Kilimanjaro Marathon super Event this Year


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Feb 5, 2010

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Kilimanjaro Marathon super Event this Year

Published on: Thu, 02/18/2010 - 7:52pm

Elias Mhegera

THE Kilimanjaro Marathon 2010 is scheduled to take place next Sunday. The race will offer 22 million in prize money, being the record for any road race ever in this country.
The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Brand Manager, George Kavishe, said that the full marathon winner’s prize for both men and women will be Tsh. 7.5 million and the total winnings will be the hefty amount of 15 million.
The male and female winners of the 42.2 km race will each pocket Tsh 3 million, while the second placed will bag Tsh 1.5 million and the third placed will take home 850,000. Winners of the 21 km race will win Tshs 1.5 million each; second place will get 750,000, and the third to cross the line will scoop Tsh 425,000.
Moreover Kavishe, who was speaking at the Information Centre in Dar es Salaam, said that the move was aimed at maintaining competitive prize monies in line with the international trend to reward elite performers handsomely.
“We live in a professional era and marathon stars deserve to be richly rewarded, just as sportsmen and women are in other sports” he said.
He added that the Kilimanjaro Marathon is now an internationally recognized event that needs to attract the best possible runners. “Over years we have seen the impact Tanzania’s international runners can have on our event and we need to keep that momentum going,” he said.
Supporting Kavishe, Managing Director John Addison of Wild Frontiers, organizers of the event, said that the Kilimanjaro Marathon will be a unique experience that will combine the thrills of top-notch competition with the more relaxed atmosphere of mass participation and leisure activities.
“The race will be filmed for later broadcast on SuperSport as a documentary throughout the year” he added.
Addison said that about 3,500 people took place in the race in 2009, and organizers are hoping that this year’s turnout will be even bigger and better.
“We are confident that this year will attract more participants. It is our intention of our partners, Athletics Tanzania, to amplify the event to make it the biggest marathon in East Africa,” Addison said.

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