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Kikwete na watu wako acheni unafiki na usanii!

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Nyambala, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Nyambala

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    Jan 21, 2010
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    Ndani ya hizi siku mbili ikulu na mkulu wamedominate headlines za magazeti bongo kuhusu protokali juu ya msaada wa ambulances 2 zenye thamani ya just 10% ya bei ya nyumba ya gavana wetu!

    Well JK ameita hii ni kashfa kubwa, watu wake inaonyesha bado wako bize kuclear their record on this. In short ni kwamba so much air, oxygen in this matter has been consumed. Just to show us, yes the voters! kwamba..........

    1. Uwajibikaji, Mkulu ameita hii ni kashfa kubwa

    2. Mkulu ana kumbukumbu si mchezo.

    3. Mkulu akiahidi lazima atimize

    4. Mkulu hapendi mzaha and he is very serious.

    But wait a minute, we have neva seen even a 10% of such reaction in issues like Nyumba ya gavana, Meremeta, EPA, ndege ya raisi, Rada.......huko tunaambiwa sheria inafuata mkondo, huwezi kuaccuse mtu bila mahakama kuprove beyond reasonable doubt, watuhumiwa wana haki and so forth and so forth!

    Is this not a joke?????????????

    New twist in State House vehicle presentation saga

    By Zephania Ubwani, Arusha and Alex Bitekeye, Dar

    It has emerged that President Jakaya Kikwete's aides caused Monday's confusion that prompted him to furiously call off the presentation at State House of two ambulances donated to Mbozi and Longido districts.

    The Citizen has established that State House officials contacted Ngorongoro and Longido district officials, and asked them to attend the presentation ceremony, which degenerated into a public relations fiasco.

    It was not immediately clear why different calls were made to Ngorongoro and Longido district commissioners on the presentation of one of the ambulances, but State House press secretary Premi Kibanga said yesterday that steps were being taken to establish what caused the embarrassing mix-up.

    She said in a telephone interview that all heads of department at State House witnessed the unfolding drama, and would have by now established what went wrong.

    A visibly angry President Kikwete sparked panic among his aides when he called off the ceremony and walked away after giving them a public tongue-lashing.

    Longido District Commissioner James ole Millya confirmed yesterday that he received a call from State House a few hours before the ceremony, and immediately dispatched the district executive director (DED), who arrived late.

    He was still in Dar es Salaam yesterday waiting to take the ambulance to Longido.

    His Ngorongoro counterpart, Mr Elias Wawa Lali, said he also directed the DED to travel to Dar es Salaam to collect the vehicle after receiving a call from State House a week ago.

    Interestingly, drivers from both Ngorongoro and Loliondo had been receiving training from CMC Automobiles Ltd, which donated the $108,000 (Sh140 million) vehicles.

    Mr Wawa Lali said he had not been in contact with the DED, Mr Jacob Kayange, who was at the centre of the protocol fiasco when the Head of State turned him away, saying he could not collect the ambulance meant for Longido.

    The DC defended Mr Kayange, saying he could not have known that the vehicle was actually supposed to have been presented to Longido.

    According to a State House statement released on Monday evening, even though the Mbozi DED, Mr Levison Jeremiah Chilewa, also arrived late, the ambulance donated to the district was later released to him.

    The State House protocol department came under intense scrutiny after Monday's incident, which was a reminder of other embarrassing blunders involving the Head of State in recent months.

    Last December, the Tanzania Roads Agency (Tanroads) demolished the perimeter fence of a tourist hotel in Arusha only three days after President Kikwete had presided at its colourful opening.

    The fence was knocked down on the grounds that it had been built on a road reserve.

    Questions were raised as to why the President was invited to open a facility whose owners were involved in a dispute with Tanroads, whose officials insisted that they were merely doing their job.

    State House spokesperson Salva Rweyemamu said the President's named should not be dragged into the controversy.

    In November 2008, President Kikwete shared a bench with mourners in a church in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam, during the funeral service for former Mbeya Rural MP Richard Nyaulawa.

    Organisers apparently had no prior knowledge of his arrival. Matters were not helped when the President insisted on staying after declining to use the chair reserved for the priest, which was hastily offered to him by his aides.

    In October 2008, the President's aides were involved in another embarrassing blunder when they failed to provide a car for the wife of former Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana, when he arrived in the country for a state visit.

    In yet another incident, President Kikwete declined to hand over motorcycles to ruling party officials in Arusha after it was claimed in the last minute that the donation had a hidden political agenda. The President left the function and ordered his aides to explain why he had been misled.

    Yesterday, Arusha Regional Commissioner Isidori Shirima could not be contacted to comment on the blunder that involved two districts under his watch.

    A senior official of the regional secretariat refused to comment, saying only the State House could clarify on the matter.

    But a long-serving government official, who asked not to be identified, absolved the regional secretariat, noting that new powers bestowed on local authorities, ministries and other government institutions allowed direct communication with the district councils on issues such as donations.

    Confusion on district names was also blamed, with Mr Wawa Lali saying many officials in Dar es Salaam failed to distinguish Longido from Loliondo.

    The latter is the Ngorongoro District headquarters, while Longido is the newest district in Arusha Region, having been curved out of Monduli District last year.

    "Loliondo is more well known than Longido because of the publicity it is getting due to the never-ending conflicts there. Confusion on the names of localities is not confined to Arusha, but is also prevalent in neighbouring Manyara Region," added another government official.

    Many senior government officials often wrongly think that Karatu was in Manyara Region, Hanang in Mbulu District and Simanjiro in Arusha Region, said a retired public servant.

    A recent meeting in Arusha suggested that the names of the local authorities be revisited to end confusion.