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Kikwete's peculiar friendship with 'Angels' and 'Demons'

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Fareed, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. F

    Fareed JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    It is public knowledge that President Jakaya Kikwete has personal friendships with different people from all walks of life. In fact, he likes to portray himself as the people's president -- ever so charming, humble, approachable, baby-kissing, candy-dishing politician. All likeable attributes, I'm sure.

    Just recently, he announced to the whole country via the CCM national congress in Dodoma that disgraced former PM Edward Lowassa is his friend. He spoke glowingly of his friend Lowassa once again when adjourning Parliament for the elections, suggesting that the PM's resignation after being implicated in the Richmond corruption scandal, was just a minor slip on his political journey. This is no doubt part of the well-planned and carefully executed plot to ensure Lowassa bounces back to a senior position in Kikwete's government after the October elections.

    In the grand scheme of things, Lowassa's well choreographed interview on TBC1 by Tido Mhando was planned as one of the final moves to prepare for the return of the prodigal son to Kikwete's governing council.

    Tido Mhando formerly of BBC, was appointed DG of TBC by Lowassa/Kikwete as his reward for a dodgy BBC opinion poll that backed Kikwete's nomination as CCM's presidential candidate in 2005.

    In the TBC interview itself, Lowassa spoke of his close personal friendship with the president, and boasted that no one can come between th

    Lowassa was apparently issuing a thinly veiled threat to Kikwete's other friends, warning them off and declaring himself as the president's favourite.

    The former PM has used every chance he could get to remind everybody of his "deep-rooted" friendship with the president.

    So has the Igunga MP, Rostam Aziz, who has publicly bragged about his 'special' friendship with the president.

    Rostam is notorious for his alleged involvement in major corruption and tax evasion allegations, such as EPA (Kagoda) and many others.

    Other business tycoons facing a catalogue of corruption allegations, such as Tanil Somaiya, Yusuf Manji and Subbhash Patel, also brag about their close friendship with the president.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that these dubious characters use their friendship with the president to shield them from criminal investigations/prosecution and gain favours in government by securing major contracts. Everyone wants to be in the president's favour and what policeman or government official will dare to arrest or deny awarding a lucrative contract to a friend of the president? Think about it...

    Also in this group of the president's friends are Andrew Chenge, Yusuf Makamba of CCM, Nazir Karamagi and others.

    For arguments sake, I like to refer to the above-mentioned group of the president's friends as "DEMONS" because of their alleged involvement in grand corruption, bribery, embezzlement, looting of public funds, fraud, abuse of public office and other evils.

    A separate, distinct group of the president's friends is what I like to refer to as "ANGELS" (well, sort of).

    Members of this group are sworn enemies of the DEMONS and are against the ongoing corruption and bribery in government.

    Some of the prominent members of this group of ANGELS include Reginald Mengi, Bernard Membe, Parliament Speaker Samuel Sitta, Harrison Mwakyembe, the Malecela family, and many others.

    In fact, the president is also known to be friends with some well-known opposition leaders, including Chadema MP Zitto Kabwe. It was widely rumoured that the president at one time even considered appointing Zitto to a Cabinet position.

    Kikwete maintains a close friendship with both ANGELS and DEMONS. He exchanges regular phone calls and text messages with members of both groups and is easily accessible by any member of the groups. Anyone can see or talk to the president anytime they want.

    The president meets privately with both ANGELS and DEMONS individually and assures every person of his unwavering friendship.

    They say "A friend to all is a friend to none."

    This means that Kikwete who is a friend to everyone makes none of them feel special. Each member of the ANGELS and DEMONS groups is left feeling somewhat insecure about his own friendship with the president because JK is also at the same time friends with enemies.

    Some might say that JK is like a beautiful woman with many men fighting over her.

    Who will win Kikwete's true friendship in the end? Only time will tell.

    If what is already known of the president is anything to go by, he will maintain his friendship with both groups in the second and final 5 years of office provided he wins re-election as widely expected.

    After all, it is to his advantage to have both ANGELS and DEMONS fighting over him. Why settle for one when you can have members of both groups doing you countless favours and giving you their undevided attention. But, who is Kikwete's true friend? Now, that is the question...
  2. Kiranga

    Kiranga JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Ndiyo matatizo yetu nchi zinazoendelea hayo. "Strong man complex". Hatuna institutions za nguvu, tunataka strongmen. Kila siku tunazungumzia "the president" na kamwe hatuwezi kuzungumzia "the presidency". Our politics revolves around personalities, never policies.

    To me it matters little who is Kikwete's chum, what matters is Ikulu's transparency and the president living up to the presidency and the presidential oath including having sound policies, respect for the rule of law and commitment to carrying through the responsibility of leading the Tanzanian people with the optimum efficiency.

