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Sep 24, 2010
Issue 00644
November 27 - Dec 1, 2010
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Stiff competition for mayor’s seat By Mussa Juma and Staff Reporter

Who will take the driver’s seat in transforming Arusha from a mediocre municipality to a planned tidy modern city? This is the question in many residents minds as the race has started in earnest with four individuals expressing the desire to hold the coveted title of the worship mayor of Arusha.

Three CCM councilors and one from opposition party Chadema are vying for the seat. If Chadema candidate wins then Arusha would for the first time have a mayor from the opposition party. Already the city, the second most important in Tanzania, is represented in parliament by an opposition party member, Mr. Godbless Lema.

Arusha district CCM secretary, Mr. Salum Mpamba told reporters last week that those who had so far filled in and returned forms for the mayoral position included Paul Lota Laizer, councilor for Baraa who in recent years served as the mayor of Arusha municipality but had to resign from the post over a controversy. Other CCM councilors vying for the position are Mr. Paul Matthysen, a prominent tour operator and now councilor for the sprawling Moshono ward and Mr. Gaudence Lyimo councilor for Oloirien Ward.
CCM councilors vying to become deputy mayor of Arusha are Julius Sekeyan representing Terrat Ward and Alfonse Mawazo of Sombetin.
Mpamba said he was not expecting others to fill in the forms as the deadline had already passed. What was pending, he said, was a CCM committee meeting to elect candidates for the mayoral
post and that of the deputy. The names of special seats councilors were also yet to be known.

Meanwhile, Chadema is fielding Estomihi Malla, councilor for Kimandolu to contest for the mayor’s seat. Mr. Malla, an accountant by profession ousted former mayor of Arusha , Heidi in the ward elections. Among those speculated to vie for the position of deputy mayor on Chadema ticket are John Bayo councilor for Elerai Ward, Michael Kivuyo of TLP and Charles Mpanda of Chadema representing Kaloleni Ward.

The Arusha City Council will comprise 10 CCM councilors, 9 from Chadema (including the member of parliament) and one from TLP. The count does not include special seats representatives who are yet to be named.

Arusha municipality was officially declared city by President Jakaya Kikwete mid this year an elevation that saw six villages in Arusha rural district being made put under the Arusha city jurisdiction . The entire Moshoro ward east of Arusha was curved from Arusha rural district and added to the city.

Arusha city has plans in hand to spend Tsh 26 billion on its infrastructure to match the recently acquired status. According to the plan most roads in the central business area will be paved with tarmac and the rundown drainage system rehabilitated. New roads will also be
built to reduce traffic congestion in the city centre.

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