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Kenyan National Fights Deportation From The US

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Ab-Titchaz, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Apr 21, 2009
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    Kenyan fights deportation from US

    Updated 9 hr(s) 9 min(s) ago

    By Mike McGraw

    What do you do about a Kenyan with an expired visa who just won’t go back home?

    In the curious case of Mr David Kihuha, the US government wants to resume a rarely used and controversial practice and sedate him, then put him on a one-way flight to Nairobi.

    But that has proven to be difficult, at best.

    Indeed, the case of the 36-year-old Kenyan, a former Olathe resident, has frustrated federal prosecutors, hobbled the government’s deportation system and led to the unusual tactic of indicting Kihuha on federal felonies for, in essence, refusing to leave.

    As the drama plays out in a US District Court in Kansas, Kihuha remains in a cell in Leavenworth, and he has made it abundantly clear he prefers prison in America to freedom in Kenya.

    Fearful that returning home could be dangerous, Kihuha — who has been in the US for 13 years on an expired student visa — sought asylum because of alleged violence in Kenya.

    "That is the fuel that feeds his intransigence," said Melody Evans, his federal public defender, in court.

    Denied asylum

    "Whatever his circumstance here, it cannot be worse than what he faces at home," wrote Evans, who declined to comment further on the case.

    How determined is Kihuha?

    Since he was denied asylum, Kihuha has used every means available to avoid deportation.

    Twice last year, when immigration agents tried to deport him, Kihuha managed a last-minute reprieve.

    He bit, spat and, according to government records, managed to "cover himself in his own excrement."

    He also chewed up a head covering known as a ‘spit mask’.

    "I told them I did not want to go. I told them to take me back to jail," said Kihuha in a telephone interview from his cell.

    Belabouring the obvious, the government noted in court filings that commercial pilots "will not accept a violent, faeces-besmeared passenger who chews off protective clothing and spits and bites."

    The government’s frustration with Kihuha is evident in documents filed after his indictment last year.

    "Dumping the defendant out the door of a plane with a parachute is not practical or diplomatically prudent," noted the government at one point.

    As for his methods, government said, he has "crafted a relatively painless plot" to stay in the US.

    Those who know him say Kihuha is no poster child for the sympathetic immigrant. And since going to jail, he has become so obsessed with remaining here that he has reportedly become unpredictable and unco-operative, even with those who are trying to help him.

    While Kihuha is ‘no picnic’ to have in prison, the government says, "he is not mentally ill, and his behaviour is "generally acceptable."

    But detention for more than 20 months in four different facilities has not been any picnic for Kihuha, either.

    He has been segregated in a federal holding facility in Leavenworth and confined to his cell for up to 24 hours a day. At one point Kihuha allegedly sabotaged his toilet, forcing him into the all-too-familiar situation of having to live with his own excrement.

    "It is really quite unfair," said Kihuha "because when you don’t know much about the law, they take advantage of you".

    The Standard | Online Edition :: Kenyan fights deportation from US
  2. Outlier

    Outlier JF-Expert Member

    Apr 21, 2009
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    kama yuko determined hivyo sio ajabu alifanya kosa kubwa kenya anajua akirudi watamfunga!

    kuna ticha wa shule yetu miaka ile nasikia ndivyo walivyomfanya - sedation na one-way flight to TZ, lakini alipoamka alikuwa somehow confused, sijui yuko wapi 'mama reagan' siku hizi!
  3. Mwawado

    Mwawado JF-Expert Member

    Apr 21, 2009
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    Wanamtafutia njia tu huyo,lakini ni wazi Mr.Kihuha atarudishwa Nairobi,kama Judge amekwishatoa order ya Deportation hana njia ya kukwepa,ni suala la muda tu..lakini ipo siku kama sio kwa hiari yake atashtukia yupo Nairobi..wapo vijana wengi wametumia njia hiyo lakini mwisho wa siku wanarudi(shwa) nyumbani,kwa sababu hata Jela za huko majuu sio paradise zina kila aina ya ushenzi....itafika siku tu kwa hiari yake mwenyewe atachoka na ataona bora arudi Kericho!!
  4. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Apr 21, 2009
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    Usishangae pia jamaa hajafanya lolote Kenya ila ni aibu ya kurudi nyumbani
    and he has nothing to show for it.Au pia usikute kijiji kizima kilimchangia
    nauli alipokua anakuja lakini msela kachomoa kurudisha asante kwa wanakijiji.