Kenyan woman makes history in UK Army


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May 11, 2013
A Kenyan has once again been honoured abroad. Veronica Pickering is the first black woman and Kenyan to be appointed Royal Air Force (RAF) Honorary Air Commodore.

For over a century now, the Royal Air Force has defended the skies of Britain as well as expanding the nation's power and influence around the world. The air commodore is a one-star rank and is an air officer rank distinguished to a few since the air force's inception towards the end of World War 1 in 1918.

Mid last month, the UK government has flown out 15 dogs and cats back to Scotland after the animals were left stranded in Kenya. This was after visiting families were forced to leave their pets in Kenya following a ban by the UK government on travel to red list countries.

After negotiations between the families owning the pets and army officials, the UK agreed to fly the dogs back to Royal Air Force (RAF) Brize Norton.

The aerial warfare faction (RAF) works with both local and international partners to patrol airspaces, respond to threats, prevent conflict, and provide assistance where instructed.

Veronica Moraa Pickering was born in Kenya and moved to England with her parents in the late ’60s. She has accumulated over 25 years' worth of experience as a social worker, children's guardian.

Moreover, she has served as an International Child Protection Consultant for the UN (United Nations) and many NGOs(Non-Governmental Organizations) across Africa.

A photo of Veronica Moraa Pickering

A photo of Veronica Pickering in England during a past function. NOTTINGHAM COUNTY COUNCIL

Veronica currently lives in North Nottinghamshire working as an Executive Coach and Mentor with a number of companies and organizations across the United Kingdom (UK).

Often described as altruistic, she actively supports multiple Nottinghamshire charities and institutions. For many years she has been a strong supporter of arts and wildlife conservation efforts. Veronica is married to Nottinghamshire-born Artist Roy Pickering. She has earned recognition from Kenya's High Commission in the United Kingdom (UK).

"Congratulations @vkpickering on being the first black woman and Kenyan to be appointed RAF Honorary Air Commodore. You definitely are making history. You will notch another first when you take up a royal appointment as High Sheriff in 2023. Pongezi sana," wrote Manoah Esipisu on his Twitter timeline.


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