Kibaki Aunda Tume ya Grand Regency Hotel.

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Mar 17, 2008
Rais wa Kenya wa Kenya Mh. Kibaki ameunda tume ambayo itachunguza kuuzwa kwa Grand Regency Kinyemela. Skata hii ilisababisha bunge la nchi hiyo kumpigia kura ya kutokuwa na imani Waziri wa Fedha Bw. Kimunya.
Tume hiyo itaongozwa na Jaji Mstaafu Mh. Majid Crockar. Wengine katika tume hiyo ni Bw. Charles Kirui na Bw. Kathurima M’Inoti.
Kwa habari zaidi soma hapo chini:-President Kibaki has appointed a retired Chief Justice to lead an inquiry into the controversial sale of the Grand Regency hotel that two days ago caused the resignation of Finance Minister Amos Kimunya.

The three-man probe team is led by Justice (retired) Majid Cockar and has been formed under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, giving it powers close to that of a High Court.

Other members of the Commission of Inquiry into the Sale of the Grand Regency Hotel are Mr Charles Kirui and Mr Kathurima M’Inoti.

The Government has in the last two months come under criticism for selling the luxury hotel at the centre of Nairobi without following laid down procedures for disposal of public assets. The hotel was recovered from businessman Kamlesh Pattni after it emerged that it was bought with proceeds of Kenya’s biggest corruption case, the Goldenberg affair.

The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (Kacc), who recovered the hotel, handed it over to the Central Bank. First reports that the CBK had sold the hotel emerged in April. But the Finance minister denied the reports and said that when time came for it to be sold they will follow the law.

However, two weeks ago Lands minister James Orengo raised the alarm after realising the hotel had been transferred to a Libyan firm. The development triggered a public outcry that led to Parliament passing a vote of no confidence on Mr Kimunya last week.

A Cabinet ad-hoc committee formed by Prime Minister Raila Odinga and chaired by Attorney General Amos Wako reviewed documents on the deal and recommended that the hotel sale be reversed and all Government officers involved be investigated and appropriate action taken.

The Finance minister resigned on Tuesday.

Calls have also been made for Central Bank governor Prof Njuguna Ndung’u and the Director General of the National Security Intelligence Services Michael Gichangi to vacate office to facilitate investigations. Prof Ndung’u is accused of ignoring the Privatisation Act during the hotel’s sale while Mr Gichangi has been accused of pressuring officials at the Ministry of Lands to transfer the hotel to the buyers.

The Cockar commission will be assisted by Mr Anthony Oteng’o Ombwayo as secretary and Mr Wilfred Nyamu Mati as counsel.

The Commission has been mandated to:

· Inquire into the circumstances leading to the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel;

· Inquire into the role played by the Minister for Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, and the Company Secretary to the Central Bank of Kenya and any other person(s) involved in the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel;

· Perform any other task that the Commission may deem necessary in fulfilling the foregoing terms of reference;

· Recommend such legal or administrative measures as the Commission may deem necessary, and to report its findings and recommendations within one month.

The Commission will hold public sittings in Nairobi but may hold private sessions if necessary.

“The Commission shall have all the powers necessary or expedient to effectively discharge its mandate, including the power to require co-operation from public officers from relevant institutions,” said a dispatch.
Mh!!!! Ni kama EPA vile....ngoja tusikie kama hiyo task force itafanya kazi na kutoa ripoti kweli yenye maana. Ufisadi kila kona...noma kweli
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