Kizazaa cha kuzaa na Muhindi- Mama wa kiswahili atafuta haki yake kama mzaa chema



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My take on this: Knowledge is power, wamama kabla ya kuwatoa watoto wenu jaribuni kuomba ushauri wa kisheria. Kuna mashirika kama TAWLA wanatoa ushauri bureee! Pole sana mama Mbukwa.

False particulars threaten marriage blockage

FAUSTINE KAPAMA, 4th March 2010 @ 11:00, Total Comments: 0, Hits: 246

THE 1991 matrimonial dispute involving Mr Nazir Jaffer Manji and Ms Shukuru Mbukwa resurfaced today with the latter, this time, objecting to the marriage of her daughter, Shahista Nazir Manji, scheduled for Saturday.

Shahista is to be married by one Robin Schonenberg, a citizen of the Netherlands, before the Ilala District Commissioner’s Office in Dar es Salaam, but Ms Mbukwa is objecting the marriage because her daughter allegedly submitted false particulars about her parents.

According to the objection notice filed before the District’s Registrar of Marriage on March 3, this year, Ms Mbukwa claims that she is the biological mother of Shahista, but the latter is alleged to have presented certificates showing a different name of her mother.

She stated that on February 9, this year, when the would be couple registered their intention to contract the marriage at the registry, Shahista submit the false particulars in respect of her parents as the law requires.

Ms Mbukwa stated, she was forced to lodge the notice in question against the intended marriage, unless the registrar is supplied with correct names of parents.

Ms Mbukwa (40) wants Shahista to declare in the marriage documents her as her biological mother and not otherwise.

Her move came after Shahista’s father and his close relatives had already held kitchen and send-off parties earlier this week.

Ms Mbukwa claimed that all parties and other marriage arrangements were conducted without her knowledge. She told the ‘Daily News’ that sometimes in 1980s she had a relationship with Nazir Manji that resulted into the birth of Shahista on August 30, 1985.

Mr Manji is of Asian origin while Ms Mbukwa is of Africa origin. According to her, she stayed with the daughter (Shahista) for six years after which Mr Manji filed a matrimonial suit before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in the city in 1991, seeking to be declared the biological father of the child and he should be granted custody of the child.

On April 21, 1993, then Senior Resident Magistrate Salome Kaganda granted the prayers sought. Ms Mbukwa had no objection. Since then, according to her, she was denied access to the child despite receiving several complaints from Shahista that she was mistreated by her step mother.

Ms Mbukwa claimed, last year, she got a tip-off about the marriage arrangement and that her daughter had travelled to the Netherlands accompanied by her step mother to meet with her would be parents-in-law.

It is alleged that the step mother pretended to be the biological mother of Shahista. She claimed that her would be son-in-law sent all requirements for Shahista’s marriage last month.

However, without being informed of what was going on, the step-mother and other close relatives continued with marriage arrangements, including registering the intention before the Ilala District Registrar of Marriage.


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