Kenya's top security guards clash


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Feb 11, 2007
Kenya's top security guards clash
BBC News Online

Raila Odinga (r) says President Kibaki (l) stole last year's election
Friction within Kenya’s coalition government came to the fore when the president’s security guards clashed with those of the prime minister.

Trouble began when presidential guards barred Raila Odinga’s security men from the VIP podium during independence celebrations.

Military chief Jeremiah Kianga had to intervene to prevent the scuffle from degenerating into a fist fight.

President Kibaki and Mr Odinga signed a power-sharing deal in February.

The agreement followed a dispute over the results of last year’s presidential poll, which left some 1,500 people dead.

The BBC's Noel Mwakugu in Nairobi says suspicion still runs high between ministers from President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) and the prime minister’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

On Sunday, it was their guards' turn, as they shoved each other and exchanged insults in yet another show of distrust between the two sides.

The prime minister and his wife had just arrived for the celebrations accompanied by five bodyguards but when only one was allowed into the VIP section, an argument ensued which lead to a scuffle.

Mr Odinga had already taken his seat on the podium.

His guards later retreated and sat among members of the public.

The scuffle broke out shortly before President Kibaki arrived at the venue of the celebrations.

Police say they are investigating the incident.
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