Asian, Norwegian, Brazilian, French, USA and Canadian companies invested into oil and gas industry in Tanzania hydrocarbon potential.

    But, as we Tanzanians, this is our moment; this is our time to review the benefit of these foreign companies to the development of Tanzania communities

    Source: BAKLON OIL -n- GAS FORUM.
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    mzambia JF-Expert Member

    Jan 3, 2011
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    Na bado na chadema walivyosusia hotuba bado ni kielelezo kuwa dunia itambue
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    mzambia JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2011
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    Hata machozi yakitoka hakuna kusikika wala nini tz inajua kuwaziba midomo wahisani