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Sep 7, 2011


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Daily News | Dock workers union petitions govt over TICTS shares
TICTS lawamani kwa upotevu wa mizigo

DOCK Workers Union of Tanzania (DOWUTA) wants the government to intervene to enable them acquire their five per cent shares in Tanzania International Container Terminal Services Ltd (TICTS).

Addressing reporters in Dar es Salaam on Monday, the DOWUTA Chairperson, Mr Edmund Njowoka, said that TICTS Ltd had already set aside five per cent of its shares (worth 16b/-) for its employees but they were supposed to buy them using their salaries.

''The employees' salaries are very low and can not afford to buy the shares since each of us has to pay at least 20m/-...If it was a noble intention, they should enable the employees to buy the shares even by lending them as done by other companies,'' he said.

Mr Njowoka noted that TICTS Ltd had deliberately violated the national labour policies by not giving them permanent employment and ultimately undermined the efficiency of the Dar es Salaam port.

He said that TICTS Ltd had, for a long time, used labourers through its agents and paid them low wages compared to those permanently employed.

''TICTS Ltd has been using labourers from a company named Lukundo International Ltd which brings 176 labourers daily instead of employing qualified individuals to fill the positions left vacant due to retirement, dismissal and death of some of the staff,'' he explained.

Mr Njowoka also wondered why TICTS Ltd was employing unprofessional security companies which, according to him, lacked knowledge of ports' operations.

''There are also poor contracts between TICTS Ltd and the security companies whereby TICTS compensates customers' lost cargoes without involving the security companies...instead suspected employees are fired unjustly,'' he elaborated.

He said the trend made DOWUTA believe that the cases of loss, which were on the increase, were caused by TICTS's tendency of operating unprofessionally and unjustly.

Mr Njowoka requested the government to urgently probe the operations of the company since it was the cause of decline of business at the port.

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