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Kulikoni: Serikali yetu na Dual Citizenship - Haieleweki..!!!!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by S. S. Phares, Jul 5, 2010.

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    S. S. Phares JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Waziri Masha (Mambo ya Ndani) amesema hivi bungeni, angalia kwenye maandishi ya rangi nyekundu.

    Fifty Tanzanians renounce nationality

    By Polycarp Machira

    4th July 2010

    Some 52 Tanzanians renounced their citizenship and acquired foreign nationality in 2009/2010 as the national laws do not allow dual citizenship, The Guardian on Sunday has learnt.
    Records from the ministry of Home Affairs indicates that these are among the citizens who were granted nationality in Kenya, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Zambia, England, Australia, Namibia, Sweden and Singapore.

    The Citizenship of Tanzania Amendment Act No. 6 of 1995 prohibits dual and/or multiple citizenship and the time and manner to renounce foreign citizenship (in the case of a person with dual citizenship).

    Minister for Home Affairs, Lawrence Masha recently told Parliament that the government had decided it was not the right time for dual citizenship and was working on the possibility to establish permanent residency. He said a cabinet paper had been prepared and would be tabled in Parliament for debate. “It is not the right time for the nation to allow dual citizenship, the government looks forward to introduce permanent residency instead of the dual citizenship,” said Masha.

    The minister however acknowledged that there were many Tanzanians in Diaspora who need to contribute to the development of the nation but the law still hinders dual citizenship.

    “The country needs the Diaspora as much as they need the country, more so as their number continues to swell. This human capital factor is unobjectionable,” he observed.

    But the government has on several occasions unequivocally recognised Tanzanians in the Diaspora as among the country's economic development stakeholders, promising to support and facilitate their stay and return from abroad. According to records from the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Diaspora community continues to contribute significantly to the national budget. Last year, the official Diaspora remittances were estimated at $14 million (about Sh20.7bn). This figure was indicated in this year's national budget.

    Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Benard Membe told this paper that the Diaspora community is ready to support the country, adding that the issue of dual citizenship would not affect them so much ''Tanzanians in Diaspora should be prepared to serve as agents of the national image abroad,'' he said, adding that the government would continue improving communication with those living abroad.

    He said the ministry resolved to continue sensitizing people to dispel beliefs that migration is negative and to build capacity on how to effectively tap for the Tanzanian Diasporas.

    The minister noted that the major challenge for Tanzanian Diaspora was development of a database which would make it possible to know the number of Tanzanians living in the Diaspora. ''We need to know where they are located and what they are doing, how they can contribute to the country's development and of course what their needs are,'' he said.

    The ministry has been encouraging Tanzanians traveling abroad to register and keep updating their personal details at the country's diplomatic missions. ''We also plan to engage other organisations that work with migrants such as the World Bank, Intentional Organisation for Migration (IOM) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), who have expressed support on this,'' he explained.

    Membe noted that the recently formed Tanzanian Association in the UK has started developing a shared online database.


    Kwenye taarifa ya Gazeti hili hili linamnukuu Waziri Membe (Mambo ya Nje) naye akisema kinyume kabisa na alivyosema Waziri Masha (Mambo ya Ndani) hapo juu...wote wamesema haya wakiwa Bungeni..!!!

    Govt considers legalising dual citizenship

    By Rodgers Luhwago

    4th July 2010

    The government is in the process to draft a bill to enact a law to legalise dual citizenship for Tanzanians in Diaspora.

    Presenting the 2010/2011 budget speech for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation yesterday in Parliament Minister Bernad Membe said the draft would in future be tabled before the cabinet for deliberation.

    However, failure by the government to give a time frame annoyed the opposition camp that has been pushing for the agenda.

    Presenting the opposition camp’s views on the budget speech, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Khalifa Suleiman Khalifa (CUF- Gando) said: “We, in the opposition camp for a long time, have been trumpeting for dual citizenship, including telling how the nation is going tobenefit from it but the government appears to drag its feet,” said Khalifa.

