Kibaki to launch manifesto Saturday


May 10, 2007
PRESIDENT Mwai Kibaki will launch his manifesto on Saturday becoming the second presidential candidate to unveil what he plans for the country if re-elected to power.

The launch of the Manifesto and campaign website, will be at Uhuru Park Saturday.

Tele-Evangelist Pius Muiru of the Kenya People's Party (KPP) was the first to unveil his manifesto at Kamukunji grounds three weeks ago.

Almost all ODM Pentagon members launched their personal visions of what they would do if elected Heads of State.

However after their move from ODM-Kenya no vision or manifesto has yet to be launched.

ODM has however made public what it calls its "twelve point plan" that the party insists will guide the drafters of the manifesto.
Hii web mbona Lucy is referred as Her Excellency? Her Excellency for what?
In TZ we do not have such culture- hata Rais has refused to be referred to as His Excellency!
Kibaki atasweat sana.Raila namuombea Mungu ampe nguvu to throw Kibaki out of the Office before New year
Amen. Afadhali wenzetu nyie mko na guts za kuthrow mafisadi out of office thru a ballot box !!
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