Kifo cha David Ballali: Kauli mbalimbali toka kwa watanzania


Nov 11, 2006
Hii ni sanaa na maigizo au ni ukweli!? CIA zaidi ya wabongo? au FBI...
Bado nina mashaka..... japo inaweza ikawa kweli..

Lazima afe..kwasababu Marehemu anafahamu mengi!

Huyu nabii ni kiboko

kiongozi wa mafisadi!! kiboko huko jehanamu!!

Hiyo ni nati ndogo!! tutaifungua tu...Usije ukafikiria kufa kwa Balali ndio mwisho wa hukumu yako...

Mkandamizo bado inaendelea....


Mchungaji aliyemzika Ballali anena

*Athibitisha aliumwa kwa muda mrefu
*Aeleza alivyoongoza ibada, maziko

Source: Tanzania Daima May 2008
Freeman Mbowe: Kifo cha Daudi Ballali kina mkono wa baadhi ya vigogo wa serikali, kwa sababu alikuwa shahidi muhimu katika vita ya ufisadi.

Source: Tanzania Daima May 2008 - Angalia zaidi hapa
Prof. Baregu: Interpol wachunguze kifo hiki!

Source: Gazeti la Mwananchi - Angalia zaidi hapa
Inadaiwa alikiona kifo!

Tanzania Daima - Angalia zaidi hapa
Nduguze waonywa!

Source: Tanzania Daima - Angalia zaidi hapa
Rais Kikwete: Ni kazi ya Mungu!

Source: Daily News - Angalia zaidi hapa
  • Wazee wa Kihehe waja juu!
  • Watoa siku 30 vinginevyo....
Source: Majira - Angalia zaidi hapa


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Jan 31, 2007
Mbona alishakufa tokea alipokuwa tanzania ! sema tu alikuwa "MUOFU" miongoni mwa "WALIO HAI". mbona wengi tu wamekufa pale tanzania lakini wanatembea miongoni mwa walio hai. usistuke sana kijana !


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Jul 14, 2007
Kada naona umekuja kwa kasi mpya, hivi unafikiri kifo cha balali ni mafanikio kwa CCM.


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Nov 22, 2006
Mimi nilishapendekeza tumtafutie mafia pale NY lakini kama kaondoka poa who is next? Mkapa or


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Jan 31, 2007
kifo siku zote sio mafanikio kwa yeyote. Hata kama alikuwa adui yako, lakini pale unaposikia binadamu kafa (unajua hatorudi tena) sidhani kama ni kitu cha kufurahia hata kidogo.

Naomba nikueleweshe, hakuna uhusiano/ushahidi wowote wa kusema CCM inafaidika na kifo cha mtu yoyote. Kufa kwa ballali/kuwepo kwa ballali hakutoifanya CCM iyumbe. CCM is more than viongozi hawa tunaowaona sasa hivi.

Unajua watu (in this case naweza kusema wapinzani) wamefanikiwa kwa kuunganisha Ufisadi na CCM, lakini in reality hakuna any association yoyote kama ya huo ufisadi na ccm. Angalau kuna mafisadi wanaotokea ccm just like there are mafisadi wanaotokea upinzani.

Ufisadi unaofanywa na hao viongozi, hadi hivi sasa hivi ninapoandika CCM haijanufaika hata kidogo (isipokuwa kuna tetesi tu sijui JK katoa pesa benki na kufanyia kampeni :i.e: typical arguments za wapinzani which are largely expected ) so, hiyo story nzima ya kusma kwamba ccm na ufisadi have any connections is silly. ! There is a big difference.

CCM is independent na does not rely on hao mafisadi, let alone hao mafisadi hawakuna from the beginning of CCM (waasisi) lakini ukiniambia chama kwa mfano CHADEMA in the sense that waanzilishi wao ni MAFISADI, then i fully expect hicho chama kuitwa chama cha mafisadi simply because waanzilishi wao ni mafisadi and there is every evidence to count on them to make a conclusion kwamba ni chama cha mafisadi.


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May 4, 2006

Naomba msifute hii thread, ni kwa ajili ya sisi tunaoamini kwamba Ballali haja. Lengo ni kujaribu kuunganisha dots pamoja na kujenga picha kubwa.