    I don't hear enough arguments about policies (or lack of) and issues, all I hear is this blah blah about who Kikwete likes to invite to Ikulu, kama wanaenda kucheza bao je? Rais hana haki ya kuchagua nani acheze naye bao ?
  3. F

    Fareed JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    I have to strongly disagree with you on that one. In Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa, you can't separate the man (or woman) from the presidency as a sacred institution it ought to be. All powers are centred on the president and he can do pretty much whatever he pleases without anybody questioning him. Especially with Kikwete, all decisions are made by him and nothing gets done when he travels (and he does travel a lot). It is futile to discuss the presidency as an autonomous institution without looking at the character of the holder of that office.
    In a perfect system, the presidency is an institution and any holder of that office at any given time has to follow certain rules, protocols and ethics. But in a system as imperfect and flawed as ours, the man and not the presidency as an institution reigns supreme.

    Again, I think it is very important to look at who the presidents' friends are. Who you keep company with reflect on your character and what you really are. For instance, if a man's wife is close friends with well known prostitutes, that speaks volumes about her character.
    Similarly, the fact that Kikwete is friends with known corruption suspects, perhaps explains why police will not dare investigate or prosecute these indivuals. It matters very much who the president is friends with.

    Nadhani wote tunakumbuka jinsi Secret Service ya Marekani ilivyotaka kumnyang'anya Obama asitumie Blackberry yake alipokuwa president na baadae wakakubaliana ku-limit watu wanaoweza kuwasiliana naye kwa BB. Imagine leo kama Usalama wa Taifa (Tanzania Intelligence and Security Service) wanaweza kuwa na ubavu wa kumwabia Rais Kikwete aache kutumia simu ya mkononi kuwasiliana na wananchi kwani inaweza kuleta security breach. Wanashindwa na kubaki kulalamika chini kwa chini kwa kuwa Urais is a one-man show.
  4. Kiranga

    Kiranga JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    I did not say we could, under the prevailing conditions. What I am saying is we cannot have arbitrary and unwritten rules, our country follows the rule of law, if you want the president not entertain anybody who wears blue jeans put it down, otherwise you cannot blame the president for a morally subjective issue. Isn't he the president of all Tanzanians? What if he says he want's to build a type of "Team of Rivals" ? I see you have observed that in Tanzania and Africa we cannot separate the president from the presidency, this is precisely my concern, we ought to. And why do you think there is a natural law of physics that cement this unbroken bond beats me, people defy gravity and the strong nuclear force, I don't know why we shouldn't be able to break this unwritten and loosely founded tradition.

    The presidency is not sacred, it is part of civil service. Once you make the presidency sacred then you entertain all thoughts of divine rights and demigod like plenipotency. This line of thought was used by the Pharaohs and the Chinese dynasties for thousands of years, all the way down to Hirohito and Haile Selassie.

    Even if you are referring to the Nyerere sense of "sacred", there is a danger in revering the presidency too much, even by the president himself.For this approach is sure to raise a certain stammer in the president's performance.

    This is exactly my problem, and instead of accepting this as an unchangeable fact of nature, we should focus on changing it, making the president less powerful and more answerable to his electorate.

    Uliposema unatofautiana na mimi nikafikiri unataka kupinga kwamba si muhimu kutenganisha the president from the presidency, kumbe essentially hujatofautiana mpaka sasa, ila tu unaeleza ugumu wa kutenganisha viwili hivi. Hakuna kizuri kisicho ugumu, the laws of nature can guarantee that. Sasa tusibweteke kwa kutaka uraisi rahisi na kutegemea ufanisi.

    And this is what our goal should be.

    Kwani duniani hapa kuna system gani isiyo na flaws? Mbona tunataka kutumia hizi flaws kama excuses za kutokuwa na strong institutions? Wamarekani, Waingereza, Wahindi etc wote wana flaws, lakini haziwazuii kutaka strong institutions. Kwa nini tunakubali kushindwa wakati hatujaanza hata mapambano ?

    It may be important to look at who the president's friends are in order to decide to vote or not to vote for him according to your personal taste, but that surely cannot be the deciding factor vis a vis the presidents policies and his other capabilities. Unaweza kuwa na rais ambaye rafiki zake ni kina Mother Theresa na Dalai Lama lakini kama hana performance anayotakiwa kuwa nayo kwa wananchi huyu hafai. Hatuchagui saints, tunachagua earthly leaders. Rais atakuwa na indiscretions, so long as haziingilii utendaji wake mimi sina tatizo. Na ili tuwe na uhakika kwamba rais hawezi kufanya makosa bila consequences, muwekeeni regulations kuhakikisha friends and family hawawezi kumu influence. Weka ethics code kabambe kwa rais na viongozi, usiongelee some arbitrary and subjective moralism ambayo conservatives na progressives hawatakubaliana kuhusu core objectives zake na efficiency yake, weka vitu well defined na clear cut.

