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Kwa hisani ya undp-uchaguzi 2010

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by Njowepo, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Oct 30, 2010
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    The Election Support Project 2010

    The United Nations in Tanzania is helping to prepare for free, fair and credible Parliamentary and Presidential elections in 2010.
    Why? This support is in response to requests from the Union and Zanzibar governments of Tanzania to help meet the technical needs of the elections.
    What? These technical needs include equipment, training and expert advice (national and international). Support has also been requested for voter education and voter registration over the coming year, media training, and election observation in 2010 by NGOs and others.
    Who? The main partners for United Nations assistance are the two official election management agencies: the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC). The assistance provided through the Commissions will enable them to better plan, prepare, conduct, manage and supervise the elections in 2010 and in the future. Other partners will include NGOs, political parties, the media, and women’s networks who will help with voter education. Voter education will focus on women, people living with disabilities and marginalized groups to raise awareness of the right to vote including how and where to vote
    Where? The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is organizing and managing this support with an Election Support Project.
    When? The project was officially launched on June 15, 2009 and will run through 2010
    How? Funding is pledged by Canada, Denmark, European Commission, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and UNDP. The project oversight committee will include the United Nations, NEC, ZEC, government, donors and NGOs. Along with current technical assistance for free and fair elections, the goal of the UNDP Election Support Project in Tanzania is to help build the capacities of the election Commissions (NEC and ZEC), NGOs and others to enable entirely nationally supported free and fair elections in the future.
    UNDP has organized more than 100 Election Support Projects in countries around the world.

    Project Document signed on 15th June 2009. This is a two year project.
    Start date: 2009
    End date: 2011

    Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar
    UNDP Officer
    Nora Pendaeli
    United Nations Development Programme
    Msimbazi Creek
    Plot 134-140 Kingsway Road/
    Mafinga Street (Off Kinondoni Road)
    P.O. Box 9182,
    Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
    Tel: (+255-22) 2199201-9 (General lines)
    Fax: (+255-22) 2668749

    Outputs, Targets,Out Comes, Objectives
    The Main objectives
    • Strengthened democratic structures and systems of good governance and the application of human rights
    • Strengthened political, parliamentary and electoral systems that enhance effective participation and representation, bearing in mind gender consideration, and greater political tolerance, oversight and credible elections
    The Main outcomes
    • Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) able to plan and manage the electoral process effectively,
    • Voter education initiatives mobilized to ensure that voters, particularly women and marginalized groups, are educated on the registration and voting process in time to vote
    • Political parties able to contribute to ensuring the transparency of voter registration, monitoring of the elections events, effective election conflict resolution, and to support female candidates
    • Key print, radio and TV media publishers and journalists are able to report transparently and without bias on the electoral process
    • Key civil society networks and specialized organizations supported to enhance participation and promote fairness in the electoral process
    • Electoral Management Bodies supported with capacity and resources to effectively coordinate Elections Observation missions
    • Electoral Management Bodies and other key stakeholders supported in the promotion of a secure and peaceful environment during the electoral process

    Project Document
    Click here for the Project Document (in PDf-format)
    Corporate Thematic Area
    The project is within the Democratic Governance thematic area. Human rights and gender are considered cross cutting themes most prevalent in this program.

    Key Responsible Parties
    The National Electoral Commission (NEC)
    The Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC)

    Other Participating Parties
    political parties
    The media and
    women’s networks

    Major sources of funding (over $100,000)
    UNDP/ Regular : $1,000,000
    DFID/UK : $9,833,000
    Sweden : $6,500,000
    EC : $3,800,000
    Finland : $2,800,000
    Netherlands : $1,000,000
    Denmark : $1,000,000
    Norway : $1,000,000
    Switzerland : $1,000,000

    If this is the case NEC wanashindwaje kuwalipa mawakala wakati ela ya wahisani ipo?
    UNDP hamjaliona ili la kuwalipa mawakala?