Kenyan Man Sues To Get Wife Back


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Nov 27, 2007
Kenyan Man Sues To Get Wife Back
by Staff

A Mtangani, Kenya, man is asking a traditional court to force his father-in-law to return his wife to him after she remarried several years ago.

Komu Iha also asked the court to give him custody of the woman's four children, who were fathered by her second husband, as well as force the woman's father to pay him $5,000 in addition to general damages, The Nation in Nairobi reported Friday.

Iha claims his father-in-law conspired to help his wife remarry despite a $70 payment Iha allegedly gave him as deposit to make sure the girl did not get married elsewhere.

Iha and his wife split years ago when he began living with another woman who bore two of his children, The Nation said.

Stephen Karisa Mwanjenje, the Mtangani village elder and chief judge of the traditional court, said a hearing for the case has been postponed.

I tried to fix it for hearing and determination this week but received information that the woman's father and current husband had lost a relative. As tradition demands, they have to be at the funeral for seven days. I will fix the date after that, he said. (c) UPI

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