Korea Kusini nao waanza mazungumzo ya kujihami kwa nyuklia, kama mbwai iwe mbwai


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May 11, 2013
Ndio fasheni sasa, ukijihami kwa nyuklia unakua na uhuru wa kufanya chochote, Urusi manyuklia yake yamemuwezesha kunyanyasa vitaifa vidogo vilivyomzunguka.

Korea Kusini wamechoka vitisho vya Kim wa Korea Kaskazini, kila siku anabwatuka manyuklia...wameanza mazungumzo ya kujihami....

North Korea's near-incessant military provocations in recent weeks are widely assumed to be a prelude to the ultimate demonstration of Pyongyang's might: a seventh underground nuclear test. And that is stoking renewed fears in South Korea that the erratic regime in the North might one day actually use one of its fearsome weapons.

For a growing number of South Koreans, obtaining a comparable nuclear deterrent is becoming a realistic option to counter the North's provocations. The issue, however, is deeply polarizing.

North Korea has fired hundreds of artillery rounds and rockets into the sea off both the east and west coasts of the peninsula in the last two days, following up the barrages with demands issued through state media on Wednesday that the US and South Korea halt bilateral exercises, which a government official described as a "highly irritating, provocative act in the frontline area."

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