    Khalifa said there are Tanzanians who have acquired citizenship of other countries but would like to participate fully in developing our nation by engaging them in economic activities such a doing business.
    Explaining, Membe said his ministry is in the process of registering community organizations of Tanzanians in Diaspora. He said the process is done through ordering Tanzania’s embassies to identify Tanzanians living in the respective countries.

    He said the Diaspora have positively received the ministry’s plea of forming community organizations, including strengthening the existing ones. Giving an example, Membe said Tanzanians living in Kenya and Rwanda have revived their organisations.

    Membe also told the House that in 2009/2010 the ministry initiated the process that aims at purchasing a building in New York for setting up the embassy building. Until now a total of Sh13.522 billion has been transferred to New York as advance payment. He said the ministry is also negotiating with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to finance construction of buildings in London, Nairobi, Maputo, Abuja and Kigali.

    Membe told the House that the procurement process of the building that would be used as office as well as investment in Washington has been completed.

    According to the minister, the government had started owning buildings as measures to cut down expenses since rental fees for buildings abroad was very high.

    The minister also informed MPs that the construction of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre in Dar es Salaam has started. According to the minister, the project is implemented by Fujian Construction Engineering Group Ltd appointed by the Chinese government. The project is expected to be completed in two years.

    Meanwhile, legislators have blamed the government for delaying disbursement of money to its embassies abroad, saying the problem had caused difficult life for embassy staff. Dr Raphael Chegen i(CCM- Busega) was among the MPs who raised the concern, claiming that officers in some of Tanzania’s embassies have been forced to take money out of their pockets to finance office operations.

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    S. S. Phares JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Presenting the 2010/2011 budget speech for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation yesterday in Parliament Minister Bernad Membe said "the draft would in future be tabled before the cabinet for deliberation".

    Wadau wa UK mliohudhuria TZ Diaspora Conference London mwaka huu mtakumbuka tuliambiwa na Waziri kuwa Cabinet imeshapitisha huu muswada na kilichobakia ni kuuwasilisha Bungeni ili wabunge waujadili na kuupitisha au kuupinga.

    Kauli hii ya Membe inatuhabarisha kuwa hata baraza la Mawaziri bado hawajapitisha huu muswada. Ndio kuna mipango ya kuuwasilisha kwenye baraza la mawaziri!!

  3. M

    Mtanzania JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Hili suala wanatudanganya maana tokea enzi za BWM mpaka leo kila mwaka wanatuambia inakuja halafu kimya!!!!

    Kuna waheshimiwa wanasema kile ambacho watu wengi tungelipenda kukisikia hata kama sio ukweli na hilo sio jambo zuri kabisa.
  4. S

    S. S. Phares JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
    Joined: Nov 27, 2006
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    Siasa za aina hii zimepitwa na wakati kweli kweli..sijui Serikali inaogopa nini kusema hili linawezekana lifanyike au haiwezekani lisifanyike Watanzania wafahamu kimoja...tuendelee na mijadala mingine.
  5. M

    Mdondoaji JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Hiyo inaitwa beat around the bush!!!
  6. Richard

    Richard JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Suala la uraia wa nchi mbili linasumbua au litasumbua akili za watu endapo hakutapatikana suluhisho la pamoja.

    Nionavyo mimi ni kwamba wale ambao walipata uraia wa nchi nyingine na wana uhusiano wa moja kwa moja au na Tanzania inapaswa waruhusiwe kuwa na uraia wa Tanzania na nchi hiyo ya kigeni lakini passport ya Tanzania iwe ikitumika kuingia Tanzania na kutoka nayo na wawe wanajulikana wazi kama anavyofikiria mheshimiwa Membe.

