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Kiongozi wa Mungiki sasa ataka ubunge eti

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Ab-Titchaz, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Dec 23, 2009
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    Maxshimba na wenzio hebu nipeni maoni yenu hapa.

    Njenga: Why I want to be your MP


    Mungiki leader Maina Njenga

    By Standard Reporters

    Converted Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has announced he will seek a political seat amid fears the gang could be seeking legitimacy ahead of the 2012 General Election.

    Mr Njenga, who claims to be a born again Christian, said in an interview with The Standard he would lead other youthful leaders in seeking political leadership, "to demonstrate how things can be run differently"

    He said: "The way things are now, Central Kenya is in confusion because of poor leadership especially among youth. We will announce when the right time comes."

    However, analysts believe his recent conversion and scores of youth into Christianity is consistent with transformations the banned sect has gone through since it emerged. The gang has maintained connections with senior politicians since 2002.

    Its sheer numbers - officials of the gang claim it has a membership of about five million - is good hunting ground for votes. However, given membership is mainly Kikuyu youth, this figure could be exaggerated.

    Political analyst Adams Oloo said the conversion was a survival tactic, and predicted Mungiki would be around for long unless dealt with.

    "They pretend they have been transformed, then emerge at an opportune moment," he said.
    Dr Oloo said given their history where they have in the past aligned themselves to certain politicians, it is a strong political force that comes in handy during elections.

    Does he see Mungiki turning into a political outfit?
    "No, I don't think so. They have a bad name and I don't think people would like to be associated with it," he said.

    Gang for hire

    He sees Mungiki remaining an underground gang for hire by politicians. Since it emerged in the 1990s, Mungiki carried a cultural-political vision of emancipating youth from poverty, unemployment and landlessness. This was a similar goal with Mau Mau, who waged a liberation war against British rule.

    Like Mau Mau, Mungiki members spotted dreadlocks. They sniffed tobacco as their sacrament and rejected western cultures and Christianity.

    While this reflected a political awareness rejecting neo-colonialism, the ideals were forgotten as the Government cracked down on the sect and it became more militant. Former President Moi's Government was ruthless against the sect. However, the sect members were allowed to march through Nairobi streets in support of its preferred presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta in 2002.

    In 2007, as President Kibaki fought for re-election against Prime Minister Raila Odinga, one of the gang's former outspoken leaders Ndura Waruinge announced he would vie against Raila in Lang'ata. However, Waruinge, who was a PNU candidate, stepped down in support of Mr Stanley Livondo who eventually lost.

    Recently, Njenga denied anybody leaving Mungiki would be eliminated. He was recently released from jail after charges of murdering 29 people in Mathira last April were dropped.

    Njenga declared his conversion at the Jesus is Alive Ministries, headed by politician-cum-preacher Bishop Margaret Wanjiru. She is also the Starehe MP and an ally of Raila.

    Last year, Raila was among politicians reaching out to Mungiki, ostensibly for dialogue.

    Vote basket?

    Another political analyst Munene Macharia said a political alliance between Njenga and Wanjiru, or other politicians cannot be ruled out.

    "Together, they may reinforce each other to further their political ambitions. He has many followers who can translate into votes when the time comes," said Prof Macharia.
    However, he said Mungiki was now a generic term as the group has abandoned its original mission of a cultural revolution.

    Njenga said he would seek the seat either in a constituency in Nairobi or outside. He said for now, he is educating thousands of youths in Nairobi, Central and Rift Valley provinces.
    "My baptism should and will be the turning point for many of these youths who have been following my teachings."

    He said his incarceration had much to do with his political ambitions, but did not elaborate.