Hapa chini someni hii story ambayo naamini Anna Muganda aliisoma na kisha kuamua ku fake kifo cha Ballali.

Kama Ballali angelikufa, hii breaking news ingetangazwa na Mwanakijiji, kwanini Mwanakijiji aliamua kukaa pembeni?

Je wakuu kama akina Jasusi ambao huko nyuma wameonekana kujua mengi ya Ballali wamepotelea wapi?

Je Invisible alipata wapi habari za kwamba Ballali kafariki?

Kulingana na mimi wahusika Anna Muganda - Jasusi - Mwanakijiji - Invisible hivyo ndio habari za kifo cha Ballali zilivyosambazwa.

Poor lad Invisible, hakuelewa kwamba anaingizwa kwenye mchezo mkubwa zaidi na akaamua kututangazia umma kwi kwi kwi!!!!!

Ilikuwaje familia ya Ballali wasijue ndugu yao kafariki? Je Anna Muganda hana marafiki kazini, mitaani mpaka hii habari ya kifo cha mumewe isijulikane mpaka baada ya sikutano?

Haya endelezeni, ila kwamimi Ballali hajafariki na wakuu tunaowaamini wameamua kutudanganya hata sisi hapa JF.

Canoe widow's full confession: We faked death to clear debts and he hid next door for three years
Last updated at 16:17 08 December 2007

Anne Darwin: 'The lies just snowballed'

The breathtaking deceit of "back from the dead" canoeist John Darwin and his wife Anne can be revealed today.

For much of his missing five years, she says he was simply living at their home in Hartlepool ... and sharing her bed.

The 57-year-old ex-prison officer even brazenly walked along the beach near their home - his only disguise a woolly hat, a walking stick and fake limp. Yet his wife insists that their two sons were kept completely in the dark and spent five years grieving for their father.

In an astonishing interview, 55-year-old Mrs Darwin admits the couple were secretly living as husband and wife when an inquest declared him dead.

The former doctor's receptionist also knew her husband was alive and well when she cashed in a life insurance policy for £25,000 and had their £130,000 mortgage paid off by another life policy.

She said her husband plotted his disappearing act because of increasingly crippling financial debts but claims she was unaware he was actually going to carry it out - and genuinely believed he was dead after his canoe was found washed up in the North Sea.

Mrs Darwin was speaking in Miami on her way home from Panama and expects to be arrested on suspicion of fraud when she arrives back in Britain.

Cleveland police said her husband was "putting forward some sort of account" during questioning yesterday, and Mrs Darwin's claim that she was not in on his "Reggie Perrin"-style disappearance will be treated with extreme scepticism by detectives who were given 36 more hours to interview him.

Her incredible account raises questions which can be determined only by police and Mrs Darwin, who has not been paid by the Daily Mail for this interview, conceded: "Yes, I know it seems too incredible to be true, but it is."

Among other astounding revelations, she said her husband:

• HID in a bedsit in the adjoining house when family and friends visited the "widow"

• WAS literally next door when his grieving sons Mark and Anthony returned from his inquest

• INSISTED Mrs Darwin put the telephone on to loudspeaker when their sons rang so he could hear their voices

• BETRAYED her by flying to America to meet a woman after an internet flirtation;

• FINALLY returned to Britain and walked into a police station because he wanted to see his sons

Revealed: The REAL reason missing canoeist John Darwin came back from the dead... he wanted to see his sons
Canoeist 'tried to buy £45,000 luxury yacht in Gibraltar after he went missing'
The charges that could put the Darwins in prison and how even the 'dead' canoeist's father admits his son was always driven by money
Mrs Darwin admits there is a real chance she will go to jail - some offences with which the couple could be charged carry a life sentence.

"I am aware that could happen and I am absolutely terrified at the prospect," she said. "I feel I have been living a kind of prison sentence for the last five years, but that's been my own private sentence and the public one will now follow."

After almost a week of lies, half truths and prevarications, Anne Darwin says she has decided to come clean and has given the Mail a noholdsbarred account of what she says has been going on these past five years.