    Passport ya nchi ambayo wao ni raia watakuwa wakitumia katika nchi hiyo na eneo walilopo. Kwa mfano mtu ana passport ya UK anaweza kuitumia pasi hiyo kusafiria ndani ya eneo la uchumi la Ulaya tu lakini akitaka kwenda Tanzania inabidi abebe pasi hiyo lakini anapofika uwanjani Dar basi inatazamwa pasi ya TZ.

    Inajulikana kwamba suala hili ni zito na linahusu maslahi ya taifa lakini likitazamwa kwa mapana litatupatia jibu sahihi.

    Database ni muhimu kwa kuwa taarifa za watanzania wote zitaweza kuhifadhiwa mahali pamoja na kuweza kupatikana mara moja pale zinapohitajika lakini je vipi kuhusu usalama wa taarifa hizo dhidi ya wahujumu?

    Kibali cha ukaazi wa kudumu (permanent residency) sio wazo baya.
  7. Kiranga

    Kiranga JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Mawaziri wawili wa serikali moja wanatoa kauli tofauti.

    RRONDO JF-Expert Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    mkuu hivo ndivyo watu wanavyofanya hadi kesho...........
  9. M

    Mutu JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2010
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    Kuna tatizo gani wakipitisha dual citizenship?
  10. Rufiji

    Rufiji JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2010
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    Hili suala limejaa siasa wakati ni suala la kimaslahi zaidi. Nchi zingine zinazounda jumuia ya EAC zimebadili katiba zao kuruhusu dual citizenship. Kenya wao wako katika mchakato wa kupitisha katiba mpya , ambapo dual citizenship pia itapitishwa. Kwa maana hiyo basi, kwa kuwa nchi hizi ni wanachama wa hizi jumuia wananchi wake walioko nje wenye uraia wa nchi nyingine watakuwa wanaenjoy benefits nyingi ndani ya TANZANIA, kama wanachama wa EAC kuliko watanzania walioko nje.
  11. Semilong

    Semilong JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2010
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    kevin prince-boateng

    yaani nchi kama ghana haya mambo ya dual citi ni ya siku nyingi sana kwao lakini sisi waTZ bado tuna chuki na wenzetu walio nje ya nchi....
  12. Ngambo Ngali

    Ngambo Ngali JF-Expert Member

    Jul 7, 2010
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  13. Mlalahoi

    Mlalahoi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 7, 2010
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    Nadhani Membe angependa kuona suala hili likitimia lakini kwa vile yeye ni mzembe kama walivyo mawaziri wengine wa serikali ya JK anaendelea kuleta porojo tu.Kwa upande mwingine,Masha anaonekana bayana kuwa ni mpinzani wa wazo hili.Bosi wao JK yuko busy na kutoa ahadi moja baada ya nyingine na ataanza kuzitekeleza baada ya kustaafu (kama atafika huko).Kutegemea lolote kutoka kwa timu ya wababaishaji kama hawa ni kupoteza muda tu.

    Cha kusikitisha,wakija London kwenye ziara zao bado kuna wenzetu wenye akili zao timamu wanafunga safari kwenda kusikiliza porojo zao.
  14. C

    Choveki JF-Expert Member

    Jul 8, 2010
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  15. O

    Ogah JF-Expert Member

    Jul 8, 2010
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    ...........eti UwT
  16. Kamakabuzi

