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Kilimanjaro Ipo Kenya!

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by popo, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. p

    popo Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    Ni kweli kama Mheshimiwa wa kenya alivyosema kama wewe unanyumba nzuri na utaki kuikalia na kuna watu wanashida ya nyumba nini unafikiri watafanya? Jibu watahamia

    Ni challenge sana kwa watanzania kufahamu Umuhimu wa Kutangaza rasilimali za Taifa na ukizubaa wajanja wanazitumia.

    Mara ngapi tumeulizia serikali kuhusu kutangaza Mlima Kilimanjaro lakini hakuna jibu lolote ambalo wanachukua kuhakikisha Wakenya hawafanyi ujinga huo.

    Hata mara ya mwisho JK alipotembelea UK kwa mara ya kwanza kama rais alikumbushwa hilo na jibu lake ni " Kama wao wakenya wanasema Mlima upo kwao na nyinyi waambieni Mlima upo kwetu,nyinyi pia mnamidomo ya kuongea" Haya ndio majibu ya Rais lakini alichosahau wao wanatumia rungu kubwa kuliko midomo yetu nayo ni "International Advertisement" Je midomo yetu inaweza kushindana na Rungu hilo?

    Viongozi wetu ni Ignorance na hyprocrite na ndio maana tunaonekana watanzania tupo nyuma hali ambayo tupo mbele sana kufananisha na Wakenya au Waafrika wengine.

    Ni pale itakapofika kwamba wanaambiwa na wanasikia basi Mtanzania ndio ataonekana anajua lakini kama hawatasikia basi watanzania wataonekana malofa siku zote hali ambayo sio kweli

    AJM, Londoner
  2. Mshiiri

    Mshiiri JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    Kenyans are most opportunistic among all Africans na hata Serengeti husema iko kwao. This is a crime and in some very clever countries will call for immediate war. Cite examples of Gaza, Oil production in some countries in middle East etc.

    We need not unite to make East Africa Community and this very issue about the mountain is an indicator among others that they will tap our resources more than colobnialist did. Actually East African Community to Tanzania, a country endowed with word scarce and rare resources in multitude is self suicide. Politicians rethink and rethink this issue very clearly and with open mind not flabagasted with ufisadi na madaraka. They will say too when we negligently accept EAC that Dar es Salaam is in Kenya and they will say everthing in Tanzania after a short walk down the road within EAC that is proudly Kenyans.

    All these guys we gave an opportunity to decide for us they know this but they betray themselves.
  3. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    They can say all they want, but it doesn't change the facts on the ground.
    Tz needs to be more aggressive in their marketing skills and this dust will
  4. Madela Wa- Madilu

    Madela Wa- Madilu JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    The fact that Kenyans claim Mount Kili is Kenya is because in more tha 46 years of our indepence we had failed to agressively promote tourism in Tanzania.

    Had we vigorously claimed that the mountain is always standing Tall in the soil of Tanzania, how Kenyans would have got the oppotunity and base to stand their claims?
    We Tanzanians are the ones to blame not Kenyans.

    If we failed to see opportunity of using Mount Kilimanjaro to rebuild tourism industry and attract more tourists in Tanzania; Kenyans had shown us the way, thought negatively from our perspective.

    Board of Tourist and Misnistry of tourism, year after year , are busy concentrating their knowhow, experience and all effort promoting SabaSaba Trade only. At the same time they intetionaly,effortlessly and lazily neglect the whole pull and push about Kilimamanjaro, Serengeti and other important tourist attraction in Tanzania.

    Kenyans claim is a call for all Tanzanian to stop dreaming in day time.
    This is not the time we should be talking.

    We need to watch, learn and do.
  5. Ruge Opinion

    Ruge Opinion JF-Expert Member

    Oct 7, 2008
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    As a point of history Mount Kilimanjaro was originally in Kenya. It was given by British monarch (who ruled Kenya then) in early colonial days to the German monarch (who ruled Tanganyika then) as a birthday present. I don't remember the exact year. May be the Kenyans have not forgotten that fact while Tanzanians don't seem to remember at all. Thats how the competitive world works. You sleep you lose. DON'T BLAME THE KENYANS. THIS MARKETING MISDEMEANOR HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR AGES.
  6. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 7, 2008
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    What point in History are you refering to?...Who drew the boundaries?
    You are trying to open up a can of worms!
  7. bongo-live

    bongo-live JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2016
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