"I suppose it became a way of life," she said. "It was very difficult, though, and I was always terrified that we would be found out. I was always on eggshells when friends and family came to stay in case someone wandered into John's room and saw him."

DEBTS AND DISAPPEARANCEAccording to Mrs Darwin, her husband began to plan his sensational disappearing act in the beginning of 2002. The couple were tens of thousands of pounds in debt, largely brought on, she says, by problems with the bedsit rental business they ran.

She says Darwin, a former teacher who had joined the prison service, also had "lots of credit cards", indicating that he was more free- spending than she would have liked.

"We were struggling to make payments and there were late payment fees and bank charges that absolutely crippled us," said Mrs Darwin, who was working then part-time in a doctor's surgery and also had a part-time admin job in the health service.

Scroll down for more ...

Caught red-handed: The photograph taken in Panama last year which proved the couple had been lying

"At that time we had about 12 houses scattered around County Durham, they were rental investments but people were slow in paying us and when we moved to Seaton Carew in December 2000 it just became too much trying to look after all the properties and both of us trying to keep full-time jobs going as well.

"I had another part-time job. We tried desperately to keep our head above water but it got increasingly difficult."

Darwin believed the only way out of the mess was for him to "die" and for his wife to cash in on the life insurance.

"John said there was only one way out of the situation, and that was to fake his death. I pleaded with him not to do it, I said it was a wrong thing to do. I honestly didn't know what he'd planned or for when."

Darwin decided on a tragedy at sea scenario. On March 21 2002, he took his red canoe out on to the sea in front of the family home and disappeared.

The sea that day was described as "like a millpond", which prompted bafflement that he could have got into difficulties. The empty canoe was found weeks later.

Although she had known his thoughts, his wife claims she genuinely believed he had died. "I suppose I didn't want to believe that he might have actually done it," she says. "I genuinely thought he had had an accident."


Under arrest: Police are still questioning Mr Darwin over his missing five years

Just under a year later, in February 2003, there was a knock on her door. It was Darwin. "He was an absolute mess, he was so dishevelled. I didn't even recognise him at first. It was such a shock.

"He had a beard, he was dirty, he was so thin, he looked like he'd been living rough. He smelt dreadful. When I asked him where he'd been he said it didn't matter, he was home now. He said he'd done it basically so that we didn't lose everything, which is rather ironic now.

"He had a bath, I fed him and he put some clean clothes on. I hadn't been able to part with his clothes.

"I had really thought he was dead, especially when they found the canoe and because of the state it was in.

"Now there he was, standing in front of me. Although I was pleased he was still alive, I think deep down a part of me was always angry. To think of what he put us all through. He had basically come back expecting me to forgive him."

Darwin, it turned out, was hoping that by now the insurance policy would have paid out and he and Anne would live happily ever after, albeit in a low-key, invisible kind of way.

But she says he was upset. "He broke down and cried and said he was sorry for all the upset he'd caused.

"I wanted at that point to report everything he'd done but he threatened to say I'd been involved from the beginning. So I was trapped."

Over the next few days, there were arguments and recriminations, but the upshot was that Mrs Darwin agreed to keep her mouth shut and became complicit in the scam.

Most unfathomably of all, she agreed not to tell her two sons that their father had returned from the dead. Why? She says she did it out of love for her husband.

"My biggest mistake has been trying to protect him. It was so hard not to tell the boys. But John was adamant I mustn't tell them."

Why did he not want them to know? "Well, I suppose he didn't want them to turn him in.

"He told me just to go along with the story and not to tell anyone he was back. It was just so hard not to tell the boys but he was adamant I mustn't tell them."


Deceit: The Darwins' sons Anthony and Mark apparently remained oblivious that their father was alive

For the first three months after he turned up, Darwin used to "come and go" before moving back in for good.

"I always knew if he had been because I would find food missing, and if I had left any money around, he would take that too.

"John had his own key which he used to get in and out. I do not know where else he was living at that time, he never told me. I don't know if he had any transport of his own. As far as I know he didn't as he would always arrive on foot.

"Often when he was with me it was very difficult.