    Maana wewe utakataa rais asi fraternize na Lowassa, Watanzania wengine watasema Lowassa ni Mtanzania naye na ana top info pamoja na influence bado, na anaweza kumletea rais matatizo katika utendaji wake kama rais akiamua kum snob, na rais ana the best interest of the country anapo pander to Lowassa, utasemaje ?

    Yes, but who is to say who is who? As my main man Jesus once said, let who is without sin cast the first stone.

    You are circling around the same stumbling block. You fail to see that our bigger problem here is not the fact that Kikwete has some dubious characters as friends, we have a bigger problem here in the fact that we do not have strong institutions. Your admission that the police and law enforcement may fail to prosecute somebody because that somebody is friends with the president highlight this problem even further, that the problem extends even further. This is why I say, instead of focusing on forcing the president to chose safe friends (how are you going to do that anyway?) we should focus on having strong institutions in general, this way even our police and law enforcement will be inependent and you won't have a problem where a thug cannot be prosecuted because he took a picture with the president. This is a deeper level of reform than merely wanting the president to have good friends.Institutional reforms will force the president to have good friends by fiat.

    Hii nchi ina strong institutions, rais ni mtu mdogo ukimlinganisha na institution ya urais, kwa hiyo Secret Service wana security code wanayoifuata ambayo rais naye itabidi aifuate, ndicho ninachomaanisha kwa kutaka strong institutions.Sio tunajiendea tu leo tunataka kumpangia rais marafiki on the fly, kesho tutataka kumpangia shati on the fly, no code, no rule no institutional direction, shaghalabaghala tupu!

    Badala ya kulalama kwamba hawawezi, unatakiwa ku focus katika kufanya institutional changes ili waweze.
  5. Xuma

    Xuma JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    I have to strongly agree with you.
  6. F

    Fareed JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Nimekusoma Kiranga. Kimsingi nadhani tunakubaliana juu ya umuhimu wa kutofautisha the presidency as an institution and the president as an office holder. Mimi nimezungumzia status quo and "how things are" na wewe unazungumzia "how things ought to be" ambapo tuko pamoja kwenye hilo. Pia, bado nakubaliana kabisa na maneno ya Baba wa Taifa Nyerere kuwa Ikulu ni mahali patakatifu. Tafsiri yake ni kuwa siyo Urais uabudiwe au kuogopwa, bali uheshimiwe na usichezewe kama ilivyo sasa.
    La hasha, sisemi kuwa Rais asiwe na marafiki. Kila binadamu wa kawaida lazima awe na marafiki. Ninacho sisitiza mimi ni kuwa kwa nchi yetu sisi ambapo Urais na Rais ni vigumu kuvitenganisha, hatuwezi kukwepa kumzungumzia Rais na matendo yake binafsi.
    Hivyo basi napata shida kutoamini kuwa watu hawa wanaohusishwa na Richmond, Kagoda na tuhuma nyingine kubwa za ufisadi, hawajakamatwa na kamwe hawatafikishwa mahakami kwa kuwa tu ni marafiki wa Rais na wanacheza naye bao Ikulu.
    Tumeambiwa pia jinsi Rais alivyomfanyia hafla kubwa Ikulu mwanae mpendwa, Ridhwani, kwa kupata uwakili.
    Je, ilikuwa sahihi kwa Ikulu kutumika kufanya shuhuli binafsi za Rais? Au kwa vile anaishi hapo basi ni nyumbani kwake. Muhimu zaidi, gharama za kuandaa ghafla hii zimelipwa na Ikulu au na Kikwete mwenyewe kutoka kwenye mshahara wake? Hakuna independent auditing inayofanywa juu ya matumizi ya pesa za Ikulu kwani Rais huwa hahojiwi.

    Finally, it is interesting to note that while other suspects who looted public funds from the Bank of Tanzania's EPA account are in court, the president's friends such as Rostam Aziz were left untouched. This obviously can't be a mere coincidence. Similarly with Tanil Somaiya of the infamous military radar scandal na wengine.
  7. F

    Fareed JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    MSISITIZO: I find it rather odd that uchunguzi wa tuhuma zote za ufisadi zinazohusu marafiki wa Rais Kikwete, eg Kagoda (Rostam Aziz), Richmond (Rostam Aziz, Edward Lowassa), rada (Tanil Somaiya, Andrew Chenge, Dk. Idris Rashidi, etc), na nyinginezo umekwama na maswahiba hawa wa mkuu wa nchi kamwe hawatafikishwa mahakamani.
    Hizo ndiyo faida za kuwa rafiki na Rais.
  8. M