    Kamakabuzi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 8, 2010
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    hili suala lina side mbili: kuna hii inayoongelewa zaidi ya watanzania waliopata uraia wa nchi nyingine wakalazimika kukana uraia wa TZ. Yaani hawa walikuwa ni watanzania tayari kwa asili. Kwa wengi hatuoni tatizo lolote kwa watu wa aina hii.
    Lakini kuna side ya pili; watu ambao hawakuwahi kuwa watz, sasa wanataka wawe pia watz. Kwa mfano mtu ni mwingereza au mhindi au m-yemen kwa urai wake wa asili sasa anataka aongezewe na uraia wa TZ. Tukumbuke pia kuwa kwa mfano wahindi wengi ni raia wa india na Canada, hawa tukiwaruhusu watakuwa na uraia wa nchi tatu au nne nk? Ni restrictions zipi tunaziweka kwa watu wa aina hii - kwa mfano katika nafasi za siasa? au ndo tunafungua kila kitu holela mwisho tunakuwa na rais huku ni mTZ, huku ni Mhindi, huku ni mCanada, huku ni mKenya?
    Kwa tanzania hakuna mtu amezuiwa kuwekeza ati kwa kuwa si Mtz, lakini inapofikia hao waporaji wa mali zetu ndio wanalazimisha wapore pia na uraia wetu, then something is wrong. Tukumbuke hii nchi ni yetu tuliopo sasa na wale watakaozaliwa wakiwa waTZ.
  17. Kichuguu

    Kichuguu Platinum Member

    Jul 9, 2010
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    The Government of the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar and Pemba!!!!!!!!
  18. M

    Mkandara Verified User

    Jul 9, 2010
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    Wakuu zangu sijui tunachozungumzia hapa.. Membe pekee hawezi kubadilisha sheria ya nchi. Hili ni swala ambalo linatakiwa kutazamwa kwa kina zaidi ya sisi tunavyofikiria kisha mkuu huyu kaenda mbio sana isipokuwa ndiohivyo..

    Vipo vipengele ambavyo nadhani vinawatatiza lakini yote haya yanatokana na kutokuwa na exposure ijawasumbua sana hata wasomi wetu ambao walikwenda Ulaya kusoma wakarudi Bongo kabla hawajaingia kuwasoma wenzetu wamefanya nini, wameweza vipi kufanikiwa ktk matumizi ya Uraia wa nchi mbili.

    Hivyo, tufanye subra tujenge kwanza misingi inayowawezesha Diasporas kutumia pass hizi kwa manufaa ya Tanzania na sio kinyume. Najua fika ROHO mbaya ni hulka ya Mdanganyika hasa mwwenye hofu ya kupoteza kazi. Kumbukeni tu Tanzania ajira ni chache kuliko idadi kubwa ya wasomi waliopo hivyo kila mgeni kazini ni mchawi, leo ukawaambie kuna Watanzania wageni wanarudi sii ndio kuuana kwenyewe huko. Hata Wabunge walioko madarakani wanahofia ujio wa vijana wapya..

    Nothing can change under CCM hilo lazima mlifahamu na hizi habari za Diasporas zitabakia hadithi za Bulicheka ktk nchi ya Wagagagigikoko!
  19. K

    Kazi Ndiyo Kipimo Cha Utu JF-Expert Member

    Jul 9, 2010
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    Mkuu Mkandara!
    Tunaelewa huyu mheshimiwa pekee hawezi lkn kosa la huyu Mheshimiwa ni Uongo anatumia nafasi yake kuudanganya umma kwa swala ambalo wala hawalishughulikii na sababu ni kama ulivyokwisha kuzianisha hapo juu.
  20. K

    Kazi Ndiyo Kipimo Cha Utu JF-Expert Member

    Jul 9, 2010
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    Penye ukweli uongo hujitenga.Hawa waheshimiwa wote wawili ni waongo wanatumia nafasi zao kuudanganya umma kwa kupika hotuba zao ambazo hazina ukweli bali zimelenga kupata sympathy kwa wale wanaotaka kusikia swala hili linapatiwa ufumbuzi.Haiyumkiniki Mawaziri wawili kwenye serikali moja wanatoa kauli mbili tofauti katika ukumbi wa bunge ktk mchakato wa swala moja la uraia wa nchi mbili.Hata hao wabunge ambao wanawasikiliza na kutowawajibisha kwa kauli zao zinazokinzana wanajidharaulisha pia.In short ,Mh. Membe na Mh. Masha ni waongo, Period!