"Yes, we had arguments, but despite everything I still loved him.

"He lived at the house with me for three years. We lived as man and wife.

"There were a few hairy moments and I lived in fear of being found out. Most of the time I used to be frightened to even open the door.

Right away Darwin told his wife he was eager for an inquest into his demise to take place so that she could claim the life insurance. Two months later, in April 2003, a hearing was held at Hartlepool County Court.

"After John's disappearance, I had been pushing for an inquest - long before he turned up again - because I couldn't cope with it any longer and I needed to be able to get on with my life. "

Egged on by Darwin, she managed to have him declared presumed dead after persuading the coroner to make an application to the Home Office to do so without waiting the usual seven years.

"John said if we got the money from the insurance payouts and cleared our debt, we could find a way back then we could start over again. Initially I said I couldn't go through with it.

"He didn't take out life insurance policies with a view to then disappearing. We had to take out life insurance when we moved house in 2000.

"When they did finally pay out, because there was no body, the life insurance people would only pay half of it, £25,000.

"We also had a mortgage of £130,000 and that was paid off. Not having a mortgage made the burden more tolerable."

Mrs Darwin was working, and now she had a widow's pension.

TUCKED AWAY IN HIS LITTLE BEDSITIt was official - John Darwin was no longer of this world.

But on the day he was declared dead he was, his wife says, tucked away in his little bedsit within the family home.

"On the day of the inquest, John stayed at home but I didn't actually see him that day because Mark and Anthony were staying with me in the main house. He used one of the bedsits."

The Darwins owned two large adjacent houses; one the seven-bedroom family home and the other divided into 15 bedsits. The passage between the master bedroom and Darwin's bedsit was a 5ft high, 18in wide coffin-shaped hole hiden by a wardrobe with a false back and locked with a coat peg.

It was crudely boarded up with breezeblocks before the next-door house was sold.

It would have been perfectly possible for Darwin's sons to have unlocked the door and seen their father.

Once her husband had moved back in, they settled into a routine. Mr Darwin spent most of the time indoors, reading books, surfing the internet, watching daytime television and doing odd jobs about the house.

"He was used to being outdoors and he was going stir crazy trapped inside all the time. When he went out he would disguise himself sometimes by taking a walking stick and walking with a limp.

"When it was cold, he would put on a woolly hat and pull his collar upwards.

"But during the summer months he could barely get out.

"Seaton Carew was very busy at that time of the year and there were always lots of people about.

"I often had family or friends staying with me, which meant I was always walking on eggshells in case someone should catch a glimpse of John."

Rev. Kishoka

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Mar 7, 2006
Heri mimi sijasema... With all due respect, I will take the face value. If it is deception, it will haunt those involved forever!


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Jul 20, 2007
Haya weee!!! Mimi yangu macho.... Ila wana JF Nimesikiliza redio leo asubuhi Katibu mkuu wa wizara ya mambo ya nje Balozi nani sijui... amethibitisha kutokea kwa msiba huo.


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Feb 2, 2008
Haya weee!!! Mimi yangu macho.... Ila wana JF Nimesikiliza redio leo asubuhi Katibu mkuu wa wizara ya mambo ya nje Balozi nani sijui... amethibitisha kutokea kwa msiba huo.

Mkuu unaelewa maana uya neno Consipiracy?

Kitila Mkumbo

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Feb 25, 2006
Ni kweli jambo la ku-fake vifo sio geni hapa duniani. Lakini kwa hili ni vigumu sana kuamini vinginevyo. Si Balali tulikuwa tunamjua kwa sura, mliopo Washington hakikisheni hamkosi kwenye mazishi.

Hata hivyo, ni muhimu sasa kwa kuwa habari hizi zimeshakuwa wazi, watoa habari wetu hapa JF watupe source za habari zao. Hili ni muhimu kwa sababu njia za kupata taarifa ni muhimu sana katika ku-judge credibility ya hizo taarifa. Nami najiuliza yale mafumbo yote ya MKJJ wakati alijua ukweli yalikuwa ya nini hasa?

