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KIKWEte: Impeccable timing.

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Kinyambiss, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Kinyambiss

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    Nov 3, 2008
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    2005.. Kikwete wins the general election by a great majority, becomes President of the United Republic. Let's take a step back, who is he and what is this "United Republic". After independence TANZANIA was a bit confused under Nyerere, wanting the prosperity of the west (or at least as it appeared) but resenting the supremacy of the Western states over African countries that had led to the entire Pan-African movement in the 60s.. at the same time attracted to the Communist successes, or at least as the appeared at the time, in China, Cuba, USSR and Marx's books.

    From the West, we adopted their so-called Parliamentary democracy... and from the Socialist ideology, their utopic vision coupled with dictatorship and a cult of personality by the leaders who are perceived as

    After the introduction of multiparty democracy in Tanzania, there was one big problem... CCM...CCM was just too big, too powerful, too rich to allow Parliamentary democracy to function as intended...

    When Mkapa came, he was too much minded like Nyerere when it came to suppressing dissent. He crushed it with no remorse, hakuruhusu ubishi ujitokeze.. Tena i remember someone telling me back then, after having attended a cabinet meeting..
    BWM said: Yeyote yule atakae onekana anatoa anashirikiana na wapinzani, hatokuwa na kazi.

    Upinzani does not exist in significant amount to keep the Government in check and ensure accountability...

    Where does Kikwete come in?

    This guy has been plotting for decades on how to be president, after his first attempt failed, he was at the foreign ministry for 10 years scheming, even he didn't realize his own importance.

    Hizi scams zote zilizotokea wakati wa serikali ya Mkapa, zilikuwa zinazimwa na intelligence network ya Mkapa, alikuwa anafanya some serious sensorship. Kikwete kwa kujidai hodari wa media freedom,freedom of speech in general and especially considering his position AU Chair, lazima aonekane kuwa ni kiongozi fair.. This coupled with all his other weaknesses... The Lowassa crisis (RICHMOND), EPA etc has led to a feeling amongst watanzania that Rais sio Mungu and he can be wrong and he can be held accountable..

    This was never possible before in Tanzania, and hata wapinzani who seldom have much to say about their own policies have become more vocal, NAWANASIKILIZWA..

    Wananchi wamemzomea Mkapa..! the 'Wall' is falling.... JK kapigwa mawe...

    Kikwete's weakness as a leader is allowing Democracy to grow in Tanzania.. his timing is perfect... CCM's power is diminishing and now wapinzani watapata fursa yakukuwa na kujijenga so that we have a more diverse House after 2010.

    Udhaifu wa JK utaisaidia Tanzania in the long run, kwasababu sasa hivi Tanzania, wananchi dare to question the Government..!! Jambo ambalo halikuwepo.

    Within CCM itself, he is weak, Butiama earlier in the year, alishindwa kutatua swala la Karume who refuses to be his lil Minister-cum-President of a Mkoa (ZNZ) and the Old Guard wanatambua udhaifu wake, not to mention the challenge he gets from his internal adversaries.

    Everyone has their place in history, and this weak president is going to lead to a stronger democracy... without Bush's weakness, Obama would stand a very small chance of winning.

    Mchango wenu...