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Kuna siasa gani katika mradi wa gasi?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Geza Ulole, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Geza Ulole

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    Aug 16, 2011
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    From DAILY NEWS Reporters in Dodoma

    THE government is considering construction of more natural gas filling stations in a bid to encourage more people to convert their cars to use gas as an alternative source of energy.

    The Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr Adam Malima, told the National Assembly here on Monday that only one filling station has so far been constructed at Ubungo in Dar es Salaam.

    Mr Malima was responding to a question asked by MP for Muheza, Mr Herbert Mntangi (CCM), who wanted to know the government's plans in the implementation of a project on conversion of car systems from petrol to natural gas.

    "Earlier plans were to have a few filling stations which would act as models, but since 2008 only one filling station with the capacity to refill about 200 cars a day has been constructed at Ubungo, we need to have more filling stations to encourage car owners convert to the new technology," he said.

    Mr Malima noted that the government would like to see more people converting their cars to use natural gas as the technology is believed to be less expensive and environmentally friendly.

    He, however, noted that until now, only 36 cars in the country have been converted to use natural gas, saying the trend calls for more sensitization.

    "It costs over 1m/- to convert a car to use natural gas, this cost is high to many but a low momentum in the marketing activities to promote this system is also responsible for poor response from car owners," he said.

    In his supplementary question, Mr Mtangi noted that there is a serious lack of information over the advantages of converting cars to use natural gas. He urged the government to tackle the challenge through its agencies.

    He also asked the government to consider using its own companies to supply natural gas to increase efficiency.

    "The time has come when the government should consider using some of its companies such as the Gas Supply Company (GASCO), which was established some ten years ago but has remained redundant," he said.
    Daily News | Natural gas filling stations in the offing

    [h=1]Tanzania inflation jumps, upward momentum seen[/h] Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:37pm GMT

    By Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala
    DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania's inflation rose for the ninth successive month in July on the back of higher food and energy costs and analysts said it was set to keep rising due to a poor supply outlook for staple foods and the cost of importing oil.

    The year-on-year inflation rate jumped to 13 percent in July from 10.90 percent in the previous month, the statistics office said.
    Inflation in east Africa is driven by the weather because food carries significant weighting in consumer price baskets. The region relies heavily on rain-fed agriculture and drought in the past few years has hit supplies.
    Food and non-alcoholic beverages have a 47.8 percent weight in Tanzania's basket of goods used to measure inflation. It was cut from 55.9 percent in October in an overhaul of the calculation methodology.
    "If they didn't rebase the method of calculating the inflation rate, we would be somewhere near a 20 percent inflation rate right now," said Humphrey Moshi, professor of economics at the University of Dar es Salaam.
    Food prices increased by 15.9 percent after an increase of 12.3 percent in June, pushed up by prices of rice, white maize grain, maize flour, wheat flour, beef, fruit and sugar.
    "The food situation in neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Somalia is bad because of drought. This adverse situation in the region will put a strain on the overall food supply in Tanzania," said Moshi.
    The annual inflation rate for energy increased to 34.2 percent in July from 29.0 percent in June amid chronic power shortages in the country.
    "The outlook is not so good ... Food prices historically peak in January-February before the next harvest season begins, its worrying that food prices have started to rise very early," Bohela Lunogelo, executive director of the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF), a Tanzanian think-tank, told Reuters.
    The annual non-food inflation rate rose 7.4 percent in July from 7.2 percent a month earlier.
    Items in this category whose prices rose in July were clothing material, petrol, diesel, kerosene, household textiles, household appliances, charcoal, passenger transport, internet services and accommodation services.
    Analysts said apart from the risk of higher food and fuel prices, imported inflation from a weakening currency was a key factor.
    "We have a very import-dependent economy and exports account for just half of our import needs. There is imported inflation from oil and other imports," said Moshi.
    The shilling currency has been easing steadily against the dollar since the start of the year. Over the last five years the unit has depreciated by 20 percent.
    "Even if oil prices stop rising at the world market, we still have a problem of foreign exchange because of the weak shilling," he said.

    Tanzania inflation jumps, upward momentum seen | Reuters.com

    My Take:
    Hatuihitaji kuwa na degree kuelewa umuhimu wa gasi kutumika katika magari au kama mbadala wa oil, hapa kuna vitu viwili vimeongelewa; cha kwanza mfumuko wa bei na cha pili ni serikali kukosa u-serious kuhimiza matumizi ya gasi yaani miaka mitatu tangu gesi ianze kutumiwa kuna kituo kimoja tu cha huduma hiyo na gharama ya kubadili gari kuweza kutumia gasi (flexor system) ni 1 mio. Je tujiulize aliyepewa tenda ya kusambaza gasi ana uwezo? na je alipata vipi tenda hiyo au ndo yale mambo ya Pan Africa energy co. kuwa inamilikiwa na vigogo wasio na mtaji wa kutosha? na mbona wasipewe makampuni tofauti kuweka ushindani? na hiyo gharama ya millioni moja kwa nini serikali isi-subsidize maana itasaidia sana uchumi wa nchi kama tukipunguza kutegemea mafuta toka nje? Wachumi wetu wako wapi jamani? Kenya kila siku inatubembeleza kujenga bomba la mafuta kwenda Mombasa maana wanajua umuhimu wa gesi! cha ajabu wakuu wamekataa wanasema ati mpk tusambaze kwanza nchini! sasa kwa mwendo huu sijui ni lini tutawapelekea? wakati huo huo kuna uwezekano mkubwa wa Uganda na South Sudan kugundua gesi! Nathani tutadodewa na hii gesi kwa Ujuha na ubinafsi wa viongozi wetu! viongozi wetu ni pain in the...