Then, kitendo cha FMES kukanusha kwa dhati kabisa habari za kifo cha Balali nacho kinazidi kutia kiwingu maana huyu bwana anaheshimika kwa kupata habari nyeti. Mimi bado naendelea kuamini kwamba huyu bwana alishaanza. Sasa kwa nini habari hizi zimetoka five days baada ya kifo hili ni swali ambalo inawezekana tusipate jibu lake milele!!

Mpaka Kieleweke

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Feb 27, 2007
Mimi binafsi kuna kiongozi mmoja ambaye ninamheshimu sana alinipigia simu siku ya jumamosi mchana na akaniambia tujaribu kufuatilia habari kuwa kuna msiba wa Balali,. ......

Na ndipo kazi ya kufuatilia kwa kina ikawa imeanza na hata siku ya mwisho ukweli uklajulikana kuwa ni kweli amekufa huyu7 mzee wa watu.

Kitila ntakupa njia ama mawasiliano ya wewe kuweza kuupta ukweli wa jambo hil;i.


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Jul 18, 2007
Kenneth Lay death Consipiracy. Haya mambo yashatokea sana hasa linapokuja la maiti kuonwa private, au maiti kuchomwa kisha majivu kuzikwa.

Naungana na mchungaji Kishoka kwamba hata mimi nimekubali kuchukua face value, lakini kama watu wametengeza hichi kifo then guilty yake watakwenda nayo mpaka akhera Madukani.

Niliongea na mtu wa karibu wa mke wa Balali nae akiconfirm hizi habari. Sema it's not over until the fat laidy goes to sleep. I hope tutapata picha za evidence.


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Feb 11, 2007
burial arrangements, cloak of secrecy, etc

Daudi Balali
Dar es Salaam

THEY say dead people tell no tales. And few deaths could probably cause as much relief among some of this country's powerful players as did the sudden - yet somewhat expected � demise of former Bank of Tanzania (BoT) governor Daudi Timothy Said Ballali.

According to the reports from the United States, Ballali died quietly on Friday, with his death initially kept secret by close family members despite rumours surfacing since last week that he had already passed away.

There was confusion on where exactly he is reported to have died, whether in Washington DC as initial reports claimed, or in Boston, Massachusetts as stated in a BoT statement released in Dar es Salaam late yesterday.

According to information obtained exclusively by THISDAY, funeral arrangements have already been made for the ex-central bank supremo's burial mass at the Saint Stephen Martyr Roman Catholic Church in the US capital at 10 am tomorrow.

However, no members of the public will be allowed to view Ballali's body as the burial mass is planned to be a strictly private affair.

The US church where the private mass will be held is located at 2436 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC.

The funeral programme seen by THISDAY shows that Ballali will be laid to rest tomorrow morning at the Interment Gate of Heaven Cemetery, following the Mass of Christian Burial at the church.

Confirmation of Ballali's death has come against the backdrop of strong public sentiment that he was in a position to name big names � much bigger than the handful of prominent businessmen so far identified - in relation to the embezzlement of over 133bn/- from the BoT's external payment arrears (EPA) account during 2005/06.

This being the case, the timing of this confirmation - and sense of near-inevitability accompanying it - have fuelled new sparks of intense public speculation over the actual cause of his death, and suspicion in some quarters that he may not even be dead at all.

''Why is Ballali's funeral taking place privately in the US, instead of his body being brought back to Tanzania? Will he be buried or cremated?'' These are just some of the questions being echoed by various people interviewed by THISDAY.

A well-placed source, who asked to remain anonymous so he may speak candidly, described the death reports as ''highly suspicious.''

''Ballali was the person at the very centre of the EPA investigations, as well as a good number of other scandals at the Bank of Tanzania. Don't you think his death may sound just a little too convenient?'' the source queried, adding:

''First of all, why was his supposed death made such a big secret since Friday? I for one also find it quite interesting that no one has officially made the death announcement to Tanzanians.''

Some reports have suggested that the former governor may have been ''poisoned'' sometime around August last year, when he was summoned by a parliamentary committee to Dodoma to answer queries on a scathing BoT audit report by the Controller and Auditor General.

