Kuchamba kwingi CCM wamezidi kujipakaza


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Oct 23, 2007
Yaani ukali wote na mikiki na makeke ni kutisha umma ,heko CUF kuendesha maandamano nchi nzima huu sasa ndio muelekeo kuelekea uchaguzi mkuu wa 2010


The Committee which started its job by tracing the accounts of the suspects, has to a large extent managed to freeze some of them including those of their beneficiaries. "The only beneficiary, who has severally been mentioned by the 22 companies and appears to be 'unreacheable', is CCM," the source said.

But the one-million-dollar question remains: "Who's going to freeze CCM' accounts despite the fact that all the 22 companies involved in the EPA scandal have issued written statements which show that the companies disbursed some of the money to the ruling party? Indeed, the team is in a dilemma," said the source.
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