    Mkandara Verified User

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Kuna mambo yanauma sana lakini tukubali ndio ukweli...
  9. J

    Jasusi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Nakubaliana nawe kabisa. Hivi Andrew Chenge asingekuwa rafiki au mtu wa karibu na rais kwa kosa la kuuwa watu kwenye Bajaj si angekuwa ameswekwa lupango mpaka hivi sasa? Mbona anatanua tu?
  10. M

    MgonjwaUkimwi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Kiranga, hivi kikombe kinaitwa kikombe kwa kazi yake au kwa umbo lake?
  11. Kichuguu

    Kichuguu Platinum Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    Kiranga is 100% right and Fareed is probably 10% right.

    If President Nixon was a Tanzanian president, then he would have finished his second term in 1976 comfortably. However, in US it was a matter of saving the image of the institution of the US presidency, not saving the president himself! Nixon had to unwillingly go in 1974.

    If there is anything Tanzania can learn from US at this time, it should be the Nixon presidency. This man was terribly power hungry just like what we see in the current Edward Lowassa, and he ended up disgracing the institution of the US presidency !!
  12. E

    EL+RA=UFISADI Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    Ndugu yangu KIRANGA umejieleza kwa ufasaha mkubwa. Lakini nadhani unazungumzia utopia (hali ya kusadikika) na arguments zako ni academic zaidi kuliko kuwa realistic. Kikwete ajenge "Team of Rivals" ? Angalia Urais wa George W. Bush ulivyokuwa disastrous baada ya kuweka waziri wa mambo ya nje (Gen. Powell) na waziri wa ulinzi (Rumsfeld) ambao hawaivi kabisa. Ni sawa na leo umuweke Lowassa kwenye Cabinet pamoja na Membe na Mwakyembe halafu utegemee wafanye kazi wa ushirikiano.

    Pia umenoa sana unaposema "To me it matters little who is Kikwete's chum" hapo umenoa kabisa. You are dead wrong. Nchini kwetu hata mbwa wa Rais tu ana thamani kuliko raia wa kawaida na kuogopewa kama mtoto wa Rais. Sembuse rafiki wa Rais? Kaka, tembelea maduka ya wahindi jijini Dar es Salaam utaona wametundika ofisini kwao picha kubwa wakionekana wanapeana mkono na Rais Kikwete.
    Maana ya kubandika picha hizo ni kuwatisha TRA au maofisa wowote wa serikali wasije kuwadai kodi au kuwasumbua kwa chochote kwani wao wanajuana na Rais Kikwete. Pia hutumia picha hizo kuwavutia wateja na maofisa serikalini wawape tenda zaidi kwa kuwa wao ni marafiki wa Rais.

    Hawa mafisadi wote kama Edward Lowassa na Rostam Aziz kamwe hawawezi kufikishwa mahakamani kwa kuwa na marafiki wa Rais.
    Huko Marekani na nchi nyingine zilizoendelea Rais anachunguzwa na kufuatiliwa kuliko unavyodhani wewe. Tena ni mara 1,000 Rais wa Tanzania hafuatiliwi mambo yake binafsi, huko US ni balaa zaidi. Wanafuatilia mpaka Rais ananunua chupi wapi na anavuta sigara ya aina gani.
    Unakumbuka Obama alivyo lazimika kumtosa padri wake na kuacha urafiki naye na kwenda kanisani kwake kwa kuwa tu padri huyo alitoa matamshi makali.
    Leo hii unataka kutuambia kuwa urafiki wa Rais na watuhumiwa wakubwa wa ufisadi ambao polisi/PCCB wanaogopa kuwakamata siyo issue? Unaishi nchi gani rafiki yangu!
  13. Rose1980

    Rose1980 JF-Expert Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    inakera inauma
    na ndiyo maana watu wanafanya juu chini kujipendeekza kwa mkuu ili awe rafiki then wakifanya masoo mkuu anatetea
    dah hatari lakin salama
    bt mwsho wa siku marafiki zake watakuja kumgeuka as inavyoonekana kwenye chaguzi zao za ccm na makundi yao
    wapo karibu nae ili wamsome fresh ili wajue jinsi ya kumwangamiza vzr
    wale si marafiki ni wanafiki wakutupwa ambao wapo nae kwa interest zao sa asipoangalia atatumiwa tena vibaya tu na akaharibiwa kisiasa
  14. A

    Alpha JF-Expert Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    This right here.
  15. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    Well.. these are not "angels" nor are they "demons".. they are simply mere mortal men. They interests are simply the interests of Men. At the very bottom wanachojali ni maslahi yao mmoja mmoja na kama kundi. Someone might even call them "Evil Men"..