There are also suggestions that he may have left behind a 'dossier' on the EPA scandal, and even identified the person behind his alleged poisoning.

Ballali's last public appearance in the country was at a news conference he convened at the BoT's Twin Towers headquarters in Dar es Salaam in July last year, at the height of corruption allegations swirling around him.

Using the news conference to shrug off growing calls for his resignation, the then central bank boss was later reported to have departed for the US to undergo medical treatment after reportedly experiencing severe abdominal pains while in Dodoma.

His departure coincided with the start of a special, government-ordered BoT audit that uncovered the EPA scandal and triggered a sequence of events that culminated in his final sacking from the governorship by President Jakaya Kikwete in January this year.

Since then, Ballali's actual whereabouts and state of health have been a matter of constant public and media speculation, right up to the latest reported confirmation of his death.

According to information obtained by THISDAY earlier this month, a team of at least seven local investigators recently flew to the US on a mission to trace Ballali's whereabouts, whether in Washington DC or Boston.


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Jul 10, 2007
Jana nilimuona msaidizi wa Salva /msemaji ikulu, jinsi alivo kuwa akitoa taarifa kwa waandishi, jamani jamani!!! siamini kabisa juu ya kifo hiki, yaani ile hali ya ubinadamu wa kuguswa na msiba haikuwepo kabisa, ilikuwa kama shari vile jinsi alivo kuwa akisema.., kwakweli hapa kuna namna si bure!


Nov 11, 2006
Ok!...Ni hatari zaidi ya Unavyo dhani...!! There is a kifo chake Kina husiana moja kwa moja na historia Yake...Historia Ina hukumu!! what ever is lakini Impact yake kwa jamii ni kubwa...kuanzia sasa!!

1.Itikadi za kijambazi zitawachota vijana wengi!!
2.Serikari isidharau!!


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Feb 11, 2007
Ballali alikiona kifo

na Kulwa Karedia na Salehe Mohamed
Tanzania Daima~Sauti ya Watu

MAELEKEZO ya kuzikwa Washington nchini Marekani kwa aliyekuwa Gavana wa Benki Kuu (BoT), yalitolewa na yeye mwenyewe, siku kadhaa kabla hajafikwa na mauti, Ijumaa ya wiki iliyopita.

Habari za uhakika ambazo Tanzania Daima imezipata kutoka kwa ndugu wa karibu wa Ballali aliyeko katika msiba huo Washington, zinaeleza kuwa, gavana huyo wa zamani wa BoT alifikia uamuzi wakati hali yake kiafya ilipokuwa ikizorota kutokana na kuumwa.

Mmoja wa wanafamilia ya Ballali aliyezungumza na Tanzania Daima jana, kutoka Washington, Marekani uliko msiba huo, alisema Ballali alitangaza uamuzi huo mbele ya jamaa zake, akiwamo mkewe Anna Muganda.

Kwa mujibu wa mwanafamilia huyo ambaye juzi alikuwa mmoja wa watu walioithibitishia Tanzania Daima kuhusu kifo hicho cha Ballali, hata kusababisha kuwa chombo pekee cha habari kilichoandika taarifa hizo jana, Ballali alifikia uamuzi huo kutokana na kufadhaishwa na namna jina lake lilivyokuwa likihusishwa na tuhuma nzito za ufisadi.

“Yeye mwenyewe ndiye aliyeamua azikwe huku Washington. Siku zote amekuwa akitueleza namna alivyokuwa akifadhaishwa sana kutokana na kuchafuliwa kwa jina lake, hata baada ya kuitumikia nchi yake kwa juhudi kubwa, moyo mkunjufu na kwa uadilifu wa hali ya juu.

“Alitueleza hapa kwamba hajapata kuiibia nchi yake hata senti moja. Hapo ndipo aliposema akifa angetaka azikwe huku huku Washington na si nyumbani, ambako alihusishwa na kila aina ya tuhuma,” alisema mwanafamilia huyo ambaye hakupenda kutajwa jina gazetini, akisema yeye hakuwa msemaji.

Mwanafamilia huyo alisema kwamba, katika mazishi yake, Ballali atazikwa bila ya kuwapo mama yake mzazi, aliyepo hapa nchini, ingawa atasindikizwa na dada zake wawili ambao walikwenda kumjulia hali huko Washington hivi karibuni.

“Inavyoonekana mama yake hataweza kuwahi mazishi. Hata hivyo dada zake wawili, Elizabeth na Margaret, wote tunao hapa msibani na hao ndio watakaoiwakilisha familia yake katika mazishi,” alisema mtoa habari wetu huyo.

Hata hivyo, taarifa nyingine kutoka kwa jamaa wa Ballali walio Dar es Salaam zinaeleza kuwa, ingawa dada zake hao wawili walikwenda kumjulia hali kaka yao, waliwasili Washington, Marekani wakiwa wamechelewa na kumkuta ameshafariki dunia.

Mtoa habari wetu kutoka Washington aliieleza Tanzania Daima kwamba, ndugu hao wawili wa Ballali walikuwa wakitarajia kurejea nchini wakati wowote kuanzia Jumatatu ijayo.

“Pengine msiniulize mimi hapa maswali mengi. Mpango uliopo hapa ni kwamba hawa dada zake wawili, Eliza na Maggy, wanatarajia kuitisha mkutano na waandishi wa habari Dar es Salaam na kutoa taarifa kamili kuhusu kifo cha kaka yao,” alisema ndugu huyo wa Ballali.

Alisema alikuwa na imani kwamba, katika mkutano wao huo na waandishi wa habari, unaotarajiwa kufanyika wakati wowote wiki ijayo, maswali yote kuhusu nini hasa kilimpata Ballali hata kufikwa na mauti hayo kitawekwa hadharani.

Habari nyingine kutoka Boston na Washington zinaeleza kwamba, kulikuwa na taarifa zilizokuwa zikisema kwamba, Ballali alikuwa akisumbuliwa na aina moja ya saratani kwa muda mrefu sasa.

Hata hivyo wakati kukiwa na taarifa hizo, baadhi ya ndugu, marafiki na jamaa zake wamekuwa wakieleza wasiwasi wao kwamba, Ballali alilishwa aina fulani ya sumu isiyojulikana, siku kadhaa kabla hajakimbizwa Marekani kwa matibabu.

Taarifa hizi za kulishwa sumu zimekuwa zikienea kwa haraka katika maeneo tofauti, mbali ya Tanzania Daima pekee kuligusia jambo hilo jana, likimkariri ndugu mmoja wa Ballali aliyekiri kuwapo kwa wasiwasi huo miongoni mwa wanafamilia.

Jamaa mwingine wa Ballali aliyeko huko huko Washington Marekani, aliieleza Tanzania Daima kwamba, familia ilikuwa ikijiandaa kuwasiliana na Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani ili kesho aweze kuhudhuria misa maalumu ya kumuombea marehemu itakayofanyika kabla ya mazishi yake yanayopangwa kufanyika kesho hiyo hiyo.

Ndugu huyo wa Ballali alisema, walikuwa na imani kuwa serikali ilikuwa na taarifa kamili, baada ya wao kuwasilisha Ofisi ya Rais Ikulu na baadaye kwa Gavana wa BoT, Profesa Benno Ndulu, juzi hiyo jioni.

Wakati Ballali akitarajiwa kuzikwa kesho, uongozi wa BoT jana alasiri ulitoa taarifa rasmi ya kukiri kupokea taarifa hizo za kifo cha Ballali na kusema unaungana na familia yake katika kipindi hiki kigumu.

Akitoa taarifa hiyo ya maandishi kwa waandishi wa habari jana, Ofisa Mwandamizi wa Kitengo cha Habari cha BoT, Emmanuel Mwero, alisema ofisi ya Gavana (Ndulu) ilipokea habari hizo kwa masikitiko makubwa.

“Ofisi ya Gavana imepokea habari za kusikitisha jana usiku (Jumanne) kuwa gavana wa zamani wa BoT, Daudi Ballali, amefarikia Ijumaa Mei 16, mwaka 2008 huko Boston, Marekani,” ilisema taarifa hiyo wakati ukweli ni kwamba Ballali alikuwa amefia Washington.

Katika taarifa hiyo, Ballali anaelezwa kuwa alijiunga na BoT kama gavana Julai 14, 1998, nafasi aliyodumu nayo hadi Januari 8 mwaka huu, uteuzi wake ulipotenguliwa na Rais Kikwete, baada ya kupokea taarifa za ukaguzi wa EPA, uliofanywa na Kampuni ya ukaguzi wa hesabu ya Enrst & Young.

Hata hivyo, si BoT wala serikali, ambayo ilikuwa mwajiri wa Ballali, iliyotoa taarifa ya ufafanuzi kuhusiana na mazishi ya Ballali, ambaye ni mmoja wa watu waliopata kushika nafasi nyeti za uongozi nchini.

“Ndugu waandishi habari hii imejitosheleza, hivyo tunawaomba mkaitumie na kama kutakuwa na jambo lolote, Gavana Beno Ndullu atawaita,” alisema Mwero.

Taarifa kutoka ndani ya benki hiyo zinasema kuwa, jana asubuhi wafanyakazi wote walisambaziwa kupitia anuani zao za e-maili, wakijulishwa kuhusu msiba huo.

Tanzania Daima ilipofika katika nyumba aliyokuwa akiishi wakati akiwa gavana, iliyoko Masaki Plot 387, jijini Dar es Salaam, hali ilikuwa ya utulivu, ingawa walikutwa walinzi wa Kampuni ya Ultimate Security.

“Ni kweli hapa ni nyumbani kwa Gavana, lakini tangu Ballali alipoondolewa, nyumba imebaki wazi, tupo sisi na mfanyakazi wa ndani tu,” alisema mmoja wa walinzi hao.

Naye Mkurugenzi wa Mawasiliano Ikulu, jijini Dar es Salaam, Salvatory Rweyemamu, alipoulizwa kuhusu taarifa hizo za msiba alisema yeye hakuwa msemaji na akamwita Mkurugenzi wa Idara ya Habari (Maelezo) Kassim Mpenda aliyekuwapo hapo.

Mpenda kwa upande wake alisema serikali imepanga utaratibu juu ya taarifa hizo na kwamba msemaji mkuu ni Gavana wa BoT, Ndullu.

“Ni kweli hata miye nimesikia kwamba Ballali amefariki dunia, sasa mimi siyo msemaji, kumbukeni serikali inafanya kazi kwa utaratibu, hivyo imemteua Dk. Ndullu kuwa msemaji mkuu wa suala hili, nawaomba mtafuteni,” alisema Mpenda.

Kabla ya kuteuliwa kushika wadhifa huo, Ballali aliwahi kuwa mchumi wa BoT mwaka 1967-1976, kabla ya kufanya kazi katika Shirika la Fedha Duniani (IMF).

Ndugu wa karibu wa Ballali alisema wanatarajia kufanya misa ya mazishi ya Ballali na kumualika Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani, katika shughuli za mazishi zitakazofanyika kesho jijini Washington, Marekani.


Kaa la Moto

JF-Expert Member
Apr 24, 2008
Vyovyote itakavyokuwa ukweli utajulikana. History ina jinsi ya kufufuka kutoka katika kaburi lililowekwa juu yake tani 7 za udongo. Kama ni kweli wame fake historia itawahukumu hata kama na wao wameingia kaburini. Tutawahukumu hukohuko waliko.


JF-Expert Member
Oct 4, 2007
Kuna threads nyingi za kifo cha Ballali na posts kibao lakini so far hakuna hata mtu mwenye ushahidi ambao ni wa kuaminika, its all hear-say, serekali ndio ina engineer huu 'msiba' and most of us are taking every word they say kwenye hizo press zao. Expect kuambiwa kuwa mwili utachomwa moto, so far this consipiracy is going well! Namfahamu ndugu wa karibu sana na Ballali ambaye, piga ua, angesafiri kama huyu mzee angekuwa amefariki lakini hana dalili za kusafiri (and pse dont say tatizo ni nauli!) , jana mchana nilipoongea naye didnt sound sad at all, we even talked about Man U- Chelsea game.

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

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